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Nowadays, reserving a seat on flights is not a consequential deal. About 85% of people have experienced the air journey, at least once. So, people know the value of the check-in policy. If you are traveling on American Airlines you must have a brief knowledge of American Airlines check-in policy, for enhancing your flying experience.

American Airlines check-in policy states that you must need to complete the check-in process in the allotted time. The airline offers two different minimum time limits according to passenger destinations. The passenger needs to conclude the check-in procedure at least 90 minutes prior to departure for international routes. When passengers traveling with the United States the least American Airlines check-in time is 45 minutes.

When you fail to complete check-in American airlines in the allotted time, the airline will not allow you to board. All the ticket fare will be exempted by the airline. So always be on time and plan according to American Airlines check-in policy. You are welcome to complete the check-in online process, or if you wish you can visit the airline ticketing office for executing the check-in process. The service is available 24 hours prior to departure. You must have your ID proof and booking code if you are going for curbside check-in. Curbside check-in is available in several airports near you.

American Airlines online check-in

People love to save their effort and energy, so nowadays when it comes to air ticket reservations, passengers prefer online check-in services. The online check-in services proposed by multiple airlines for avoiding the wastage of time and energy. When passenger chooses traditional methods for completing the check-in process, they are wasting valuable time by standing in long queues. The American Airlines online check-in process is open from 24 hours till one hour prior to departure.

In American Airlines online check-in process, the passenger does not need to waste their energy on long queues. Passengers can print their boarding pass after completing the check-in process.

The American Airlines online check-in process helps passengers to add bags, food, seats, etc with maintaining the comfort zone. When passengers complete the check-in process online, they are protecting themselves from long queues.

American Airlines web check-in

Passenger can complete the check-in process by using the official site In the American Airlines web check-in process, passengers need to present the identity proof, confirmation code, passenger last name, etc. The process can be implemented through online platforms, now complete the check-in process by maintaining your comfort level.

Why stand in long queues when you can complete the check-in process with efficiency. You can pay your bag fee while performing the American airline’s web check-in process.

To implement the American Airlines web check-in process, passengers need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Visit,  complete the login process
  3. Click on the Your trip or Check-in tab
  4. Enter passengers first name, passengers last name and Record locator (keep this in mind that check-in tab enabled only 24 hours before your scheduled departure time)
  5. Enter on Find your trip
  6. Select the passenger’s name whom you wish to check-in
  7. Tick all the required fields and click on proceed for the next step8.   Review the selection thoroughly and print your boarding pass with ease

Flagship First Check-In

Hate to wait, grab a membership program and skip the long queues. When the passenger is entitled to any membership program, they have the opportunity to save their time and energy. The airline offers a dedicated check-in counter for premium passengers. For applying the flagship first check-in, the passenger needs to fly on a qualifying international or transcontinental flight.

Flagship first check-in features help premium passengers to leap the long queues, personalized support, etc. The flagship passenger will save 30% more time than regular passengers.

American Airlines check-in time

The American Airlines check-in time differs from routes to routes. For international routes, the minimum check-in time is 90 minutes before departure and for the domestic destination, the cutoff time of check-in is 45 minutes prior to departure. If the passenger chooses the online check-in process, for them the minimum American Airlines check-in time is one hour prior to departure of scheduled flights.

At the time of check-in, you can add food, bags and purchase your preferred seats. Please keep in mind that the online check-in process will save you more time and enhance your comfort. Always purchase bags, food, seat if available at the time of online check-in to save more money.

All the premium passengers will get a dedicated check-in row, personal assistant, etc. If you are not a member of any membership plan, arrive at the airport as soon as possible to reduce the anxiety level. At the airport counter, American Airlines’ check in time for all the passengers is three hours prior to departure. Increasing the possibility to obtain your preferred seats, always be on time or do it online to skip the long queues.

How to check in on the American Airlines app?

American Airlines launches a mobile app for helping passengers to complete each stuff related to the booking. Now, you can easily complete your check-in on the American Airline app. The steps are easy to follow and do not require any high amount of technical knowledge. Feel free to ask your queries, whenever you required help dial customer service number and resolve the issues under the guidance of experts.

Follow the below steps and complete the check-in on the American Airline app mildly:

  1. Download the American Airlines mobile app
  2. Create your new account or login with your existing account
  3. Go to Your trip section
  4. Fill required field
  5. Select passengers
  6. Click on continue tab for confirming the selection  
  7. Save your boarding pass by printing it, if your nearest airport accepts mobile boarding pass you do not require to print the boarding pass

How to perform the seat selection process during the American Airlines check-in?

American Airlines check-in process allows passengers to reserve their preferred seats, add food, purchase extra bags, etc.
The steps are mentioned below for grabbing your preferred seats during the American Airlines check-in process:

  1. Visit the official site or open official mobile app
  2. Click on My trips or check-in sections available on the homepage
  3. Enter your or passenger last name with reservation code
  4. Tick the passenger name
  5. Choose your desired seats6- Submit your selection

When you fail to grab your favorite seats due to unavailability, don’t be disheartened, try to obtain seat till the departure date. If you are incapable to grab a seat, the airline will assign you a seat at the airport counter when they handover your boarding pass. The seat selection during the American Airlines check-in process depends on the availability of seats. American Airlines’ early check in will help you to save yourself from the crowd, save your energy and time.

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