Regarded as the largest Greek Airline, Aegean Airlines is headquartered in Kifisia, Greece. The convenient Aegean Airlines flight cancellation policy allows the passengers to make any cancellations during the time of emergency without any trouble. The smooth Aegean Airlines cancellation is one of the many reasons why passengers opt for this airline. Aegean Airlines is voted to be the best European regional airline due to its exceptional policies. If you want to have detailed information about Aegean Airlines cancellation policy, make sure to run through the entire guide and find relevant information related to your queries. 

Aegean Airlines Cancellation Policy

Aegean Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy 

Aegean Airlines provides you with the leverage to book the tickets both online as well as offline. Passengers can visit the official website of the airline and book the tickets with a tap. Any cancellation of the ticket has to be done in the same way as booking. If passengers have booked their tickets online, they can cancel them online. If they have booked the tickets via the call center or the airport, the cancellation can be done in the same way. 

According to the Aegean Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can either cancel their ticket within 24 hours of booking to get a complete refund from the airline or the passenger can cancel their tickets before 30 minutes of the departure time by paying a small fee of 20 EUR. 

Aegean Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation 

As per Aegean Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking them. You will then receive a complete refund if the ticket was booked a week or more prior to the date of departure of the flight. 

In case you miss out on the Aegean Airlines free cancellation policy window, a certain amount of fee would be levied on the passenger. The cancellation fee depends on the type of fare, the destination, and significantly on the time of cancellation of the tickets. If you wish to have in-depth information regarding the cancellation fee of Aegean Airlines, you can connect with the customer service of the airline anytime you want. 

Aegean Airlines Cancellation Fee

aegean flight cancellation policy

Aegean Airlines cancellation policy is very simple.If passengers successfully cancel their tickets within 24 hours, they would not be levied with any charges. However, if passengers have missed the free cancellation window, they will have to bear a certain fee of cancellation. If passengers cancels their flight within 24 hours from the departure time of the flight, they will have to pay somewhere between 100 USD to 500 USD. 

The cancellation fee depends on the type of flight (Domestic or international), the class of the ticket and the time of cancellation. Easy cancellation procedure makes Aegean Airlines one of the best for its passengers. Make sure to check whether your ticket is refundable or not. If a passenger has bought a non-refundable ticket, the airline would not initiate any refund and the cancellation charge would neutralise the ticket charge. 

Aegean Airlines Refund Policy 

Plans are random and they change all the time. If the passengers are cancelling their tickets within 24 hours of booking, the airline would initiate a 100 per cent refund to the passengers. The refund would be made in the source account and takes approximately 7-20 business days to reflect in the account. If you are not able to cancel the ticket within 24 hours due to unavoidable reasons, the airline also gives you the leverage to cancel it before 3 hours from the departure of the flight. The refund of the cancellations made close to the departure time would, however, be less as compared to the cancellations made within 24 hours. 

If passengers have involved a third party in booking their tickets such as the agents, they must contact the agents directly regarding any cancellation or refund-related issues. The passengers must seek a refund in the same way they booked their tickets. If you have booked your tickets with the help of an agent, you cannot fill out the refund form online or contact the customer care executive regarding the same. 

How to Cancel the Aegean Airlines Flight Ticket? 

The airline provides an array of options for the passengers to choose from. You can cancel the flight both offline as well as online, make sure to follow the below given procedure to cancel your tickets in your desired way. 

Cancel Aegean Airlines Ticket Online

1. Go to the “My Booking” page of the official Aegean Airlines website.
2. Navigate to the booking page.
3. Login by entering your email ID and password.
4. You will notice the change booking option in the “My Booking” section.
5. Enter your flight details so that the information can be fetched, press the “next” button.
6. Enter your name, contact information, and all the basic details for the flight.
7. You can now cancel the ticket, make sure if the airline is providing a refund option on the ticket or not. Fill out the refund form right away after cancellation. 
8. Voila! The passengers will then receive a  cancellation confirmation on their contact details. 

Cancel Your Aegean Airlines Ticket Via A Call 

Known for its fast service and exemplary facilities, Aegean Airlines will take an extra step to provide nothing but the best. The passengers can even contact the help center if they do not wish to cancel their tickets online. You can dial a toll-free number to get in touch with a customer support executive. 

The airline has a team of professional executives with appreciable communication and problem-solving skills to help you. You can state your requirement in detail to the executive assigned to you, and be sure to explain the reason for cancellation. The executive will then request you to be on hold for some time while they cross-check the possibilities of your requirement, the refund shall be initiated if the passenger is eligible for that. The customer service executive will only help you with the best solution possible. 

Cancel Aegean Airlines Flight Ticket At The Airport  

One other way to cancel the ticket is by visiting the nearest airport. Visit the airline’s ticket office and talk to the Aegean Airlines representative, explaining the cancellation reason and scenario. The refund for your ticket would be initiated after being checked by the executives and would be credited to the same account used while booking.

Aegean Airlines is one of a kind and the passengers will feel that right away. From flexible changes policies to the easy Aegean Airlines cancellation policy, you will be able to enjoy it all. 

As mentioned before, if passengers have got their tickets from agents or any travel agency online, they must contact the source of booking to cancel the tickets. Canceling tickets online or via a call would not be possible if you have involved any agents in the booking procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Would I be charged for cancelling my ticket while travelling with Aegean Airlines? 

Aegean Airlines cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their tickets for free if they are willing to do so within 24 hours of booking. If the passenger has missed the free cancellation window, he/she will have to bear a charge that would range anywhere from 100 USD to 400 USD. The cancellation amount depends on the type of ticket. Domestic flights are usually charged less than international flights. If passengers are canceling the ticket somewhere around the departure time, they would be levied with more cancellation charges than a passenger who has canceled his flight within 48 hours of booking. 

If passengers have bought a non-refundable ticket, the airline would not initiate any refund. The passengers would be only given the tax fees. 

Can I cancel my Aegean Airlines flight ticket at my convenience? (online as well as offline)

Aegean Airlines does not give passengers leverage of multiple modes of cancellation to the passengers. Only the passengers who have booked their tickets online would be able to cancel them by visiting the website. If you have booked your ticket with the help of an agent or by calling the help center would only be able to cancel it in the same way.

Can I cancel my ticket with Aegean Airlines? 

Yes, you can cancel your ticket with Aegean Airlines both online as well as offline. The passengers would not have to pay any amount if they are cancelling their tickets within 24 hours of booking, according to the free cancellation policy. However, if you are missing the free cancellation policy window, a small fee would be levied on you depending on the class, destination and time of cancellation. We advise the passengers to run through the Aegean Airlines cancellation policy before booking your tickets. Make sure that your tickets are refundable.

What happens when Aegean Airlines cancels my flight? 

When the flight has been canceled by Aegean Airlines, the passengers would be provided with two options. The first one being a complete refund, the passengers can opt for a 100 percent refund or they can opt for the next alternative flight provided by the airline. You can contact the ground staff if the flight has been canceled all of a sudden. The passengers are also provided with food and beverages to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the airlines. You can also seek compensation, which would be paid as per the condition under which the flight was canceled.


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