Frontier Airlines is a good choice for your travel experience, but sometimes you may need to change your flight because of some unavoidable situation. For this, you should have knowledge of the frontier flight change policy. Passengers must know all the terms and conditions under the frontier airlines flight change policy for availing of the change services. 

Frontier Flight Change Policy

Read below to understand the frontier airlines flight change policy and terms and conditions in detail:

How do I change my flight on Frontier Airlines?

If you have this question “how do I change my flight on frontier airlines” in your mind, then its solution lies in the two options offered by frontier airlines. It provides online as well as offline method for changing and managing bookings with them. Passengers can choose any method according to his/her convenience.

Online Flight Change

  1. Visit the official website or mobile app of frontier airlines and log-in using your credentials.
  2. Now click on “my trip/check-in” tab and enter your confirmation code and the last name according to the original ticket.
  3. You will see the trip confirmation page, look for the “change flight ” option and click on it. 
  4. Now you will see a pop-up on the right side of the screen which will read as “itinerary changes.” You can select single or multiple flights from your itinerary that you wish to change. Make a selection for all the flights you want to change and notice the option of changing the origin and destination airports with the flight departure date. After filling up all the new information click on the “change” button to proceed.
  5. After clicking on the “change” button, you will get the view of flights available. Passengers will be shown the new ticket price and the price difference on the next page. After all the steps, total fees according to the changes made will be displayed. Now confirm all your changes and you will get your new trip details.

Offline Flight Change

Many of the passengers prefer the offline way of making changes and amendments to their reservations. No worries, you also get this option of offline changes with Frontier Airlines. Passengers can call on frontier airlines change flight phone numbers or they can ask for changes through Frontier airline’s counter/kiosk. You can choose any way at your convenience.  

Same-Day Flight Change Frontier Airlines

The same-day flight change frontier policy makes the process of changes and amendments very easy and convenient for a passenger. Frontier Airlines will provide the facility of same-day flight change if the seats are vacant. 

  • Economy ticket holders will be charged with a fee of $50 for the same-day flight changes.
  • Classic plus (refundable) ticket holders enjoy free service of the same-day flight change.
  • The Summit Level members of Early Returns also enjoy the free same-day change service.

Passengers can avail of the same-day flight change service by calling the frontier airline’s reservation department or visiting the frontier reservation counter/kiosk at the airport.

Through the same-day flight change, passengers can change their itinerary in all ways but there may b some restrictions. Visit the official website of the airlines for more details and information.

Frontier Change Flight within 24 Hours

If the passenger has purchased a ticket from the frontier at least seven days(168 hours) before the scheduled departure flight date, then the ticket is eligible to be changed free of cost within the 24-hours of purchase.

Frontier Airlines holds the passenger’s ticket for 24 hours and charges any fee only after the 24-hour window is up. The transaction will also be shown in your credit card statement post the 24- hours of ticket booking.  

For the tickets purchased which have less than seven days (168 hours) before the scheduled flight date, No free change services are offered by Frontier Airlines.

The tickets booked through some third-party travel agencies will follow the 24-hour change policy of that travel agency only.

Frontier Flight Change Fee

Frontier airlines may charge a fee for different services offered. The Frontier Flight Change Fee depends on the ticket/fare type purchased by the passenger and the number of days left for the scheduled departure, every ticket has a different policy for different services. Recently the Frontier Airline’s change fee policy was updated and it is mentioned below:

  • For the changes made after 90 days, no fee is charged.
  • For the changes made between 14 to 89 days, a fee of $49 is charged.
  • For any changes made in less than 13 days, a fee of $99 is charged. 

Other than any flight change fee, passengers will also have to pay the difference in fare for the selected flights.

If you wish to be free from all change fees, you need to purchase a service called ” The Works ” at the time of reservation. The cost for availing this service is $57 to $83 each single way trip (cost on the round trip basis). Passengers will get the benefit of avoiding all change fees and free checked and carry-on baggage. With this service, your ticket will also be fully refundable (if canceled 24+ hours before the scheduled departure). Passengers also enjoy some exclusive benefits like the option to choose “best seat available” and priority Zone 1 boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Can I change my flight on Frontier Airlines?

Yes, Frontier flight change policy allows the passengers to make any changes in their flights. The airline has a free change window of 24 hours, if the passengers are willing to make the changes after that span, they would have to pay for it.

How do I change my flight on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines change flight can be done both online as well as offline. If you wish to make the change online, you can visit the official website, click on the “Manage My Bookings” option and make the changes that you wish to. If you want to change it offline, you can either walk down to the ticket center or give a call at the customer center. 

According to the Frontier flight change policy, if you have involved any agents in the booking process you can only make the changes by contacting them. The airline does not have any role in making the changes in this case.

Can I change my return flight date with Frontier?

Yes, If you have booked a round trip, you can change the flight date as per your wish without any trouble. Frontier flight change policy is quite hassle-free and gives you the liberty to make whatever modifications you wish to.

How much does it cost to change a ticket to Frontier Airlines?

If you are making the changes within 24 hours of booking, you would not have to pay a single penny for that. However, if you miss out on the free change window, the airline would impose a fee ranging between 100 to 400 USD. 

Frontier flight change policy clearly states that the cancellation fee varies as per the class of the ticket and the time of cancellation.

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12 thoughts on “Frontier Flight Change Policy
  1. Daniel on Reply

    I had planned a trip along with my wife and kids. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 5:00 A.M. However, my wife’s boss requested her to host a meeting with one of their clients. So, I talked to the representative who informed me about the Frontier Flight Change Policy and charges levied by the airline. After paying a certain cancellation fee, we managed to change our flight date.

  2. Emma Bowman on Reply

    I finished the flight change process quickly and easily by adhering to the Frontier flight change policy. The team was very helpful and assisted me in the whole process. I would give them a one-hundred-percentage-point rating for their support.

  3. Jimmy Potter on Reply

    Best experience of my life! I flew from Washington to Orlando from where we had a direct flight to Montego Bay in order to attend my granduncle’s funeral. Apparently our flight got cancelled. The best part is that we get prompt customer service as we do not have to stand in line. We were met with polite and respectful behaviour. We got rescheduled to another flight which was 6 hours later. We were also offered a flight the next day. They opted for the next day flight that was flying straight to Montego Bay from the Washington Reagan airport. They offered us accommodation at the airport in relation to our waiting time. Yes, they took care of our meals, and internet access. In the end, Frontier Airlines change booking team took care of everything and offered us hassle free travel.

  4. Lisa Long on Reply

    Our flight was scheduled to leave on Thursday, 03/29 at 5:57PM from LGA, however the Flight was first delayed and then cancelled by Frontier. The only option offered was to leave from Long Island the next day (Friday, 03/30). This caused my family to have to travel for over 1 hour from LaGuardia to ISP airport and stay one night at a nearby hotel. The Frontier reschedule flight team took care of everything. They arranged a Lyft transportation to the hotel in Long Island. Our 1 night stay is also covered. The airline offered us a refund on the cancelled flight. Much to my surprise after I completed the trip, they sent me this email. “We are able to proceed with the reimbursement process and offer you a compensation of 200 USD. We are so sorry that your plans got ruined. Please accept this as a token of apology.” This is the best airline I have travelled with and I can 100% say my family will always do business with you! The “cheap” airfare results in definitely being no “green” out of our pockets.

  5. Henry on Reply

    We booked a family trip to Orlando disneyland but we have to change our plans due to the death in the family. Though I was not sure about the travel plans. I was cancelling my flight online but it was asking me to pay 600 USD in penalties. My total trip cost was 725 USD. I called the airlines and asked them to change the travel. We spoke to Jane, and much to my surprise she converted my travel into a travel credit of 725 USD that I can use within 12 months. This way they waived the date change fee. Jane was very helpful and found a way for me to save the money. I just paid a service fee of 100 USD compared to the 600 USD that Frontier was asking me to pay online. Thank you Frontier, I appreciate the flexibility that you offered us.

  6. Lisa Johnson on Reply

    My booking got a major schedule change for about 5 hours. Frontier schedule change team book me on another flight from Philadelphia to Cancun safely and on time. The crew on this flight was great even though we left Philadelphia at 6:40AM. I got a complimentary upgrade to the extra legroom seats with a recliner. I am tall and that was really a great gesture from the airlines. It’s worth the money on flights over 3 hours. I’m not sure what all the negative fuss is about, my first time on Frontier won’t be my last. I don’t expect much from an ultra low cost carrier so for someone that came with no expectations I was super pleased.

  7. Olivia Stevens on Reply

    First time flying Frontier. In this post Covid world by now we all know flying is not and will not be the same. Bottom line, my booking got a major schedule change for about 5 hours. Frontier customer service book me on another flight from Philadelphia to Cancun safely and on time. The crew on this flight was great even though we left Philadelphia at 6:40AM. I got a complimentary upgrade to the extra legroom seats with a recliner. I am tall and that was really a great gesture from the airlines. It’s worth the money on flights over 3 hours. I’m not sure what all the negative fuss is about, my first time on Frontier won’t be my last. I don’t expect much from an ultra low cost carrier so for someone that came with no expectations I was super pleased.

  8. Jean Powers on Reply

    I would like to cancel the ins policy I paid for when I booked my flight. They want a number to do this. Where do I get the number? L7LH6F is my flight no.

  9. Michelle on Reply

    Due to family obligations, I was unable to continue the trip at the scheduled time after purchasing my ticket from Frontier Airlines, therefore I needed to make some changes to my flight. When I called customer service, the guy was very polite and informed me that the flight would be changing that day. I was rescheduled for a flight that left 21 hours later and another that left two days later. I was chosen to take the flight, which left 21 hours later. As a result, the airline did not charge me much to rearrange my flight.

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