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China Airlines Upgrade Policy is your golden ticket to experiencing the lap of luxury. It’s your chance to elevate to the world of extra legroom, premium service, and gourmet meals. Passengers have the option to request seat upgrades on China Airlines through miles, miles plus cash as well as through cash.

china airlines upgrade

What are the China Airlines Upgrade options?

China Airlines upgrade options are as diverse as the passenger’s needs –

  • Cash upgrade – With a cash upgrade, you pay the difference between your original fare and the upgraded fare. You can opt for this option last minute at the China Airlines check-in counter at the airport. 
  • Cash plus Miles upgrade – You can use the combination of miles as well as cash to upgrade seats on China Airlines.  The option is available to Award members only. 
  • China Airlines paid upgrade – China Airlines offers a paid upgrade option where you can pay a fee to secure that coveted seat in premium economy or business class. 
  • China Airlines miles upgrade – An upgrade with miles program allows you to redeem award points into a seat upgrade. The miles needed to upgrade varies with the class of service. The upgrade is applicable for Standard and Flex fares only. 

What is a China Airlines cash upgrade?

China Airlines cash upgrade is a travel option offered by airlines that allows passengers to pay an additional amount of money to upgrade their seat to a higher class of service.

How does it work?

Passengers initially book their flight in a specific class, such as Economy Class. And – 

  • After booking, passengers can check the availability of higher-class seats, such as Business Class or Premium Economy Class, on their desired flight.
  • Now contact China Airlines customer service. 
  • The cost of the cash upgrade varies depending on factors like the route, flight, class of service, and availability of seats in the desired class.
  • Once the China Airlines upgrade cost is confirmed, passengers can make the payment for the desired upgrade.
  • After the payment is processed, the China Airlines cash upgrade is confirmed, and passengers are rebooked in the higher class of service.

What is the China Airlines Cash plus Miles upgrade process?

This China Airlines paid upgrade feature empowers you to use accrued miles in combination with cash when purchasing international flight tickets. Follow these steps – 

  • Log in to your frequent flyer account.
china airlines cash plus miles upgrade process
This screenshot is taken from
  • When you search for fares and flights on the China Airlines website, the system will determine if your chosen options meet the criteria for Miles and Cash usage.
  • At the Payment Page, you’re presented with 2 options.
  • Opt for “Yes” to leverage your accumulated mileage points to offset a portion of your ticket fare.
  • Alternatively, you can choose “No, thanks” to cover the entire ticket fare through credit cards or other payment methods.
process of upgrade by cash plus miles

Cash plus Miles upgrade Terms and conditions

Familiarize yourself with the key terms and conditions – 

  • Eligible bookings – This option is available exclusively for bookings made through the China Airlines website. Purchases made via travel agents, ticket offices, or call centers don’t offer the Miles and Cash choice. Also, infant tickets, unaccompanied minor tickets, and corporate member cards are not eligible for this benefit.
  • Operated flights – Flights operated by China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines are the only ones where Miles and Cash are applicable.
  • Ticket types – This China Airlines upgrade flight option is not available for promo codes, student discounts, bank discounts, corporate bookings, birthday specials, multi-city itineraries, or stopovers.
  • Miles deduction – Miles redemption occurs in a single transaction. If there are multiple passengers under the same booking reference, their frequent flyer numbers need to be entered individually. The miles deducted for each passenger will be equal.
  • Cancellation and changes –  You can request Miles and Cash tickets for a China Airlines flight change, through the Manage Booking option. This allows you to request changes for travel date, flight time, and ticket class. Similarly, you can also submit China Airlines refund applications online or through China Airlines ticket offices.

How can passengers upgrade using mileage points?

When considering a cabin upgrade using miles, keep the following points in mind:

  • Sufficient mileage – Ensure that you possess enough frequent flyer miles to redeem the upgrade award. Remember to provide the award number when making your reservation.
  • Eligible booking – You must have a valid ticket in hand for the upgrade award booking. Whether it’s a confirmed ‘I’ fare rule for Business Class or ‘P’ fare rule for China Airlines Premium Economy upgrade, your request should align with your ticket type.
  • Ineligible bookings – Please note that infant tickets, free tickets, and tickets for China Airlines Unaccompanied Minors are not eligible for mileage-based upgrades.
  • Traveling with infants – If you’re traveling with an infant and using an upgrade award,you’re liable for an additional fare difference and China Airlines flight change fee.
  • Online availability – China Airlines miles upgrade bookings can be requested through the China airline’s website at least 72 hours prior to departure.
  • No-show Policy – If you’re unable to board your flight, remember to promptly cancel your itinerary to avoid a no-show fee.

China Airlines upgrade at the airport with miles

Here are the important points to consider – 

  • Adequate mileages – Make sure you have enough miles along with a confirmed reservation for an eligible ticket.
  • Fare differences – If your original ticket class doesn’t align with the flight upgrade rules, you’ll need to pay the fare difference and any associated service charges.
  • Eligible flights – China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines operate scheduled international flights for which the flight upgrade award is valid.

How many miles does it require for a China Airlines upgrade?

Below is the overview of the China Airlines mileage upgrade based on the short haul and long haul flights. 

The below mentioned table is for round-trip award tickets

Award Ticket
Booking ClassShort Hall
Long Hall
Economy ClassX20,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong Okinawa/Ishigaki)110,000
Premium Economy ClassZ40,000120,000
Business/Premium Business ClassO40,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong, Okinawa/Ishigaki)160,000

The below mentioned ticket one-way award ticket – 

Award Ticket
Booking ClassShort Hall
Long Hall
Economy ClassX10,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong, Okinawa/Ishigaki)55,000
Premium Economy ClassZ20,00060,000
Business/Premium Business ClassO20,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong, Okinawa/Ishigaki)80,000

Short Haul flights – 

  • Taiwan-Hong Kong、Okinawa/Ishigaki
  • Between any two points in Asia (including Guam and Delhi)
  • Cross-strait schedule flights
  • Between Australia and New Zealand

Long Haul flights – 

  • Between Asia (excluding Guam) and North America/Europe/Australia/New Zealand

How to get China Airlines premium economy upgrade?

Here is a step-by-step process for China Airlines upgrade to premium economy – 

  • Begin by reserving your original ticket in Economy Class through the China Airlines website, or other eligible channels.
  • Now check the availability of Premium Economy Class seats on your desired flight. 
  • Reach out to China Airlines’ reservation team. Inform them of your request for an upgrade to premium economy.
  • You’ll be provided with details about the China Airlines upgrade cost associated with upgrading to Premium Economy Class.

Cost of China Airlines premium economy upgrade

Passengers can request an upgrade by redeeming the miles. Below is the overview of how many miles you need to upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy Class – 

Award TypeEligible ticket classBooking ClassShort Haul MilesLong Haul Miles
Upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy ClassFlex (Y/B/M)P7,00018,000 (except New York)
22,000 (New York)
Standard (K/V/T)10,00025,000 (except New York)
28,000 (New York)

Alternatively, consider the China Airlines paid upgrade option. Any new flight in Premium Economy Class cabin fee ranges between 1500 USD and 22 USD. Please be aware that in addition to the upgrade fee, you might need to cover the fare difference between your original Economy Class ticket cost and the new Premium Economy ticket cost.

Can passengers use miles to upgrade to business class?

Yes, passengers can upgrade to business class using mileage points. We have outlined below how many miles it requires for China Airlines upgrade to Business Class from Economy Class – 

Award TypeEligible ticket classBooking ClassShort Haul MilesLong Haul Miles
Upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class/Premium Business ClassFlex (Y/B/M)I10,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong, Okinawa/Ishigaki)60,000
20,000 (Delhi)Nil
Standard (K/V/T)13,000 (Taiwan-Hong Kong、Okinawa/Ishigaki)

How many miles for the premium economy to premium business class upgrade?

The number of miles required to upgrade from Premium Economy Class to Premium Business Class depends on the fare class and the specific route, as outlined below – 

Flex (W/U) fare class –

  • Requires 8,000 miles for the upgrade to business class. This is for short-haul flights. 
  • For routes other than New York, it requires 30,000 miles.
  • For New York routes, it requires 34,000 miles. This is applicable to routes between Taipei and New York.

Standard (A) fare class –

  • Requires 12,000 miles for the upgrade from premium economy to business. This is for short-haul flights. 
  • For routes other than New York, it requires 35,000 miles.
  • New York routes require 40,000 miles. This applies to routes between Taipei and New York.

Whether you’re eyeing a China Airlines premium economy upgrade or have your sights set on business class, the upgrade options are designed to cater to your travel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to upgrade on China Airlines?

Upgrading your seat on China Airlines is a straightforward process. You can either opt for a cash upgrade or use your accumulated miles for a mileage-based upgrade. 

How many miles does it take to redeem upgrade awards or free tickets?

The mileage required for redeeming upgrade awards or free tickets with China Airlines varies based on factors such as the route, flight class, fare family, and availability. Refer to China Airlines’ customer service for up-to-date information. 

If I want to redeem upgrade awards what is the procedure?

Contact China Airlines reservation agents or visit their official website to initiate the upgrade process.

Is the required mileage for China Airlines class upgrade calculated on a round-trip ticket basis?

Yes, the required mileage for a China Airlines class upgrade is generally calculated on a round-trip ticket basis. This means that the mileage needed for the upgrade is for both the outbound and return flights. 

Can I directly go to the airport to ask for a China Airlines upgrade?

China Airlines allows passengers to inquire about and request upgrades at the airport check-in counter, subject to availability. 

Are there blackout dates for using miles to upgrade?

China Airlines typically provides flexibility in using miles for upgrades. However, it is always a good idea to check with the airline’s customer service representative. 

What amenities are offered in China Airlines business class?

China Airlines’ business class is known for its luxurious amenities such as spacious lie-flat seats, premium in-flight entertainment, enhanced dining options, priority boarding, access to airport lounges, and more.

Can I upgrade only my return flight if I have a round-trip ticket?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade either one or both legs of your round-trip journey, depending on your preferences and the availability of upgrade options.

Can I use a combination of miles and cash for an upgrade?

China Airlines flight upgrade policy may allow passengers to use a combination of miles and cash to upgrade their seats.


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