Qatar Airways cancellation policy offers the most flexible and affordable flight cancellation that helps passengers save money anytime during travel. 

This post contains all the information about the guidelines, and rules that you should keep in mind before requesting a cancellation. 

In addition, you will also get all the information on cancellations which is attributed directly to the airlines. Check all the detailed information about the cancellation, flight cancellations compensation, 24-hour cancellation policy, refund policy, and much more.

Main Highlights of Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

You can request flight cancellation up to 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flights. The passenger can also request a cancellation before 90 minutes for domestic flights.

Just like the above, there are other rules and guidelines you should know before making a hassle-free cancellation request – 

  • Any flight reservation purchased with reward points or miles does not cover cancellation as per the policy.
  • Passengers canceling the reservation after 24 hours of purchase can avail of a refund. This is for the unused portion of the ticket minus the applicable cancellation fees.
  • Certain fare rules associated with your flight booking do not allow cancellation after the scheduled departure. No refund can claim by the passenger, under any circumstances. 
  • Considering that the fare is non-refundable then no part of the fare is eligible for a refund upon cancellation.
  • The most restrictive Qatar Airways cancellation policy would be applicable when the booking includes two or multiple fare conditions. 
  • In some cases, the passenger may be denied boarding for not having a valid travel document or permit. Then passengers have to pay the applicable Qatar cancellation fee and no-show fee.
  • Sometimes a passenger may make multiple demands for Qatar Airways flight change requests on the booking. Then the most restricted or highest cancellation fee might be applicable among all the reissued fares. 
  • No cancellation request will apply when the request on the booking after 12 months from the date of departure
  • In certain fares, both non-show and cancellation fees would be applicable.

Qatar Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

Under the Qatar Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the airline will offer a full refund to each passenger. In addition, no cancellation fee would be applied provided that the scheduled departure date must be 7 days or more at the time of cancellation. 

You need to keep certain points in mind before making a cancelation of your booking within 24 hours of purchase – 

  • Refundable and non-refundable tickets qualify for a full refund under this policy, regardless of the trip type and the class of service booked. 
  • Qatar Airways 24 Hour Cancellation policy offers a full refund to those tickets which are booked directly with the airline’s official website or any other official source.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy is only valid for passengers traveling to or from the US, Canada, and passengers with a US passport.
  • The said policy will not apply on flight reservations booked with Future Travel Credit, eGift vouchers, and Electronic Gift Certificates.
  • Booking of the air ticket with frequent flyer rewards or mileage will not cover under Qatar Airways 24 hours cancellation. 
  • Any PNR or booking reference that contains more than 9 passengers is not eligible for cancellation within 24 hours

Qatar Airways Free Cancellation

You can also request a free cancellation with the airline. No cancellation fee would be collected. Here are the following scenarios that help you –

  • Passengers have to request cancellation within 24 hours of purchase.
  • In case of a death of an immediate family member, passengers may request canceling anytime before the scheduled departure. You need to submit the death certification as proof of validation.
  • For a flight that is delayed for 5 or more hours, passengers can claim a refund on the unused portion of the ticket in case they refuse to opt for an alternative flight.
  • If the flight was canceled by the airline and the flight disruption was directly under the airline’s control, then cancellation may be free.

Procedures to Cancel Qatar Airways Ticket

Qatar Airways flights can cancel online, through the mobile app, through customer Service as well as at the airport too – 

Cancel Qatar Airways Ticket Online

Flight booking on can call via the Manage Booking section. The said request is subject to airline penalties and surcharges that need to pay online.

Here’s how you can navigate the cancellation request online – 

  • Visit the site and retrieve the booking using the “Manage My Trip“. 
  • Enter the booking credential in the relevant field to proceed.
  • Choose the light segment that you would like to cancel. 
  • Confirm the selection with a reading consent page.
  • The refund amount will display on your screen.
  • Complete the cancellation process by submitting the online refund request form.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail from the airline on your registered credentials (mobile number and Email ID).

Cancel Qatar Airways Ticket via Call

In some cases, the passenger may face issues in canceling tickets online. So, airline cancellation via Customer Service is available. For canceling tickets with the airline’s executive over the phone, you have to pay the airline penalty and other service fees by phone. 

Cancel the Ticket at the Airport Counter

When you choose to cancel a ticket at the airport counter, you can approach your departure airport for the same. You can do so up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.  The airline will refund your amount after deducting both service fees and cancellation fees. After deduction, the rest of the amount will transfer to your account within 1 to 3 weeks.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Fee

The airline may not impose any cancellation fee within 24 hours of making the booking. Outside this duration, the airline’s penalty would be:

Fare Component Cancellation Fee (In USD)No-show cancellation (in USD)
Published Fare200100
Discounted Fare250Does not apply

Qatar Airways Cancels Flights

Qatar Airways Cancelled Flight

Though airlines strive to not cancel or delay the flight, sometimes it may happen for reasons – 

  • Beyond the control of Qatar
  • Within the airline’s control

Beyond the Control of Qatar

Your flight may cancel or delay due to reasons outside the airline’s control. For instance, a bird strike may have delayed the flight schedule. Sometimes, guests need to deplane due to a medical emergency. Or, weather events like snowstorms may create a huddle.

When the airline delayed a flight for 3 or more hours. As per the cancellation policy, the airline will – 

  • Provide an alternate flight for no additional charge.
  • If the flight is not available, the airline will offer the flight with another airline for the same destination as booked. 

Within the Airline’s control

Your flight can cancel for delays for reasons within the airline’s control.

Assuming that the flight is canceled or delayed for 3 or more hours and is under the airline’s control – 

  • Provide an alternate flight for no additional charge.
  • In case the flight is not available, the airline will offer the flight with another airline for the same destination as booked. 
  • Failure to offer the same class of service by the airline would result in offering a higher class of service to the passenger.
  • Passengers can deny the alternate option and claim a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.

Qatar Airways Flight Cancellations Compensation

Sometimes you may be denied boarding or your flight is delayed or it may get canceled for at least 3 hours. Then you can claim possible compensation defined by the flight cancellations compensation.

Compensating for Flight Delay

In several instances, the passenger is informed of the cancellation or delay less than 14 days prior to the scheduled departure. The Qatar Airways flight cancellation compensation will be provided as follows – 

Length of DelayAmount of Compensation (In USD)
3 to 6 hours400
6 to 9 hours700
9 hours or more1000

Standard of treatment –

Owing to certain reasons, there may be flight delays where passengers have inform less than 12 hours before the departure. They may have waited for 2 hours or more. The airlines will offer meals and refreshments and access to communication, in relation to the length of the flight delay. Passengers will also get – 

  • Hotel and other accommodation.
  • Airport transfer, to and from the accommodation.

Flight Cancellation Compensation

The flight cancellation compensation depends upon the route distance and the number of days.

If informed of flight cancellation 0 to 7 days before departure –

The airlines will inform passengers between 0 to 7 days before the departure. The airline offered alternative transportation and reached the final destination with a delay of more than 2 hours. The compensation would look like this – 

Route DistanceLength of DelayAmount of Compensation (USD)
Less than 1,500 kmDeparture at least 1 hour early and Arrival up to 2 hours later125
Arrival at least 2 hours later250
1,500 km – 3,500 kmDeparture at least 1 hour earlier and Arrival up to 3 hours later200
Arrival at least 3 hours later400
3,500 km or moreDeparture at least 1 hour earlier & Arrival up to 4 hours later300
Arrival at least 4 hours later600

Qatar Airways Refund Policy

Refund Policy

As per Qatar refund policy, the said refund would be offered on the unused portion of the ticket, and must be in accordance with the following condition – 

  • Upon presentation of satisfactory proof of payment, the refund will be back to either the passenger named on the ticket or the person who paid for it.
  • In a situation wherein the ticket was purchased by someone other than the passenger named on the ticket and the ticket specifies a refund restriction, the airline will offer the refund to the person who purchased it.
  • Sometimes there may be a case of flight cancellation or the airline may fail to operate a flight according to the timetable. There can be a delay of more than 2 hours for a long-term irregularity or more than 5 hours for a short-term irregularity.  
  • An amount equal to the airfare paid minus the Qatar Airways cancellation fee will offer as a refund.
  • According to the Qatar Airways refund policy, the airline refuses to refund, if the cancellation request is later than 12 months after the expiry of the validity of the ticket. 
  • Qatar Airways cancellation refund would be back in the same currency as the purchase. The currency conversion charges may apply. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel the Qatar Airways ticket?

You can cancel the flight ticket and claim a 100% refund provided that the flight must have originated to and from the US. Add to that, you have to request cancellation within 24 hours of purchase.

You can cancel a flight ticket, regardless of the fare type outside 24 hours, and is subject to the airline’s penalty.

How to cancel a flight ticket with Qatar Airways?

Please contact your travel operator if you have not booked on the airline’s portal. Reservations that are made online can be canceled via as well as through the airline’s contact number.

What is the cancellation fee for Qatar Airways?

The airline charges 200 USD for the published fare and 250 USD for the discounted fare. Some discounts are not eligible for cancellation.

How to cancel the air ticket without paying cancellation charges?

When you are wishing to cancel tickets without paying a cancellation fee then you must cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. When a zero cancellation period lapses then the airline will charge a cancellation fee according to the airline’s policy.

What if I cancel my ticket on the same day of departure?

When you cancel tickets on the same day of departure then you will not get any amount as a refund. The airline allows you to cancel the booking three days from the departure date and after that, you will not be able to secure a refund. The full ticket fare will be forfeited.

Can I get a refund from Qatar Airways within 24 hours of purchase?

Under the airline’s 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the airline will offer a full refund to each passenger. In addition, no cancellation fee would be applied provided that the scheduled departure date must be 7 days or more at the time of cancellation.

How to get a refund from Qatar Airways?

Visit the Manage My Trip section on the airline’s website
All you need to do is – 
1. Enter the booking reference to retrieve your booking
2. Select the flight segment to cancel 
3. Submit the refund request to complete the process.

Can I get a refund on a Qatar Airways ticket if my flight is canceled or delayed?

In case of flight cancellation or the airline fails to operate a flight according to the timetable, there may be a delay of more than 2 hours for a long-term irregularity. It can be more than 5 hours for a short-term irregularity. Here, the passenger is entitled to a refund according to the Qatar Airways refund policy.

How to gain a full refund if the passenger booked a non-refundable ticket?

Should you have booked a non-refundable ticket, then the only way to get a full refund is by canceling the ticket as per the airline’s 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. After the 24-hour window, no refund is initiated to passengers in case they hold a non-refundable ticket.

What is the Qatar Airways Ticket Cancellation Fee for non-refundable tickets?

The airline will not charge a cancellation fee when the ticket is canceled on the same day of booking even if the ticketing nature is non-refundable.
-> After the lapse of the risk-free time frame, the airline will charge the total ticket value as the Qatar -> Airways Ticket Cancellation Fee. No refund is initiated for them.
-> A passenger may be traveling with non-refundable tickets. He/she may fail to complete the journey due to invalid documents. Then both cancellation fees and No-show fees are charged to them (passengers).
-> When the flight got canceled by the airlines then no cancellation fee was charged to the passengers with non-refundable tickets.
-> The airline charges 100 USD to 200 USD as the cancellation fees for the passenger traveling to International routes.

What is the Qatar Airways Flight Cancellation Fee in the USA, when the cancellation is done due to Covid-19?

The Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy USA states that they (the airline) will not charge cancellation charges given that the ticket is canceled due to Covid-19. As the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee if you are canceling a ticket. This policy is applicable all over the world including the USA.

How to connect with customer service and what is the Qatar Airways toll-free number?

To connect with customer service you simply need to dial the airline’s toll-free number. It is dedicated to passengers traveling to the USA or Canada and the toll-free number is in many languages.

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