When purchasing a flight, passengers are susceptible to name mistakes. The name of the traveller may occasionally change as a result of marriage, divorce or any other legal consideration. Travellers who have an upcoming flight will need to change their names in such cases. Thai Airways name change policy allows name change or correction, without cancelling the existing reservation. 

Thai Airways Name Change Policy

Once you have a complete understanding of the guidelines under the name change service, you will be able to make the necessary modifications to your name. Furthermore, you may travel safely by following the guidelines of this name change policy, so don’t worry.

Guidelines to Change/Correct Name on Thai Airways Ticket

Thai Airways Change Name on Ticket

There are a number of guidelines for name changes or correction under the Thai Airways name change policy. You can only modify the name on your ticket if you abide by these rules. These rules make it easier for the passenger to comprehend the name changing process. 

This makes the entire process changing or correcting the name very quickly. These regulations also make it easier for the airline to change names.

The following are the principal guidelines to follow while requesting the Thai Airways change name on ticket service – 

  • The name change requested prior to check-in is accepted by this airline.
  • All tickets booked directly from the airline through its authorised sales channels such as the airline’s website, Thai Airways customer service, and the nearest airlines offices can have their names altered or corrected. 
  • The airline does not allow name changes on the itinerary which include interline or codeshare flights. In that case, passengers need to call the airlines other than Thai Airways to correct or change that.
  • The airlines allow name change due to marriage, divorce or any other legal considerations.
  • Under any circumstances, the airline does not allow the transfer of the ownership of the ticket.
  • Thai Airways name correction and name change request are subject to a fee, and it varies with the type of request. 
  • The airline allows name change on the tax invoices as well.
  • As per the airline guidelines, the name on the ticket must be exactly identical with the name on the passport or government issued photo ID.
  • The airline allows name change or correction requests to be completed up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • There are no limitations on changing the middle name under Thai Airways middle name policy.

Thai Airways Middle Name Policy

The Thai Airways name change policy states that you do not need to include your middle name when making a reservation. But, if there is a middle name on the government-issued photo ID or passport, you must update one on your Thai Airways reservation. 

Later, the airline also allows you to change your middle name. Therefore, it is the travellers’ choice whether or not to register their middle names.

Note – The policy required the name on the ticket as well as the name on the government-issued ID to be exactly identical.

Methods to Correct/Change Name on Ticket

Thai Airways offers a variety of alternatives to fix your name in order to meet the airline’s requirements.  These solutions consist of both online and offline methods. These two approaches both seem to be incredibly practical and simple to implement. Consequently, you should be familiar with using these choices if you want to change or correct your name. 

Method 1 – Online Name Change or Correction

The official Thai Airways website offers an online name correction service. Both domestic and international passengers may avail this service. The travellers can safely change or correct their name, provided that they must comply with aforementioned guidelines. 

You must enter your  travel information in the “Thai Airways Manage Booking” section, to retrieve your booking. The complete process for name change is outlined here:

Thai Airways Name Change Online

Follow the steps to change your name online with ease:

  • Visit  “www.thaiairways.com” and navigate to the Manage Booking section.
  • Select the passenger whose name needs to be change. 
  • Enter the name of the correct passenger in the required field. 
  • Click on the ‘Attach the document’ tab below. Here you’ll need to attach the passport or government issued photo ID. This is to validate a request by Thai Airways.
  • Pay the required name change fee. 
  • After you submit the request, the airline’s representative will call you within 15 minutes. 
  • They will correct the name, reissue the ticket, and send the new email confirmation on your registered email.

Online Name Correction on Thai Airways Ticket

As per Thai Airways name correction policy, the airline allows passengers to correct up to 4 characters to their first name, middle name or last name. In this case, the passengers do not have to submit their travel documents for validation. Follow these steps to correct the name – 

  • Visit the Thai Airways website and navigate to the Manage Booking section.
  • After you retrieve your booking, select the passengers that need to be corrected.
  • Fix the error in the required field. 
  • Pay the required name change fee. 
  • Confirm the booking, and the new confirmation would be sent on your registered email address.

Method 2 – Change/Correct Name through Customer Service

When you wish to add to your name, contact the  Thai Airways customer service.  Marriage, divorce, or any other legal name change can be fixed to speaking to the airline’s representatives.  This approach may also be used for corrections under Thai Airways middle name on tickets. As the airline officials directly manage your difficulties, this is the most reliable option, if you’re not computer savvy.

Depending on where you are, this airline has several customer service numbers. Please visit the “Contact Us” section of the Thai Airways website to get your specific contact information based on your destination.

When you speak with an airline representative, you must:

  • Report any spelling mistakes in your name and ask them to correct it.
  • You could be requested to provide certain paperwork, including your passport and any other valid proof of identification.
  • Additionally, in order to retrieve your Thai Airways reservation, the airlines may ask for your booking reference, the first name and the last names.
  • Next, pay the required name change fee in accordance with the regulations.
  • You will receive a confirmation email to your registered address after the airline changes or corrects your name.

Fee to Change/Correct Name on Thai Airways Booking

A specified fee is charged for name changes under Thai Airways name change policy. The cost is often based on the time of the request and your destination. Name corrections now cost roughly 75 USD, regardless of the origin or destination airport. The Thai Airways name change fee varies with the travel routes. Below is the overview mentioned – 

DestinationName changes (in USD)Name correction (in USD)
Middle East200100
Asia Pacific12575

Note – Thai Airways name change fee would be applicable per passenger per booking.

Bottom Line:

If you want to make changes in your ticket, you need to contact Thai Airways and check if making changes is possible in general. To do so, you will have to present all the details regarding your reservation: booking number, departure and arrival dates and cities, flight number, etc. Thai Airways name change and correction is possible, and is subject to an airline penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions – Thai Airways Name change Policy

Does Thai Airways permit name changes after reservations have been made?

No name transfers are allowed with Thai Airways. Only certain characters may be changed in the passenger’s name. However, you may change your name by using the name change service. This option also allows passengers to add, omit or update the first name or last name due to any legal compulsion such as marriage, divorce, etc.

How much is the fee to change or correct the name with Thai Airways?

The airline name change or name correction fee varies with domestic and international travel. For travel within Thailand, the name correction fee is 75 USD, and name change fee is 125 USD per passenger per booking. For international reservation, see the aforementioned ‘Name change fee with Thai Airways’ section.

Can I request to change or correct Thai Airways middle name on the ticket?

Yes, Thai Airways gives passengers the option to change/correct their middle names on their tickets. You may accomplish this by calling the airline’s customer service number and speaking with a representative. When you connect on a call, let them know that your middle name is spelled incorrectly. You may be asked to submit the passport or any valid proof of identification.

Does Thai Airways allow passengers to correct their maiden name?

Passengers may change their maiden names under the Thai Airways change name guidelines. After making a reservation, you can change your maiden name. These changes, however, may only be made before check-in. The airline may refuse requests for name changes made after check-in.

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