All travelers flying with the Airlines or planning to fly with them must adhere to the Emirates flight change policy.  You can change your flight date with the airlines to fit your schedule and enjoy your trip. The goal of the airlines is to ensure that passengers always have a positive flight experience and are not inconvenienced in any manner.

The policy also saves travelers money because they do not have to purchase another ticket after changing their flight date. Therefore, before making any modifications to the details of your flight, carefully read the information provided.

Emirates Airlines flight change policy for changing flight dates ensures passengers can make changes without losing money or incurring hefty cancellation fees.

Read on to learn more about flight change policy and all other changes that you can request. Let’s understand how to make the most of it-

Guidelines to change the flight booking with Emirates

Here’s what you need to know about changing flights with the EK – 

  • As per the Emirates ticket change policy, passengers are allowed to make changes up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Any change request is subject to Emirates change flight fee and other penalties.
  • You must make these modifications online using Emirates Airlines’ official website. 
  • You can also call the Customer Service Number listed on the airline’s website.
  • The passengers won’t be able to make changes online if you made your reservation through a travel agent or at an airline’s ticketing office. 

How to change Emirates flight date?

There is no need to worry if you have already purchased your flight tickets but later decide that you need to change the date of your outbound/inbound flight. Emirates change policy allows for adjustments to the original itinerary.

You have two options for adjusting the return flight date : you can call customer care or use the Emirates Manage Booking tab. Continue reading to learn how to modify the date of your flight booking.

Here are some procedures to take if you wish to adjust the date of your return flight with Emirates Airlines online – 

  • Please sign in to your airline’s account.
  • Navigate to Manage a Booking and select modify your flight schedule‘ option.
  • Please enter your last name and booking reference.
  • Choose the flight that has to be changed.
  • Click the ‘Change flight date‘ tab.
  • Choose a new date and click Continue.
  • Review the updated flight information, then click “Confirm changes.”

How much does it cost to change flight date on Emirates Airlines?

Depending on where you are going to and from, the Emirates date change fee varies. You can either speak with the airlines directly to adjust the date of your flight or use a service like Skyscanner. The cost will also vary depending on your ticket class; for instance, it will be considerably less expensive if you are traveling in economy than first class.

Your ticket type will determine how much it will cost to modify your reservation. If you bought a flexible ticket, it will be considerably simpler for you to change your reservation without paying any additional fees. The change fee also varies with the time when a passenger is requesting ticket change. 

For instance, there is no fee to modify your flight date if you purchased an Economy Saver fare for a journey from Dubai to Frankfurt. However, if you book a refundable Business Class ticket and change it within 72 hours before departure, the change price is approximately $450.

It’s worth mentioning that the flight change cost varies due to the ticket difference between your original and new flights for all fares. Therefore, the additional cost may exceed the charge itself if you booked an Economy Saver ticket then changed it to a Business Class seat with a higher tariff.

Below is the overview of the Emirates change flight fee for the different class of services and the ticket types – 

Class of serviceSaverSpecialFlexFlex Plus
Economy ClassUSD 200USD 200FreeFree
Business ClassUSD 400USD 400FreeFree
First ClassUSD 400FreeFreeFree

Emirates Reschedule Policy

The policy permits travelers to alter their flight reservations. 

If a passenger has purchased a flight ticket with the airlines and needs to cancel or reschedule it, the passenger may do so by adhering to the Emirates Flight Reschedule Policy. Here are the important points to consider – 

  • The booking can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before departure.
  • If you are an Emirates Skywards member, you can easily adjust your flight dates and times by repurchasing miles. 
  • Log into your account, choose the flight you want to book, and then click the my account tab to do this.
  • Whether you redeem miles or make any adjustments to the ticket, you should always confirm whether Emirates change fee applies or not. If so, settle it first before making any adjustments.
  • If your ticket is non-refundable, you can still use it to add to your EK credit account.
  • The Emirates Airlines Reschedule Flight Policy is only applicable if you purchased your ticket online through an Airlines official website.
  • Changes to your flight tickets can be made in a variety of ways, including altering the date of travel, the city of destination, the seat number, etc.
  • You must speak with a customer service agent as soon as you can if you wish to make any adjustments to your airline ticket since once you have booked.

How to reschedule an Emirates Flight Ticket?

Flight rescheduling is a typical occurrence. It sometimes must be done because it cannot be avoided.

Your flights can be rescheduled easily and smoothly with Emirates Airlines thanks to their established procedure.

To reschedule Emirates flight, follow these steps – 

  • Log into your account on the the airlines website.
  • On your screen’s upper right corner, select Manage a Booking by clicking on it.
  • Now select the Change Flights option from the Flight Details section of the website.
  • The drop-down list will allow you to choose the flight you want to modify.
  • For security purposes, enter information from your travel documents, such as your passport number and birthdate.
  • Choose the new flight and date options for your rescheduled flight, then click Continue to continue with your booking.

How much does it cost to reschedule the Emirates flight?

You can phone the airline’s call center or go to the closest ticket office to reschedule a trip if you have a confirmed ticket and decide to change your travel date. 

There is, however, a Emirates flight change fee associated with changing the date of travel. 

This price varies according to whether the modifications are made online or offline, and whether they are made before or after the trip departs.

In addition, the Emirates airlines reschedule charges vary with the travel route, level of service, and status in the Skywards frequent flier programme.

  • Emirates change fees before departure – You can use the “Manage Your Booking” option on the airline’s website or mobile app to make adjustments to your flight reservations before the scheduled departure date. You can easily change the timing of your flight using this technique, but there is a change fee of USD 80 per passenger, per segment.
  • Emirates change fees after departure – You still have a chance to join the next flight, even though you already missed your first one. To do so, contact the local ticketing office or call center for assistance. If there is room, there are no change fees for altering your tickets after missing your initial flight.

How to avoid Emirates change fee?

Under some conditions, the Emirates may be ready to waive your change fees. We offered a list of ways to avoid change fees, and let’s delve deeper into various strategies.

Look for a travel waiver

When the airlines predict a large number of delays or cancellations, travel waivers are typically given. For instance, Emirates will alter their operations amid inclement weather, natural disasters, or — more lately — virus outbreaks, and they’d rather give travelers flexibility in advance than try to accommodate you at the airport. Although the specifics of travel waivers vary depending, they typically allow you to alter or even cancel your flight(s) without being charged. In addition – 

  • Travel waivers can be found on the airline’s website. 
  • These typically appear at the top of the page and on the screen when you check in for your flight. 
  • If you believe you may be qualified for a travel waiver, keep a watch on your inbox before you depart. The airline may even email you to let you know.

Watch for schedule changes

Changing your flight schedule after purchasing a ticket is another option to avoid paying change and cancellation fees. For instance, 

  • If your flight was originally scheduled to leave at 3 pm but now departs at 6:30 pm, you might be qualified to alter or cancel your ticket without charge
  • It’s common for these schedule changes to be communicated via email, but it’s also crucial to regularly evaluate your travel plans to spot these on your own.

As a general rule, if your flight’s departure or arrival schedule is changed by 90 minutes or more, the Emirates Airlines offers changes without any fee or offer you a refund.

Keep in mind the 24-hour rule

Under this, you can change or cancel the flight for free within 24 hours of purchase. The airlines must give free 24-hour holds or refunds within 24 hours of the booking. If the price reduces or you still need to finalize some travel arrangements, this can be really helpful. This also applies to tickets purchased through websites affiliated with credit cards, such as Amex Travel and the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal.

Have a compelling reason

Change fees are frequently canceled for travelers in the event of illness, a death in the family, or other extreme circumstances like a natural disaster. It’s just a matter of being ready to provide proof, as Emirates used to rarely take passengers’ word for it.

If you need to amend or cancel a flight you’ve already booked, be sure to save this page and refer to it later. Depending on the flight you’ve booked with Emirates, you may save hundreds of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Emirates Change Flight Policy

Can I rebook a flight with Emirates?

Yes, you can make adjustments to an airline ticket online through Manage booking, over the phone, at an airline’s call center or ticket office in your area, or through the travel agency you used to purchase your ticket.

What does it cost to alter a flight’s date on Emirates?

You won’t be charged a fee for changing your ticket if it qualifies for one of airlines COVID-19 travel waivers or if you have a Flex/Flex Plus ticket. If not, you may expect to pay roughly USD 200 for an Economy Class ticket and USD $400 for a Business Class (Special/Saver) ticket.

Is it free to change an Emirates flight?

Flight changes are free only in the following circumstances:

Travelers who have purchased a Flex/Flex Plus ticket
Passengers with COVID-19 travel waiver

There will be a price for changing your flight if you don’t fit into one of the aforementioned categories.

What is the Emirates flight change policy?

Emirates Airlines flight change policy states that you won’t be charged a fee for changing your flight’s date or time if making changes within 24 hours of purchase or you booked a Flex or Flex Plus fare. However, you might be required to pay the appropriate difference in fees and taxes.

The change fee for a regular ticket is typically around USD 200 for Economy Special or Saver fares. For Business Class fares it is USD 400. For Flex or Flex Plus fares, regardless of any class, there is no change fee.

How do I change/update my passport number at Emirates?

The Manage My Account page allows you to update or alter your passport number. You can modify your name, gender, nationality, and country of issue in this section as well. You can also send a copy of the relevant documents to the airlines office in your area and ask them to update the information.

How do I change my Emirates ID or phone number?

Through the Manage Booking page, you can modify your email address or phone number. Alternatively, you can contact airlines and ask them to handle it for you.

How can I change my Emirates Airlines reservation?

If you purchased your ticket directly from the Airlines, by phone or the local office in your area), or through the travel agency you purchased your ticket from, you can change your booking online via Manage Your Booking. You can also call the airlines Customer Service team

Do Emirates allow me to switch seats?

After booking a seat, you can change it on the airline’s website via the Manage Booking tab. If you choose a seat in the same or lower class, you can do it without paying anything; if you choose a seat that costs more, you must pay the difference.

What is Emirates’ Economy Flex change fee?

On Emirates, changing an Economy Flex ticket is free of charge.

Can I modify the destination of my flight with Emirates?

Yes, you can. You may be asked to pay Emirates flight change fee and the applicable fare difference.

How can I update my email address in Emirates?

You can change your email address on Emirates by going to the Manage Your Booking option on the homepage. You can also update the email address through customer service phone number.

Does Emirates allow you to alter the date of your return flight?

Yes, as per the Emirates change flight policy, you can modify the return flight date on Manage Your Booking online, by phone, or through the travel agency from where you made your purchase.

You may be asked to pay change fees, alongside the applicable fare difference.

How do I make adjustments to my Emirates Skywards tickets?

Through the Manage Booking option which can be accessible through the airline’s official website, you can modify flights purchased with your airline’s Skywards Miles program online.

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