Philippine Airlines name change policy gives an easy facility to the passenger to change/correct their names on the tickets. The airlines entertain name change or name correction in case of a misspelled name or due to any legal obligations. 

Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

In this article, we will cover the terms and conditions associated while making a name change request, the airline penalty charges, types of requests under the name correction/changes, and much more. 

Terms and Conditions Under PAL Change Name Policy

The term “name change” refers to a complete change in the passenger’s last name, first name, middle name, or any/all combinations of these. This procedure is only used in cases where the passenger is changing the name due to legal compulsion.

As per Philippine Airlines name change policy, you will not be able to transfer the name on the ticket to another person. In such a case, you need to cancel the ticket, and buy a new one with the updated name.

Similar to this, there are other name change policies that you should keep in mind before making a said request – 

  • When you legally change your name, the airline can amend it and is subject to Philippine Airlines change fee. Passengers need to submit supporting documents, such as marriage certificates or legal name change affidavits, to prove they are the same person. 
  • The airline allows passengers to travel under their maiden name if flying for their honeymoon or getting married while they’re away.
  • As per the airline name change policy, the name on the ticket must match with the name on the passport for international travel, and government-issued photo ID for domestic travel. 
  • The airline accepts the name change request up to 24 hours before scheduled departure. Within 24 hours, it is up to the sole discretion of the airlines to make any amendments to your name.
  • When it comes to misspelled names, the airline can only correct up to 3 characters on the first name, middle name, or last name.  Philippine Airlines misspelled name request is subject to airline penalty and the applicable fare difference. 
  • The airline does not accept any name change requests after the check-in.
  • No change request would be applicable on the interline flight segment or any codeshare agreement network. 

Request Type: Change Name With Philippine Airlines

As per Philippine Airlines name change policy, the name amendments shall be allowed in the following cases – 

  • Correct spelling, add or delete the missing letter of the passenger’s last name or first name.
  • To add prefix or suffix to the name
  • To alter maiden name to married name
  • Passenger’s preference to use other names, only if specified in the passport or photo ID with A.K.A
  • Transposition of the passenger’s foreign name when all names are included.
  • To correct gender.

Correction to the First Name or Middle Name

 The airline can make corrections to the first name or middle name and reissue the ticket on a similar or higher class of service, subject to availability. The name change fee and the fare difference would be applicable. You need to call the airline’s customer service number to complete the request. The relevant identity documentation needs to be submitted. 

Correction to the Last Name

The airline needs to correct the last name and is subject to fare difference alongside the name change fees. A new PNR would be created. The last name to be corrected with up to three characters. If the correction to the last name requires more than 3 characters, you need to contact the airlines or the travel agency from which the ticket was purchased. The ticket would be re-issued as the even exchange and no change to the travel date/time would be allowed.

Addition to the Last Name without Changing the Name 

The name would be in the same PNR in case there is just one passenger. In the case of multiple passengers, the concerned passenger’s PNR would be split.  The ticket would be re-issued as the even exchange and no change to the travel date/time would be allowed. PAL name correction is subject to a change fee and the applicable fare difference. For example – 


The First and Last Names are Inverted 

While making the booking, should the passenger insert the first and last name in reverse, then it would be considered as the name correction. Only the change fee would be collected. The correction would be made in the same PNR. The ticket would be re-issued as the even exchange and no change to the travel date/time would be allowed. 

  • For example, ROSS/SMITH changed to SMITH/ROSS

Add/Eliminate Suffix or Prefix 

Sometimes, when the name on the ticket requires the addition or elimination of the prefix/suffix, as appeared in the passport or government-issued photo ID, contact airlines to alter the request. The ticket would be re-issued in a similar or higher class of service. Fare differences may apply. 

Change the Gender  

You can also request the airline to alter the gender. The changes would be updated in the same PNR. Only Philippine Airlines change fees would be collected. 

Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

The term “name correction” refers to the correcting of a passenger’s last name ), first name, middle name, or title due to a spelling error or missing letters to the name (e.g. missing middle name).

Philippine Airlines Name Correction Policy

To complete the name correction, the following criteria must be met – 

  • Philippine Airlines (PR) must be a validating carrier
  • All flight segments in the ticket must be operated and marketed by Philippine Airlines.
  • Prior to processing the said changes, the travel agency must contact a carrier other than Philippine Airlines to obtain approval for the name change. In case the other carrier refuses to accept the name correction, it will be treated as a name change and subject to the Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy.
  • Only one reissue per ticket is allowed. Any additional name correction would be considered as the name change and is subject to the airline’s penalty and the increase in fare. 
  • Changes to the travel date/time/destination is not permitted.
  • Minor name changes are allowed in the middle of a trip. The airline approves the changes only if the name on the ticket matches with a government-issued ID or passport.
  • The gender and date of birth cannot be changed at the same time as the name correction.A separate request is to be made for both of them. 
  • Making changes to both the DOB is considered a name change, and is subject to the Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy.
  • Per passenger, only one correction is permitted. Any further changes would be subject to the airline’s name change policy. 

How to Request Name Changes With Philippine Airlines?

You can request the name changes online as well as by calling the Philippine Airlines Customer service team.

Name Change Online – Retrieve your booking online and select the passenger’s name whose name needs to be updated. Pay the required cost.The airline will send the email confirmation once the name change is complete. Follow these steps to process the name change request online – 

  • Visit Look up your booking with the PNR number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Choose the passenger’s whose names need to be corrected/changed.
  • Enter the correct name in the required field. A name change fee and the fare difference due will be displayed on the right. 
  • Continue to check out to finalize the changes.
  • The airlines will send you the email confirmation with the updated name and flight itinerary once the change request is complete. 

Name Change Over the Phone – To change or correct the name, you can call Philippine Airlines name change phone number. You can seek the assistance of the airline’s executive to complete the said request. Pay the required change cost over the phone. The airlines will send you the email confirmation with the updated name and flight itinerary once the change request is complete.

Philippine Airlines Name Change Fee

Assuming that the name is spelled incorrectly or the passenger needs to change the name due to legal obligations, a change fee of 200 USD would be applicable. Other countries’ departures are subject to the fees imposed by those markets.

Except for legal name changes such as gender changes or name changes due to marriage, name changes or ticket transfers (for example, Jos Butler to John Santo) are not permitted. 

Below is the cover of the name change fee imposed by the airlines, as per the Philippine Airlines name change policy – 

ServiceEconomy (in USD) per passengerBusiness (in USD) per passenger
Request by phone225325
Online fee200300
AirportNot applicable400

In general, PAL Airlines looks after the concern of its passengers and tries to solve them in the best possible manner. There are many changes that can apply for the name correction such as spelling errors, legal obligations, misspelled names, etc.

Passengers of Philippine Airlines can request a name correction/change if their names are spelled wrong on the ticket or due to any legal obligation. The name change request must be made online, at the booking desk of the Philippine Airlines offices, at the Customer Service phone number, or at the airport through their respective airline ticketing offices.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How can I process name changes and corrections?

The airline follows a no-name change policy. The airline only entertains name correction to a maximum of 3 letters.
Name correction cannot be made after the issuance of the ticket. In such a case, the airline has to cancel the ticket and rebook with the updated name.

Can I change my name on the Philippine Airlines ticket?

Yes. You must contact Philippine Airlines or the local office in your country to correct or change the name on your PAL flight ticket. When you’re calling from the United States or Canada, this phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is toll-free.

How to change the name in PAL booking?

You can change or correct the name online via the airline’s website. Alternatively, you can call airlines and also process the name changes.

How much does it cost to change/correct the name with Philippine Airlines?

You need to pay 200 USD as a name change fee alongside the applicable fare difference. The name change fee varies with the class of service, route type, and the mode through which the changes are processed (Online or via Call Center).

Can I make name changes with PAL within 24 hours of purchase?

The airline does not allow name changes within 24 hours. However, you have the option to request a Philippine Airlines flight cancellation. You need to cancel the booking, claim a refund and then rebook the flight with the correct name. 

Can I make name changes once the ticket has been issued?

You will not be able to change the name on the ticket once it has been issued, nor will you be able to make another reservation for the same flight, destination, and/or date. You may contact the airline at the airport or Customer Service phone number to make relevant changes to your name. Changes made to your flight booking are subject to airline penalties and the fare difference.

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