Understanding the rules and guidelines of the Norwegian baggage policy is essential for hassle-free travel. Norwegian Airlines allows you 1 hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg and checked baggage up to 2 which is based on the type of fare.

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From carry-on allowances to guidelines for sports equipment, Norwegian Airlines offers a comprehensive set of regulations and restrictions that cater to diverse passenger needs.

Norwegian Air Carry On Baggage Policy

As per Norwegian baggage policy, irrespective of any fare, the airline allows passengers to carry 1 hand luggage.

Norwegian Air Carry On Baggage rules

However, the allowance varies with the fare type –

Fare ClassMax Weight LimitNorwegian Air Carry On SizeOverhead Cabin Bag Dimensions
LowFare10 Kg30 x 20 x 38 cm55 x 40 x 23 cm
LowFare+10 kg30 x 20 x 38 cm55 x 40 x 23 cm
Flex15 kg30 x 20 x 38 cm55 x 40 x 23 cm

Additional information on Norwegian Air carry on

In addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, passengers are allowed to carry 1 shopping bag as personal items.

  • Pack medicines, baby essentials, and other valuables in your personal items or hand luggage.
  • Passengers can bring an item like a gift box or mini-board as part of the carry baggage allowance; it must not exceed the limit prescribed in the ticket type.

Norwegian Airlines baggage restrictions as carry on item

Liquids in the carry-on bag must not exceed 100 ml per container. If carrying medication, bring a prescription or medical certificate. The following items are restricted as carry-on baggage –

  • Firearms, pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Toy guns replicas.
  • Imitation firearms.
  • Firearms components like telescopic sights.
  • Compressed air and CO2 guns, such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles, and ball-bearing guns,
  • Signal flare pistols and starter pistols.
  • Bows, crossbows, and arrows.
  • Harpoon guns and spear guns, slingshots, and catapults.

The restriction for carry-on baggage applies to stunning devices, objects with a sharp point, workmen’s tools, blunt instruments, and incendiary substances.

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Norwegian Airlines hand baggage for infants and children

No hand baggage allowance for children under the age of 2 years. However, passengers can carry a reasonable amount of baby food.

  • Children 2 to 11 years old – The hand baggage allowance is the same as the adults.

Musical instrument as hand luggage

Passengers can bring a small musical instrument on board provided that the size and weight must not exceed the Norwegian Air carry-on baggage allowance. The size of the musical instrument must be within 90 x 35 x 20 cm. The weight limit varies with the fare type. 

Norwegian Air Checked Bag Allowance

Norwegian Air Checked Baggage

With Norwegian baggage policy, your fare type determines checked baggage allowance, such as –

Fare ClassNumber of BagsBaggage DimensionsWeight limit
LowFare0250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max circumference 300 cmBaggage is available for purchase.
Max weight 23 kg
LowFare+1250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max circumference 300 cm1 Bag is included in the fare.
Max weight 23 Kg
Flex2250 x 79 x 112 cm (L x H x W) with max circumference 300 cm2 Bags are included in the fare.
Max weight 23 Kg each

Please Note: Checked baggage can be added at the time of Norwegian Air check-in online or at the airport 4 hours before departure. 

Norwegian Air checked baggage weight limit

The maximum weight must not exceed 32 kg for each bag. Also, the combined weight of the total number of baggage must not exceed 74 kg. 

Checked baggage allowance for Children and Infants

The Norwegian baggage allowance varies with the age of children – 

  • For infants, 5 kg of checked baggage allowance is included, regardless of the ticket type.
  • For children aged between 2 and 11 years old, the checked baggage allowance varies with the ticket type.
  • One car seat stroller can be carried at no additional cost and is permitted on top of the included baggage allowance.

Musical instrument as checked luggage

Passenger’s musical instrument can be carried as checked luggage, provided –

  • Instrument smaller than 90 x 75 x 55 cm – Instrument must be within 23 kg of weight milit. If the weight limit exceeds, Norwegian Air excess baggage fee may apply. The fee of 12 GBP per kg over 23 kg may apply.
  • Instruments bigger than 90 x 75 x 55 cm – Passengers need to pay the Norwegian Airlines baggage fees on the day of departure, and must arrive at the check-in counter 4 hours before departure. 

Please Note: The musical instrument fee is 37 – 70 USD per item, each way.

Norwegian Airlines baggage restrictions for checked baggage

The following items should be carried with the checked baggage, as per the Norwegian baggage policy

  • Cash, jewelry, precious stones, electronic devices, cameras, and other valuable items.
  • Breakable items, glasses, and other fragile items.
  • Meat, food items, or other related odorous food.
  • Keys, work documents, ID papers.
  • Medicine and medical certificates.
  • Hoverboards, balance gliders, self-balancing scooters, or self-balancing boards.
  • Electric kick bikes

Norwegian Air Excess Baggage Fee

As per Norwegian baggage policy, the excess baggage fee applies to the pieces over 2 checked bags, and 1 small checked bag.

  • Excess baggage charges also apply to any checked baggage weighing over 23 kg.
  • 15 USD per kg per leg may apply. 

Norwegian Airlines Baggage Fees

Checked baggage fee varies with the fare type and the travel itinerary. To know the exact fee for your travel, log in to the Norwegian Air Manage Booking tab.

Norwegian Air checked bag fee would be charged per item. For 2nd checked baggage, you have to pay the higher price. Below is the overview of the checked baggage fee purchased online – 

Checked BagFlight TypeFee Range
First BagDomestic18 USD
International18 – 49 USD
Second BagDomestic38 USD
International18 – 49 USD

Norwegian Airlines baggage fees at the airport

Norwegian Airlines checked bag fee varies for direct as well as connecting flights. the domestic as well as 

Flight TypePrice (USD)
Direct – Domestic44
Direct – International44
Connecting – Domestic to Domestic Travel88
Connecting – Domestic to International Travel88
Connecting – International to International Travel88

Norwegian Air Sports Items Policy

As per Norwegian baggage policy, the airline allows passengers to carry skis, snowboards, golf equipment, surfboards, kite equipment, bikes, fishing rods, diving equipment, sports weapons and ammunition, and other sports equipment.

Norwegian airlines baggage policy for sports items

Below is the detailed guideline –

Sports EquipmentMax WeightCharges (Each Way)Packing Conditions
Skis and SnowboardsMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)No sportswear allowed
Golf EquipmentMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Only one item per passenger.
Surfboards and Kite EquipmentMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Board size must be no larger than 250 x 79 x 112 cm.
BikesMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Must be packed in a hard case.
Fishing RodsMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Must be packed in a hard case.
Diving EquipmentMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Diving equipment items include scuba tank, regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, knife, spear gun, and safety vest.
Sports Weapons and AmmunitionMax 23 kg35 USD (online)/55 USD (airport)Must be packed in a locked hard case.
Other Sports Equipment2 – 32 kgCharged as excess baggageMust fit within size and weight limits.

Norwegian Baggage Policy for Delayed or Damaged Luggage

As per the Norwegian baggage policy, if your baggage has not arrived on the same flight as you, you must report it to the Norwegian lost and found representative. While you report this matter – 

  • You will be provided with a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a unique file reference.
  • Keep this to track your query online.
  • The airline will conduct a query, and provide you first-hand information within the first 5 days.

Purchase essential items – In case of delayed baggage, if you need to purchase the essential toiletries that were packed in the checked baggage, you are allowed to claim within the purchasable limits. The claim for essentials must be made within 21 days from the time you have received the baggage.

If the baggage is not found – You can claim the lost baggage compensation. You can submit your claim at Norwegian Airlines expense claim.

What to do in case of damaged baggage

If you receive damaged baggage, report the matter to the airline’s representative immediately. In case you left the airport – 

  • You must log in
  • Register the damage within 5 days.
  • Submit the travel documents and photos that show the brand name of the baggage.

Claims for the damaged baggage

In case of damaged baggage, the airline will provide compensation for the repairs. The airline does not bear any responsibility for the content inside the affected baggage.

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As you prepare for your travels, having a deep insight into the Norwegian baggage policy becomes the utmost priority. The aforementioned detailed overview empowers passengers with the necessary information. Being a passenger, stay informed, and adhere to the travel hassle-free by knowing everything you need to know about the baggage guidelines.

FAQs related to Norwegian Baggage Policy

How strict is Norwegian Air with a carry-on?

Norwegian Air allows passengers to hand luggage provided size must not exceed 30x20x38 cm. The weight must be within 10 kg. If the dimension exceeds, the airline will consider it as checked baggage and is subject to a fee. 

What is the baggage allowance on Norwegian Airlines?

The Norwegian Air baggage allowance varies with the fare type. Low Fare does not allow any checked baggage. Low Fare Plus allows 1 checked baggage and Flex fare allows 2 checked baggage for free.

How much is baggage on Norwegian Air? 

On domestic flights, the Noreweight Air baggage fee for the first bag is 18 USD and the 2nd bag is 38 USD. For international flight the baggage fee ranges between 18 and 49 USD.

Can I buy additional baggage for my Norwegian flight?

Yes, the excess baggage fee may be over 2 checked bags for Flex fare. For Low fare plus, the excess baggage fee over 1 checked bag.

How many bags can you carry-on for free?

Irrespective of any specific fare, the airline allows 1 carry-on baggage for free.

Can I add second checked baggage later Norwegian Airlines?

Yes, passengers can add baggage online at the time of check-in or at the airport at least 4 hours before scheduled departure. 

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