Nobody wishes to drop their plans for traveling at the last moment. However, some situations are not in our control and we end up doing things we would never want to do otherwise. However, airlines can alleviate our pain a bit with their cancellation policies. In this guide today, we are going to learn about the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy to help you make your ticket cancellation journey with the airline an easy experience.  

Main Highlights of Spirit Cancellation Policy

For the last-minute cancellation, the airline will charge cancellation fees according to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. 

If the airline cancels the ticket due to bad weather, no cancellation fee is charged. 

Passengers are not required to pay a single penny if they cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the booking and the departure date is 7 or more days from the booking date.  

After the risk-free period, you need to pay cancellation charges as per the airline policies. 

When the airline cancels the flight on the same day of departure then the airline will offer free accommodation to passengers. 

Passengers who have booked a non-refundable ticket are required to pay the cancellation fee  after the risk-free period. 

After the departure, all the passengers with the standard tickets need to pay the entire ticket fare as the cancellation charges. 

According to the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, the airline will not charge any fee if the passenger cancels a ticket for the following reasons:

  • Death of Relatives
  • Theft of Passport 
  • Government orders
  • Illness
  • Military or court orders

NOTE: The airline follows two different Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy as per the route preferred by the passenger. For international routes, the airline charges more cancellation fees than domestic routes. In some regions, the airline does not offer risk-free cancellation. So for detailed information, passengers must contact the airline customer support team.

Cancellation Policy Due To Bad Weather

The Spirit cancellation policy due to bad weather slightly differs from the standard cancellation policy. 

  • As per the policy, the airline will not deduct any amount as a cancellation fee.
  • If the flight is postponed, preponed or canceled by the airline then the airline will notify passengers in advance.
  • After the cancellation, the airline will offer a seat on the next flight from the same departure and destination point.
  • If passengers wish they can cancel, reschedule flights, and opt for a full refund.
  • Generally, the airline offers compensation but passengers need to follow the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy for securing more benefits.

Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy Due To Death Explained

Some situations are beyond the control of passengers such as the death of the passenger or their relatives. For such circumstances, under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, the airline will not charge a cancellation fee. To secure a full refund, passengers need to submit a death certificate. The process is simple. Passengers just need to submit the certificate by filling out the refund form on company’s help center.

What is Spirit 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

  1. If a passenger cancels the ticket on the same day of the reservation then the passenger is not required to pay additional fees. This policy is applicable if the flight departs after one week of reservation.
  2. Under this policy, the non-refundable ticket holders also qualify for a refund.
  3. The Spirit 24 Hour cancellation policy allows the passenger to secure a refund without any deduction and any hidden assessments. 
  4. After a risk-free period, the passenger needs to pay 90 USD to 110 USD as a cancellation fee for securing a refund.
  5. The passenger needs to book a refundable ticket as after the risk-free period the non-refundable ticket does not qualify for a refund.

Refund Policy 

  • No refund to passengers who have booked tickets from the unauthorized portals.
  • A full refund is allotted if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchase and the difference between departure and booking date is seven or more days.
  • Canceling tickets online will save passengers 10 USD more on cancellation fees.
  • The airline will initiate the refund amount within 7 days if the passenger used the credit card for the payment and 20 days if used other modes.
  • Under the Spirit Airlines refund policy, a passenger does not require to pay a cancellation fee if the airline cancels the flight.
  • Spirit Airlines may waive off the cancellation fees if the passenger is canceling the booking due to death in the family.

Cancellation Fee?

The Spirit flight cancellation fee is divided into three segments:

Spirit Cancellation Fee for the Standard Ticket

The airline will not charge any cancellation fee if the cancellation is done within the same day of reservation.

 If the cancellation is made on the online portals, the airline will charge 90 USD as the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee. 

Spirit Airlines will offer the refund value as a travel point for future use. All the points can only be used in Spirit Airlines.

The airline will charge 100 USD as the Spirit cancellation fee if made on the offline portals. 

Cancellation Fee for the Flight Flex Ticket

When a passenger cancels the Flight Flex ticket, they are required to pay a cancellation fee after the risk-free period. 

90 USD is charged as the Spirit flight cancellation fee if passengers prefer an online portal for cancellation.

 For canceling tickets on the offline portals, passengers need to pay 100 USD as the cancellation charges.

 The only difference between Flight Flex and Standard Ticket is that no change fee is charged on Flight Flex ticket. But the cancellation is the same for both types of tickets.

Cancellation Fee for the Award Ticket

The passenger holding an award ticket does not require to pay cancellation if cancellation is performed within 24 hours of booking.

Outside the risk-free period, the airline will charge 110 USD as the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee. 

After cancellation, the ticket value will be transferred to the travel card for future travel purposes.

Some Frequently asked questions about Flight Cancellation

Does Spirit Airlines have a cancellation fee?

Passengers have to pay a fee as per the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. However, the fee amount varies with the type and fare of the ticket purchased. It is usually charged for tickets that are of non-refundable type. However, tickets that are canceled in twenty hours from the time of purchase will not include any cancellation fee.

How to cancel Spirit flight ticket online?

The Spirit flight ticket can be canceled online by paying a visit to the official website of the airline. After selecting the booking intended to be canceled, one can simply follow the prompts and ultimately cancel the ticket. Also, one can cancel the ticket through the mobile app of Spirit Airlines. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. On the off chance that cancellation is not possible, you can go for the Spirit Airlines flight change option in case it suits you.

How to cancel a flight phone?

A flight can be canceled via phone by downloading the Spirit Airlines app. The app is compatible with mobile operating systems like Android or iOS. Through the app, one can also check and manage flight bookings. Under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can also visit the official website of the carrier from a mobile. For that, they are required to log in on the website and follow prompts to cancel the tickets. 

What happens if Spirit cancels my flight?

Spirit Airlines provide compensation in case a flight is canceled by it. The compensation policy is set according to the requirements of consumers. So, upon cancellation of a flight, Spirit offers a new ticket or a full refund if requested by the passenger. They, however, will not be given any refund money when a flight is canceled due to reasons beyond the control of airlines.

How long does Spirit take to refund money?

The airline is quite efficient in crediting the refund money. Under the Spirit Airlines refund policy, once a refund is accepted, the amount usually gets credited within 7 to 10 days of confirmed cancellation. Sometimes, the process may take some more time in making a refund. In that case, the passengers are requested to contact the airline officials directly to get an update.

Will Spirit refund my money due to COVID?

Due to COVID-19, Spirit Airlines offers a refund in terms of Reservation Credits. Though no monetary refunds are available, the Reservation Credits can be used for bookings in the future. However, one must keep in mind that these credits are to be used within 6 months from the date of departure of the original flight. In case of health issues, relevant documents can be shared with the officials for evaluation.

Do you get a refund if you cancel a Spirit flight?

Yes, a refund can be given to the customers in case they cancel their tickets. However, not all tickets are refundable. The ones that are of non-refundable type do not offer any refund. The tickets of all types and fares are fully refundable in case canceling within 24 hours of booking. In other words, passengers get a refund for tickets that are canceled according to the Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy.

Does Spirit Airlines give credit for a cancelled flight?

Spirit Airlines offer credits for canceled flights. Credits in the form of compensation can be offered to the customers for canceled flights. The airlines can either offer a new ticket or a replaced flight or provide credits that can be used by customers in the future. A full refund can also be provided for the customers who seek to cancel the replaced ticket.

Does Spirit give refunds for cancelled flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines do offer refunds for canceled flights. In case a flight ticket is canceled by the airline itself, then the customers may be given a ticket for a new flight. However, if the customer is not ready to take the substitute flight, then he or she can cancel it and opt for a full refund. Again, in case a flight ticket is canceled by a passenger, a refund is provided only under certain conditions.

How to get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

According to Spirit Airlines refund policy travelers get a refund for tickets that are of refundable type. Non-refundable tickets do not come with any refunds on canceling. Only in one exception, full refund money is given and that is on the death of a passenger before or during flight. Under such circumstances, a refund amount gets generated only by producing a certificate.

Can I cancel my Spirit Flight and get a refund?

You can cancel your flights in various instances. Sometimes, after Spirit Airlines check-in, cancellation may be availed of. A refund can be received on cancellation only when the customer is eligible. For instance, a full refund can be ensured under Spirit Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy. However, once the risk-free period is over non-refundable tickets will not offer any refund on canceling. It must be noted that a refund can only be under process when a ticket is confirmed to be canceled.

How much does Spirit charge for cancellation?

A cancellation fee can be charged according to the time and mode of cancellation. For instance, a ticket canceled in a 24-hour risk-free period incurs no fee. However, those that are canceled between 59 days to 7 days of departure require a fee of $ 49, $ 79 for cancellations done between 3 to 6 days, and a sum of $ 99 for tickets canceled between 2 to 0 days. Again, for offline mode, the Spirit Airways cancellation fee can be little more than an online mode of cancellation.

How often does Spirit cancel flights?

The weather uncertainties and government-imposed travel restrictions may often lead to the cancelation of Spirit flights. As per standard estimates, Spirit cancels about 1% of its total number of flights every month. Quite unfortunately, flights also get canceled in case of a sudden development of a technical fault.

What to do when Spirit flight is cancelled?

On cancellation of a flight by Spirit, the operator at first informs its passengers about the same. Hence, passengers are needed to at first check an official confirmation of the canceled ticket. Then based on the compensation offered, the customers can choose their options. They can either avail of the replaced flight allocated to them or simply cancel the new ticket and claim for a full refund.

What is Spirit Airlines cancellation policy?

The Spirit cancellation policy is set according to the needs of its passengers. For passengers who are looking up options that would give them a full return of their booking amount on the cancellation, the 24-hour cancellation policy is also apt as a part of the main policy.

Does Spirit have 24 hour cancellation?

This airline has a Spirit 24 hour cancellation policy based on its customer’s convenience. For that, passengers are simply required to book and cancel within a time of 24 hours. Also, the time of departure of the flight should at least have a gap of 7 days or more.  A full refund can be offered for tickets of all fares canceled under the policy.

Does Spirit reimburse for cancelled flights?

Reimbursement is assured for flights canceled by the carrier. It is usually provided in the form of a new ticket. Based on the passenger’s choice, the ticket can either be used instead of the old one or simply be canceled for a refund. A full refund is offered on cancellation under such circumstances. However, no reimbursement can be provided on the cancellation of a flight by Spirit for reasons that are not within control.

How long does Spirit Airlines take to refund?

Spirit Airlines takes about 7 to 10 business days for crediting a refund. The time taken may vary as per the situation. A ticket that is canceled offline may require more time. Passengers are requested to contact the airline helpline number given on its official website in case there is a delay of more than 20 days.

How much to cancel Spirit flight?

As per the recent update, the airline on average charges a sum of $99 for cancellation. A passenger would have to pay a little more in case of an offline mode of cancellation. Also, the charges will differ with the time of ticket reversal. According to Spirit Airlines cancellation fee structure, the earlier the time of cancelation, the lesser the charge.

How to avoid Spirit cancellation fees?

The cancellation fees can be avoided by simply canceling a ticket within 24 hours of its purchase. One can also avoid it by buying refundable tickets like the Business Class ones. Moreover, according to COVID cancelation rules, no fee would be charged for providing relevant documents.

Is there a cancellation fee for Spirit Airlines?

Yes, there is a Spirit Airlines cancellation fee that is to be paid by passengers. On average, one is required to pay $99 for online cancelation. However, no fee can be charged on the cancelation of tickets for Business Class. No fee is also charged for the cancellation of tickets as per the norms of the 24-hour policy.

What happens if a Spirit flight is cancelled?

On cancelation of flights, the customers will be intimated about it. The passengers will then be offered a substitute flight ticket. However, the new tickets can be canceled in case the customer claims a full refund.

How to rebook a cancelled flight on Spirit?

A canceled flight ticket can be rebooked by visiting the website of Spirit. There, one can go to the “My Trips” option and enter the passenger name and confirmation number. Once you are done with this, the booking can be chosen to rebook. For rebooking, the passenger can check alternate flight options and pick the selected flight. A difference of fare has to be paid in that case.

What if Spirit cancels flight due to weather?

Passengers will be provided with a reservation credit that can be used in the future. Also, an alternate flight ticket can be given when the weather becomes fine. For international passengers, in case they need to stay back overnight, free accommodation and food are arranged.

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14 thoughts on “Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy
  1. Keith Sanders on Reply

    Spirit Airline quite literally goes by its name. I booked my ticket sometimes back and I had to cancel it as I tested positive in my COVID result which I took 2 days before the departure date. At first, I was quite scared about whether or not the airline would make the refunds. I reached out to the help centre and told them the entire scenario. I even mailed them my RT-PCR report. The airline provided me with a 60 percent of refund which was good considering I cancelled my tickets just 2 days before the departure date.

  2. Daniel Elijah on Reply

    I called Spirit Airlines after getting an interrupted flight cancelation online. We were requesting Spirit Airlines cancel within 24 hours. Michelle the airline rep helped me get my cancelation done fairly under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy. She was very pleasant, honest, and accommodating. She helped me with cancelation in no time and processed my refund which I received within 3 days of cancelation. I wish all airline reps are like Michelle so customers will always be satisfied and empowered with the help they get.

  3. Darla on Reply

    I have been taking flights with Spirit so frequently but had no clue that the airline has a 24 hour Spirit cancelation policy. I must say, I am relieved once I heard from the customer care. I lot of my money is saved now. Thanks to Spirit.

  4. Jack Ray on Reply

    My experience with Spirit Airlines last thursday was disappointing. First, the airline did not inform us anything about the cancelation. We got to know later when I was not able to get a printout of the boarding pass from the kiosk. The staff members did not bother to apologize even. They simply gave us two options, either get a Spirit Airlines cancelled flight refund or get a ticket for another flight scheduled to depart 3 days later. As I had to leave on that very day, I booked another ticket for $550. Its a waste of money, time as I had to wait for 6 longs hours at the airport.

  5. Elena Sergeeva on Reply

    We had a very disappointing experience dealing with Spirit Airline. Our cancelled flight to Punta Cana was scheduled for 7.25: AM, but we received an email about cancellation only at 11:45 AM (!), after we returned home from the airport. In that e-mail Spirit assured us that we are confirmed on another flight (two days later, to Orlando, FL ???). Also, I checked-in on-line, on a day before traveling, and I left my cell-phone number. I haven’t received any SMS regarding our flight cancellation at all. At the airport, nobody at the Customer Service apologized for our ruined vacation or never suggested any alternatives. The Agent refunded the ticket price reduced by $198.00. Without any meaningful explanations, this agent gave us a card with a number to send SMS, to try to retrieve that balance.
    Returning home, we spent the rest of the morning calling to the resort, in effort reduce our losses cancel, and to the Spirit Customer Service to get refunded the balance withheld in the Airport. We were promised that we gat $198.00 refunded. How “gracious” on the Spirit Airline parts!

  6. Michelle Hudson on Reply

    My overal experience with Spirit indicates that the airline takes to refund only when tickets have complications or have been canceled in the final hours of departure. But it seems the Spirit refund policy for 24 hours cancelations re quite straightforward and so it gets credited within 7 working days. I can say so cause I have experienced both the cases.

  7. Daniela Norris on Reply

    We are supposed to take a flight to Miami next week. We are a group of 7. But, will have to go for Spirit Airlines cancel one passenger. My mother in law has to stay back for a health check up. No clear information on single ticket cancelation is mentioned anywhere in the website. The customer care helpline number isnt working it seems. I keep waiting but before the call gets connected to the person it gets disconneded. Its absolutely frustrating. Am worried also. It is a holiday booking.

  8. Eric Torres on Reply

    I am really glad that there is an option for free cancellation. Next friday I planned to take a flight to Baltimore to visit my friend. But had to cancel it within 5 hours when I learnt that my friend from the city is coming here. As soon as I learnt I immediately cancelled by ticket. Thankfully, I cancled my ticket within 24 hours of purchase and so I had to pay no extra charge and the full booking fare was returned to me.

  9. Jennifer Rios on Reply

    For the first time I canceled a ticket with Spirit. I must say the experience was great. I could not only cancel my ticket easily but also place a spirit refund request smoothly. They also did not take long time to return my booking fare. In short, it was unexpected but was indeed praise worthy.

  10. Deborah Hall on Reply

    Initially we a family of five were allotted seats altogether. But, during the time of boarding we found that are seats have been changed. This is insane as my wife, my three kids and i would have to sit separately. The youngest of my kids is just three. This is insane. I was so exasperated that I applied for an immediate Sprit airline cancelation. We booked another flight for the next day. It was a complete harassment. Now I want to know are we going to get any refund? Cause I was compelled to cancel it. Not my fault.

  11. Gary Walker on Reply

    This is strangely odd when you make all the packing, pay for car rentals, enter airport on time and then you find your flight has been cancelled. Moreover, I wasnt happy with cancelled flight compensation. The new flight they offered will take off 3 days later! Thats insane. The whole episode was absolutely disgusting. I want to complain about it? Can anyone tell me where can i?

  12. William Berry on Reply

    We booked an Air tickets of Spirit Airline in April 2022 for flight in July 2022. Spirit Airline cancelled our flight and notified us via mail, they said there is no other choice on the following day. But they gives us offer to reschedule our flight or to get full refund against cancellation so, I selected to get refund. They provide me full refund as per as the promise. Thanks to the airlines, for their great service.

  13. Sandra Patterson on Reply

    I recently purchased a ticket with Spirit Airlines, but now I have some changes in my plan so I want to cancel this ticket urgently. How’s that possible?

  14. Carla S on Reply

    What about if you paid for a big front seat like I did and an exit row? Plus my luggage. I paid $90 for luggage, $102 for front seat, $35 for exit row. Am I put this money since I had to cancel my flight on the same day due to an emergency?

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