Traveling with loads of luggage? We’ve got you covered. Find all the information you need about the JetBlue baggage policy – checked bags, carry-on bags, excess baggage restrictions from point A to point B, and much more. Let’s understand the important highlights from the JetBlue baggage policy for domestic and international flights – 

  • As per JetBlue baggage policy, the airline will determine whether or not any luggage, checked or carry-on, because of its weight, size, and content can be carried in the aircraft.
  • JetBlue carry-on baggage must be stored underneath the seat or in the overhead storage bins.
  • As per JetBlue carry-on baggage rules, hand luggage is the sole responsibility of the passenger.
  • JetBlue check-in baggage would only be accepted on a flight on which the passenger is transported. 
  • JetBlue baggage assigned to an aircraft must have a baggage identification tag as well as a label with Passenger’s name, address, JetBlue flight booking number, and contact number.
  • Any carrier will not accept as baggage for transportation, if not in compliance with JetBlue baggage dimensions and the baggage limit. 
  • As per JetBlue flight change policy, if a passenger requested a change in flight date, time, or destination, JetBlue baggage policy may be altered as per the new flight itinerary. 
  • As per JetBlue cancellation policy, baggage fee refund would be applied to the selected fares only. 
  • JetBlue baggage fee waiver would not be applied to the restricted fare under any circumstances. 

JetBlue Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage

JetBlue baggage carry-on policy has recently changed, so please review the following considerations carefully – 

  • All fares include one personal item such as a small purse, backpack, laptop bag, long coat, umbrella, or approved pet carrier that fits under the seat. 
  • JetBlue baggage dimension for the personal item must not exceed 43 x 33 x 20 cm including handles, pockets, and wheels.
  • With the exception, of JetBlue Basic fares, all fares include one carry-on bag. 
  • The size of the carry-on bag must be within 55 x 35 x 22 cm, weighing not more than 7 kg.
  • JetBlue Basic fares booked after February 25, 2021, do not include a carry-on bag. However, the exception to this JetBlue baggage rule would be applied to
    •  Mosaic members
    • JetBlue military baggage flyers
    • Unaccompanied minors
    • Travelers that are purchasing JetBlue Basic fare with Even More Space seating program
  • Passengers who added a pet to a JetBlue Basic fare booking will be able to board the plane with an approved pet carrier as a personal item.  
  • Passengers flying on Basic fare booking with carry-on baggage will be assessed a JetBlue check-in baggage fee of 65 USD. 

Checked Baggage

As per JetBlue check-in baggage policy, 

  • Passengers are allowed to check up to 2 pieces of a suitcase to their destination anytime during the booking until they arrive at the airport
  • If the fare does not include a checked bag,  passengers can save 20% of the JetBlue baggage fees by paying in advance on or the mobile booking app. 
  • JetBlue baggage weight limit must not exceed 22.68 kg, and the size must be within 68 linear inches or 158 cm.

JetBlue Baggage Fees

JetBlue baggage fees would be applicable only on the checked bags added at the airport or within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure. 

Are you looking for a discount on JetBlue baggage price? You can add up to 2 checked bags in advance and save 5 USD each on checked items. 

Please note that JetBlue baggage fees are only refundable if the entire flight booking is canceled prior to the scheduled departure. Here’s the overview of the JetBlue baggage charges according to JetBlue baggage policy – 

Fare Type1st Bag2nd Bag
Blue Basic35 USD45 USD
Blue35 USD45 USD
Blue PlusIncluded45 USD
Blue Extra35 USD45 USD
MintIncluded (up to 70 pounds or 32 kg)Included (up to 70 pounds or 32 kg)
MosaicIncluded (up to 50 pounds or 23 kg)Included (up to 50 pounds or 23 kg)
JetBlue Plus CardmemberIncluded (up to 50 pounds or 23 kg)45 USD

JetBlue Excess Baggage Policy

Here’s the JetBlue baggage info on the excess baggage policy – 

  • Each piece of JetBlue check-in baggage in excess of free baggage allowance which is not in excess of 62 linear inches and 50 pounds in weight will be accepted for a fee of 150 USD per item one-way.
  • Baggage in excess of 62 linear inches but not more than 80 linear inches will be accepted for a JetBlue baggage cost of 150 USD per item one-way.
  • Baggage weighing in excess of 50 pounds or 23 kg but not more than 100 pounds or 45 kg will be accepted as a checked bag for a JetBlue overweight baggage fee of 150 USD per item one-way
  • Excess, overweight, and/or oversize baggage must not be accepted on JetBlue flights to and/or from certain travel routes during certain specified dates.
  • Baggage in excess of 80 linear inches and weight more than 100 pounds or 45 kg will not be accepted by JetBlue as these dimensions are in accordance to JetBlue baggage policy

JetBlue Lost Baggage Overview

In case of substantial loss, delay, or damage to the check-in baggage, JetBlue baggage claim will not be entitled to the passenger unless – 

  • Passenger must notify or escalate for the JetBlue baggage claim and receive a JetBlue lost baggage status number not later than four hours after the arrival of the flight
  • Passengers must submit JetBlue baggage lost/delayed report receipt to the airline not later than 21 days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the JetBlue baggage claim. 
  • In the event of JetBlue, baggage lost circumstances, passengers must submit a loss claim form within 30 days after the occurrence of the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Do any fares include free JetBlue baggage?

Yes, as per JetBlue baggage policy, JetBlue Plus fare includes a one-free checked bag. Mint fare includes two free checked bags.

Mosaic fare members are entitled to get two free checked bags, and JetBlue Plus and JetBlue Business Cardmembers get one free checked bag.

Are JetBlue check-in baggage fees refundable?

JetBlue baggage fees are refundable to the original form of payment if the booking is canceled atleast two hours prior to the scheduled departure. JetBlue airlines baggage fees are non-refundable if you board the flight but end up not checking the bags.

JetBlue baggage fees would be applicable only on the checked bags added at the airport or within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure.

What will happen if I bring carry-on baggage with a Blue Basic fare?

With the exception, of JetBlue Basic fares, all fares include one carry-on bag. JetBlue Basic fares booked after February 25, 2021, do not include a carry-on bag.

Is there any exception to the Blue Basic no-carry-on baggage rule?

The exception to this JetBlue baggage rule would be applied to – Mosaic members JetBlue military baggage flyers, unaccompanied minors, and travelers that are purchasing JetBlue Basic fare with the Even More Space seating program.

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    Hi.. like to know your list luggage department email address to send some more details about my query.

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