If you too have taken a Frontier Airlines flight, then you know how good the experience is with the airline always. The credit goes to all those great services and products the airline bestows its flyers with. However, unfortunately, if you, for some reasons out of your control, have to cancel the flight suddenly, the experience as you presume tends to get a bit complicated comparatively.

That’s not true at all. Like its services and products, the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy is equally rewarding for its passengers. It is designed to help passengers save money during those unexpected times when they for reasons out of their control have to cancel their tickets.

Key Highlights of Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

According to Frontier Airlines cancellation policy, the airline will not charge a cancellation fee if the ticket is canceled at least two months before the departure date. 

When the passenger cancels the flight on the same day of booking, the airline will grant them a full refund. No cancellation fee for the passenger if the departure time of the flight is 168 hours away. 

The airline will charge a cancellation fee if the flight is booked within 7 days of the departure. In this case, a 24 hours cancellation policy is not applicable. The passenger needs to pay a cancellation fee according to the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy.

Passengers are eligible for a refund even if they cancel the ticket on the same day of the departure. For grabbing a refund they need to pay cancellation charges as per the airline policy.  

After cancellation, the airline will deduct the cancellation charges from the total amount and the refund is processed within 20 business days. If the passenger uses their credit card for payment, they will get the money back in 7 working days.

No refund is granted if the passenger cancels the journey after the departure of the flight.

Passenger with The WORKS bundle plan can use the ticket value for future travel. They will not have to pay the cancellation fee.

What is The Works Bundle Plan?

Introduced by Frontier Airlines, the Works bundle plan is a pricing strategy aimed at helping travelers save money and avail flexibility.

Benefits of The Works Bundle Plan Explained

Passengers with The WORKS bundle plan are eligible for the following:

  • No deduction in the refund. Passengers will receive a full refund.
  • Passengers can use travel points for future booking.
  • They can retain the ticket value for one year.
  • The airline never imposes a No-Show fee on them.
  • Under the Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passenger with The WORKS bundle plan is eligible for all the benefits and services offered by the airline. 

Main Highlight of Frontier 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The airline follows the rules and regulations implemented by the US Transport Department. As per the rule, the passenger who is traveling to or from the US can cancel the tickets for free of cost till the 24 hours booking time frame lapses. 

Frontier 24 Hour Cancellation policy allows the passenger to cancel the unsure trip without paying the cancellation charges. The ticket must be canceled within seven or more days prior to departure. 

The airline 24 hours policy is not applicable when the departure date is less than one week away from the booking date. The number of days plays a crucial role in deciding the cancellation fee.

If the passenger bought a non-refundable ticket and wants to cancel the ticket on the same day of reservation then no cancellation fee is charged to them.

Passengers with The WORKS plan are also eligible for the refund under the Frontier 24 Hour Cancellation policy. To request a refund, the passenger can use portals.

What is Frontier Cancellation Fee?

  • The airline divided the cancellation charges as per the days of cancellation. 
  • Passengers canceling the ticket in 60 or more days prior to the departure will receive a full refund from the airline. 
  • If passengers are canceling the ticket within 14 days before departure, they are required to pay 79 USD as the Frontier cancellation Fee.
  • Passengers with The WORKS plan can hold the ticket value for one year from the date of booking. No cancellation fee is charged to them. They will get a full refund from the airline. 
  • Passengers are required to pay 119 USD if they are canceling tickets within two weeks before departure. The Frontier cancellation fee directly depends on the date of the cancellation from the departure date.
  • If the passenger cancels tickets several days in advance from the departure date, the airline will charge less even if the passenger does not have the bundle plan. 
  • For same-day cancellation, the airline will charge 119 USD to standard passengers.

Understanding the Frontier Flight Refund Policy

  • According to the Frontier Flight refund policy, the airline will not refund any amount to the passenger after the departure of the flight.
  • The passenger with The WORKS will get a full refund even if they cancel the ticket on the day of departure.
  • The refund is reflected in the passenger’s account within one week if he or she uses their credit cards for the payment.
  • All the passengers will receive a full refund if they are able to cancel the ticket at least 60 days prior to the departure. Even if they bought a non-refundable ticket.
  • The passenger canceling ticket within 13 days before departure needs to pay 119 USD to claim a refund.
  • Under the Frontier Flight refund policy, the airline takes 20 to 30  business days to transfer the refund amount. For a refund, passengers need to fill the refund request form available in online and offline portals.
  • If the passengers fail to board, the airline will charge 90% of the total ticket fare as the No-Show fee against them.

FAQs About Frontier Airline Cancellation Policy

What does a passenger get when Frontier cancels the flight?

When the Frontier Airlines cancels the flight, they offer the following benefits to each passenger:
1. If required the airline will offer a free transport facility from the airport to the hotel.
2. Free services like food, drinks, calls, fax, etc.
3. Free Accommodation (the seat must be as per the scheduled booking)

How to cancel Frontier flight Online?

Frontier Airlines offers cancellation through two portals “Online and Offline”. Go through the below steps to answer How To Cancel Frontier Flight question:
Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.
Fill the User ID with a password and complete the login process.
Visit the manage tab section and enter the reservation code with the passenger’s last name.
Select the trip you wish to cancel and click on the cancel booking tab.
Choose the reason for cancellation and if required pay the cancellation fee by using various cards accepted by the airline.
Go through the consent page and submit the refund form wisely. After submission, the airline will approve your refund request and send you a confirmation mail.
Note: If you booked the ticket with The WORKS bundle plan then you need to fill the online refund request form

What are the various ways to cancel Frontier Airlines’ tickets offline?

Frontier Airlines offers cancellation process offline through three medium:
1. By calling on the number of Customer service agent (accessible 24 x 7).
2. At the airport counter (availability as per airport permitted).
3. At the Frontier ticketing office (available as the working days).

Will I be charged with Frontier Cancellation Fee if my flight cancels on the departure date?

1. No, if the airline cancels the flight.
2. Yes, if you are canceling the flight.

How much I needed to pay if I cancel my flight 60+ days before departure?

According to the Frontier cancellation policy, the airline will not charge a cancellation fee if the passenger cancels the ticket 60+ days before the departure.

Can I cancel a Frontier flight within 24 hours of the booking?

Yes. You can cancel a Frontier flight within 24 hours of booking:
1. If the departure date is more than 7 days away, the airline will not charge a cancellation fee. 
2. If the departure date is less than 7 days then 119 USD is charged to you as Frontier Cancellation fee.

Will I need to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel my flight?

1. Yes, if you cancel after the risk-free period.
2. No, if the flight is canceled before 24 hours window lapses.

What will be the refund value if the flight gets canceled by the Frontier on the day of departure?

Passengers will gain a full refund from the airline if the flight gets canceled by Frontier Airlines. The airline will waive off the cancellation fee the flights canceled by them.

How to execute the cancellation process offline?

For canceling ticket offline passenger need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:
Call on the customer service number.
Choose the preferred language.
Ask the agent to cancel your ongoing trip.
By offering reservation code with the passenger name complete the cancellation process with ease. Ask the travel agent about the refund amount and processing period.
After completing the cancellation process the airline will send you a confirmation mail on registered email and mobile number.
For canceling tickets offline, passengers need to pay service fees extra.

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    We booked a flight for January 2022 and we wanted to cancel the reservation due to the uncertainty due to the Pandemic. We wanted to cancel under the Frontier cancellation policy that asses no cancellation fee or being issued a voucher, we just wanted a refund. No such kind of information was available on the website regarding any refund as per Frontier Airlines refund policy. We spoke to the rep, and she went the extra mile for us, canceled our flights, and offered us a full refund. She actually took the exemption for us, as none of the airlines in the US has offered us close to being generous as what Frontier Airlines has offered us. Kudos to that girl, and I forget her name but I rated five stars for her impeccable customer service.

  2. Robert Sheffer on Reply

    Tried to cancel a flight, told there was a fee, so I told rep. I paid for cancelation insurance, tried to ask rep. for help because I didn’t know what to do and was hung up on. Great customer service

  3. Juliette Moore on Reply

    I have flown with Frontier Airlines for more than 25 years and I must say that it rates as one of the best airlines in the world. Not to say that I have never had any “complications” with this company, but it is still the best overall!

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