Sometimes, a passenger may face an emergency situation or sudden plan change due to which he/she will need to make changes or amendments in the flight reservation with the airlines. No worries, managing your bookings and changing flights with Hawaiian airlines is a piece of cake for any passenger. The Hawaiian change flight policy provides its customers/passengers with total flexibility and convenience, read below to understand the policy in detail.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy

Changing Flights on Hawaiian Airlines:

Need guidance and information for changing flights on Hawaiian Airlines? Read below to gain thorough knowledge about Hawaiian airlines flight change policy. If a passenger encounters a situation where he/she wishes to change the flight reservation, then the details mentioned below will be really helpful and important for him/her.

Online Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change:

Passengers can make changes in their flight reservation with Hawaiian airlines through the official website or the dedicated mobile app of the Hawaiian airlines. This online flight change service facilitates the process of making amendments and changes in the reservation with Hawaiian airlines. Using the website or mobile app of Hawaiian airlines is very easy and convenient for any customer/passenger.

Steps for online flight change:

  1. Visit the official website or mobile app of Hawaiian airlines.
  2. Find the tab of “My Trips” and click on it.
  3. Now enter the confirmation code e-ticket number and the ticketed passenger’s last name.
  4. Click on the “View My Trip” button.
  5. Now click on the “Change My Flights” tab.
  6. Now follow the on-screen instructions for further process.
  7. Pay the change fee and the difference in flight fare(if any).
  8. In the end, make sure to get the new ticket confirmation on email/phone.

Offline Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change :

Passengers can always choose to make amendments or changes in their reservation through the offline method. Through the offline method, you can either choose to call on Hawaiian airlines change flight number/Hawaiian reservation department number or visit the Hawaiian airlines booking centre/kiosk at the airport for changes and amendments. 

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Fee

The Hawaiian airline charges a change fee on non-refundable tickets for any changes or amendments in the reservation which includes change of time/date of flights or flight route change. The change fee depends on the flight type and its origin place. The Hawaiian Airlines flight change fee structure is described below.

– For international flight change- $50 to $300(flights booked through HawaiianMiles are charged with a $50 fee). For the changes in Hawaiian airline flights from the USA to Japan, a fee of $300 USD is charged and the charge fee ranges from $50-$300 for all the other flights from the US. The fee for changing flights from a different country will be in the same currency as per the country. For example, a change fee of $100 AUD is charged for any flight departing from Australia.

  • For the domestic (North America) flight changes, a change fee of $200 is charged($50 change fee for flights booked through HawaiianMiles).
  • For the flight change within neighbor islands, a change fee of $30 is charged($30 change fee for bookings through HawaiianMiles).
  • For the flights booked through third-party travel agencies, some additional fee may be charged depending on the terms and conditions.

Hawaiian Airlines Same Day Flight Change

The Hawaiian airlines same day flight change service allows passengers to make changes and amendments in their flight reservation on the original flight departure day. Passengers can make changes until one hour before the originally scheduled flight’s departure.

Passenger is only allowed to choose the flight of the same route as per the original booking.

If the passenger has already checked-in, then he cannot choose for an earlier flight booking.

Passengers will have to pay the change fee and the fare difference between the old and new flights (if any). 

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    Hi I am Nelly, I have mistakenly booked the flight for morning 3am however I want to book for the evening 3pm, my journey date is 23 January 2020, can you please assist me how can I change my flight timing, I really need the flight for evening. because my grandfather isn’t well and he can’t travel to airport in the chilli morning, please assist me in changing flight my booking number is APAQXB23LY*****. please call back me at 617-623-****. If you won’t change my timings then it will be a big issue for me.

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    With Hawaiian Airlines, Managing and changing your flight is so easy, and convenient. Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy enables passengers to modify their bookings. Also, the process to change your flight is so straightforward and convenient.

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    We are in Hawaii and would like to stay longer, so we had threatened to postpone the trip. In order to do so, I went to the official website and read through the Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy. Once I’m satisfied, I contacted the officials and, with their assistance, modified our return tickets.

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