A Complete Guide to Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Headquartered in Dublin, Aer Lingus is a flag carrier airline of Ireland. The Airline was initially founded by the Irish government and was completely privatised in 2006 and 2015. Currently, this airline is entirely owned by the International Airlines Group. The world-class services pamper its passengers with all the necessities, from the minute to the major ones while the flexible policies make it easy for people to travel by Aer Lingus Airline. This flight comes with a lot of perks, one of which is the Aer Lingus baggage policy. The following guide discusses Aer Lingus baggage rules in detail so make sure to run through and understand the baggage policies of the airline in detail. 


This 4-star airline is well-equipped with all the basic amenities for the comfort of its passengers and has an excellent rating for its staffs (both cabin and ground). Initially started as a local airline, Aer Lingus is one of the leading airlines in the world today. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy is quite a simple one, when a passenger is taking a flight in this airline, he or she has the leverage to carry one bag and a small personal bag without having to pay any additional amount. However, carry-on allowances might differ from luggage to luggage for the passengers and demand small Aer Lingus baggage fees to carry the desired bags. In total, a passenger can carry three bags while travelling by Aer Lingus. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Fees 

Aer Lingus cost of baggage is different for different types of tickets. It is essential for passengers to understand the baggage fees completely before heading towards the Airport. Every passenger would be subjected to the published fees at the time of their purchase. Checked baggage allowance varies. The detailed information of every ticket along with the weight limit of the baggage is listed below. 

For short-haul flights (intra-Europe flights) 


  • Low Fare- Passengers with low fare tickets would have to pay for every luggage they’re carrying. 
  • Plus Fare- Passengers with a plus fare ticket are allowed to carry up to 1 baggage along with them. 
  • Flex Fare- Passengers with flex fare tickets are allowed to carry up to 2 bags while travelling. 

Long haul flights (to/from the USA)

  • Passengers with Economy Class/ Low fare tickets are allowed to carry one bag of 23 kg while taking a flight in this Airline. 
  • The passengers with flex fare are allowed to carry up to 2 free checked baggage of 23 kg with Aer Lingus. 
  • The passengers who have bought the ticket of business class are provided with the leverage to carry up to 3 checked baggage weighing 23 kg in the Aer Lingus flight along with the carry-on luggage. 

Overweight Baggage Fees

When a passenger is booking a ticket with this airline, they might have to bear the excess baggage charges Aer Lingus if they are carrying more than the allowed baggage on their tickets. For a low fare ticket, baggage fees will apply for every checked baggage, for a Flexi fare, the passengers can carry 1 bag up to 44 lb/20 kg, exceeding the limit would result in additional fees, charges would be made per kg after 20 kg. 

The Overweight Baggage Fee in Aer Lingus for the bags weighing over 20-32 kg / 44-70 lb would range from 6 to 12 EUR if the changes are being made online. However, the charges increase if the changes in the luggage are made offline, at the airport which is 15, 12 or 20 EUR. 

For the long haul tickets such as the flights between Europe and the USA- 

Bags up to the limit of 50 lb / 23 kg will be charged approximately 45, 50 or 60 EUR. 

Bags up to the weight of 51-70 lb / 24-32 kg will be charged 45, 55 or 60 EUR depending on the mode in which the baggage modification was done. It is highly advisable to make the baggage changes at least 24 hours before the departure of the flight. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Rules 


Aer Lingus baggage cost highly depends on the type of fare that a passenger has got. The ticket determines whether or not the passenger has to pay an additional amount to carry extra luggage or not. 

If the passengers want to add more baggage to their bookings, they have to make the changes within 24 hours of the departure so that the airline is notified about the modifications. The passengers can inform about the numbers of the bag they will bring either on the official website or they can directly carry it at the time of their flight. The process is free from trouble and hassle-free. We highly recommend making the changes online if you want to avoid any last-minute mishap during their flight.  

  • Aer Lingus liquor in checked baggage is allowed for the passengers. Every passenger can carry up to 5 litres of alcohol in their carry on luggage, however, make sure that the amount of alcohol is not over 70 per cent in your beverage. The bottle should be packed nicely in order to avoid any spillage in your baggage. Carrying of some electronic item might be prohibited so make sure to take a rain check before finally leaving for the airport. 

Air Lingus Baggage Rules also include the weight and size of the luggage which are mentioned below. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Weight

The passengers who have bought a ticket on this Airline must note that the baggage weight of Aer Lingus strictly depends on the type of ticket that a passenger has bought. 

  • According to Aer Lingus baggage allowance, every carry-on luggage must weigh around 10 kg or 22 lb to be carried for free. 
  • Tickets bought for economy class can allow the baggage up to 70 pounds or 32 kg.
  • The carry-on luggage can have 1 bag plus one personal item and the bags should fit on the overhead space or space right ahead of the passenger. 
  • The passengers can carry checked baggage of 20 kgs or 44 lb while travelling by Aer Lingus Airlines. Economy low fare tickets are not allowed to bring any bags for free, any bags the passengers bring along would have to be paid for. 
  • Aer Lingus baggage allowance is different for Economy for flex fare which allows the passengers to bring 2 bags along with them during the journey and up to 1 bag for a plus fare. 
  • Passengers taking a flight for the long haul can carry luggage weighing 23 kg or 50 lb in Aer Lingus. Depending on the ticket, where a low fare passenger can only carry one bag of 23 kg, a flex fare passenger can carry a total of 46 kg and business class passengers can carry 3 bags which is 69 kg. 

Aer Lingus baggage policy is flexible and strict at the same time. No negotiations are entertained so make sure to weigh your luggage before leaving for the Airport. The failure in adhering to the Aer Lingus baggage rules might result in a penalty. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Size 

Aer Lingus baggage dimensions

Aer Lingus baggage policy has a completely different set of rules for the baggage size. The passengers are advised to adhere to some of the policies set by the airline if they want to avoid paying any additional cost for the flight, the limitations are mentioned below: 

  • The passengers of Aer Lingus can carry 1 Carry-on bag or 2 standard bags while travelling. Your carry-on bag should fit the overhead bin or under the seat in front. The ideal dimension for the baggage is 25 x 33 x 20cm.
  • For the long haul flights, the passengers are allowed to carry checked-in baggage the size of which should not cross 62 in/158 cm (length + width + height)
  • If a passenger has got a ticket of business class or flex fare, they can take the second and third baggage, the size of which has to be limited to  55 in/140 cm (length + width + height). The size of the first baggage will be the same as mentioned above. 
  • However, the Aer Lingus baggage limit has an exception for musical instruments. They are comparatively smaller in size but they must be adequately small. (Only if the instrument fits perfectly in the space overhead or right in front of the passenger seat). 
  •  According to Aer Lingus baggage policy, the passengers can not carry extra luggage in the name of their infants although a regular amount of baby food or diaper can be carried as carry-on baggage. 
  • If you have got a ticket for your little one, you can carry their luggage as well. 

What items can be allowed for the carry on luggage in Aer Lingus?

The personal items that a passenger can take as a carry on-board are items such as a handbag, a purse, a briefcase, etc. However, make sure that the following item does not cross the weight or size limit set by Aer Lingus. Laptops, Camera bags and diapers for infants can be taken to the airline. Basically, any item that adheres to the weight and size limitation would be allowed if it fits in the overhead or the space in front of the seat. 

You can also take items like crutches, strollers and child-restraint seats or any other necessary assistive device. Moreover, the airline pampers its passengers by allowing them to carry some items such as jackets, umbrellas, duty-free merchandise or any food and beverages. 

Booking a flight in Aer Lingus? Don’t worry, the airline has got it all covered. Flying with one of the most appreciated airlines comes with its advantages and the passenger will feel it right away. With an easy Aer Lingus flight change policy and flexible Aer Lingus Cancellation policy, they assure safe and hassle-free travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does Aer Lingus charge for checked baggage?

As long as the passenger does not violate the baggage policy of Aer Lingus, he/she would not have to pay any extra fees for the checked baggage. Aer Lingus baggage allowance also depends on the sort of ticket you have bought, if the airline does not allow you to carry even 1 baggage for free, you will have to make the payment for the baggage that you are carrying. 

What is the baggage allowance for Aer Lingus?

Different tickets are allowed to carry a different number of bags. If you are travelling at a low fare, you might not be eligible even for one free luggage, however, if you have taken a ticket for the long haul, you will be allowed to carry one bag at low fare, two bags at flex fare and three bags if you have a ticket for a business class in Aer Lingus. 

How to add baggage in Aer Lingus airlines? 

If you wish to add more baggage to your ticket, please make sure to visit the website of the airline, official Aer Lingus, and add the number of bags that you wish to carry. You can also give a call at the Aer Lingus support center and talk to an executive if you do not wish to make the change online. 

How much is checked baggage on Aer Lingus? 

The checked baggage for a short-haul flight is 20 kg and the passenger can carry one bag along. For long-haul flights, the passengers are allowed to carry up to three bags depending on the type of ticket they hold.

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