Turkish Airlines baggage policy offers allowance in the form of a weight system and a piece system. For passengers traveling to/from the United States, a piece system would be offered. While the weight system is applicable for all other routes.

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Here’s the detailed breakdown for carry-on baggage, checked baggage, baggage fees, and other relevant details from the Turkish Airlines baggage policy.

Turkish Airlines Carry On Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines baggage policy allows both carry on bag and personal items in cabin, provided that the weight of each baggage must be within 8 kg and size must not exceed 23 x 40 x 55 cm each.

Turkish Airlines carry on baggage allowance
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Turkish Airlines carry on baggage allowance

Below are the Turkish Airlines baggage rules for carry on luggage –

  • Baggage Allowance for Economy Class Economy class passengers are allowed to bring 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item.
  • Baggage Allowance for Business Class – Business class passengers are allowed to bring 2 carry on bags and 1 personal item.

Additional Guidelines about carry on luggage –

  • The hand luggage must fit under the seat in front of you or the overhead bin.
  • Liquids such as perfumes, sprays, and medical solutions must be carried in sizes less than 100 ml, sealed, and packed in containers.
  • Container sizes over 100 ml are not allowed in the cabin.
  • Shaving kit and skin-care essentials must be carried in a 1-liter transparent zip-lock bag.
  • There is no excess limit prescribed for the baby.
  • Respiratory device apparatus is allowed in the cabin.
  • You can carry sports equipment on board as long as they are carried in a special bag.
  • Strollers are allowed in the cabin for infants but the size must be within 115 cm (Linear Dimensions).

Turkish Airlines carry on size

Below is the overview of carry-on baggage allowance for all classes of services –

Travel ClassAllowance (pieces)Turkish Airlines carry on weightTurkish Airlines carry on size
Business Class217.6 lbs (8 kg) each55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.6 x 15.7 x 9 in)
Economy Class117.6 lbs (8 kg)55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.6 x 15.7 x 9 in)
Infants (0-2 years)117.6 lbs (8 kg)55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.6 x 15.7 x 9 in)

Turkish Airlines personal item size

In addition, passengers are also allowed to carry one personal item. Here’s what you can carry as personal items onboard –

Types of Personal ItemsTurkish Airlines carry on size
Handbag40 x 30 x 15 cm
A Small Camera or Photo Camera40 x 30 x 15 cm
Tablet or Laptop40 x 30 x 15 cm
Lightweight Stroller70 x 30 cm
Full-Size Stroller40 × 40 cm
Umbrella (Except pointed ones)90 cm

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Regardless of the class of service, Turkish Airlines baggage weight allowance is 2 pieces per passenger,

Turkish Airlines checked baggage

Turkish Airlines checked baggage allowance

Below if the complete overview of Turkish Airlines checked baggage rules and allowance –

  • Checked baggage allowance for Economy Class – Economy class passengers can bring 2 pieces of checked luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) each and maximum linear dimensions of 158 cm (62 in) each.
  • Checked baggage allowance for Business Class – Business class passengers can bring 2 pieces of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg (70 lbs) each and maximum linear dimensions of 158 cm (62 in) each

Please Note: The linear dimensions of the two bags combined must be less than or equal to 273 cm (107 in).

Additional Information as per Turkish Airlines baggage policy –

  • Infant passengers are entitled to carry one piece of baggage weighing not more than 10 kg on each flight.
  • Any passengers would not be allowed to carry more than 5 checked baggage each way.

Turkish Airlines international baggage allowance for checked baggage

Passengers traveling to/from the United States or on International flights have Turkish Airlines baggage allowance in the form of piece system –

Class of ServiceNumber of Bags
Economy fares (50lb/23kg per bag)2
Infants on both Economy and Business Class2
Infants in both Economy and Business Class1 bag (50lb/23kg) 1 collapsible stroller

Please Note: The infant must be under the age of 2 years old.

The international route also offers a Turkish Airlines baggage allowance system in the form of a weight system –

Fare ClassTurkish Airlines Baggage WeightBaggage Allowance/PiecesAdditional Items
Economy (No restriction)44lb / 20kg2N/A
Business (No restriction)66lb / 30kg2N/A
Infant (Below 2 years)22lb / 10kg1Collapsible Stroller/Pushchair

Turkish Airlines Extra Baggage

Turkish Airlines firmly acknowledges the excess baggage sensitivities and expectations of the passengers. So, there’s no need to worry about the weight and size of the baggage that will exceed the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance. 

Turkish Airlines extra baggage price

Fees for extra baggage is 80 USD, charged for each piece of checked luggage if the weight exceeds 50lb/23kg.

  • For flights to/from the US, the excess baggage fee ranges between 200 – 280 USD per bag for the 1st and 2nd checked baggage.
  • For the 3rd bag, Turkish Airlines’ excess baggage fee of USD 185–350 per bag would be charged. 

Turkish Airlines Baggage Fees

Turkish Airlines baggage fees/charges

Here’s the complete overview of Turkish Airlines baggage fee as prescribed by the airlines –

RegionBag 1Bag 2Bag 3Bag 4Bag 5
Domestic flights within TurkeyFree40 USD150 USD200 USD250 USD
EuropeFree30 USD40 USD150 USD200 USD
Middle East (Except Dubai, and Qatar)Free30 USD40 USD150 USD200 USD
AfricaFree40 USD150 USD200 USD250 USD
The Indian SubcontinentFree40 USD150 USD200 USD250 USD
Southeast AsiaFree30 USD40 USD150 USD200 USD
USA and CanadaFreeFree30 USD40 USD250 USD
DubaiFree55 USD150 USD200 USD250 USD
QatarFree40 USD150 USD200 USDNot Allowed
CaribbeanFreeFree150 USD200 USDNot Allowed
South American regionFreeFree150 USD200 USDNot Allowed
TransatlanticFreeFree200 USD200 USDNot Allowed
TranspacificFreeFree200 USD200 USDNot Allowed

Please Note: As per Turkish Airlines check-in policy, you can add extra baggage at the time of online check-in

Turkish Airlines Free Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines free baggage allowance varies with the class of service and the travel route – 

  • For Business Class, the airline allows 2 pieces of baggage free with the weight of each baggage must be within 32 kg.
  • In Economy Class. 1 piece of baggage would be included with the ticket cost. The weight of the baggage must be within 23 kg.
  • For flights originating from Brazil or Argentina to Turkey, the weight allowance for each baggage must be within 32 kg for both Economy and Business Class.
  • For infant passengers under 2 years of age traveling on all international flights, the airline allows free baggage up to 23 kg in both Economy or Business Class.
  • For flights to/from the USA, the airline allows 2 checked baggage up to 23 kg each on select routes. 

Please Note: To check the baggage allowance for your ticket, check the information printed on your ticket.

Turkish Airlines Miles And Smiles Baggage Allowance

Passengers who are part of the Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles program are entitled to get an extra baggage allowance in addition to what is included in their ticket.

Membership LevelAdditional Weight AllowanceAdditional Bag Allowance (on piece system routes)
Classic Plus22lb/10kgNone
Elite Extra44lb/20kg or 1 extra bag1 extra bag
Elite Plus55lb/25kg or 1 extra bag1 extra bag

The maximum combined dimension ((Length + Width + Height) of the checked baggage must not exceed 158cm/62in.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy For Special Baggage

As per Turkish Airlines baggage policy, sports equipment would go as checked baggage and is subject to a fee if the allowance exceeds what is included in the ticket cost.

Turkish Airlines baggage policy for special/non-standard baggage

Additionally –

  • Sports equipment that exceeds 32 kg would be split into two pieces of checked luggage. Each piece would be charged separately.
  • Sports equipment must be carried in a special case to prevent damage.

Below is the overview of the Turkish Airlines baggage fees for the sports items –

Sports Equipment TypeTurkish Airlines Baggae Fee
Ski Equipment10 USD
Snowboard Equipment10 USD
Golf Equipment10 USD
Diving Equipment10 USD
Surfboard10 USD
Camping Equipment10 USD
Parachute10 USD
Inflatable boat10 USD
Hockey Equipment10 USD
Canoe and rafting equipment10 USD
Other sports equipment not specified10 USD

Turkish Airlines musical instruments in the cabin

Any musical instruments under 118 cm (width+length+height) can be transported in the cabin free of charge.

The following conditions would apply to other musical instruments transported in the cabin – 

  • The weight of the musical instrument must be within 75 kg with maximum dimension must not exceed 140X42X25 cm.
  • Passengers carrying Cellos must request 48 hours before departure in advance. 

Transporting musical instruments as checked luggage – If carrying musical instruments as checked luggage, you are required to deliver them in a durable case. Also, passengers are required to pay Turkish Airlines baggage fees as mentioned in the table below –

CabinOne DirectionRound Trip
Economy250 USD600 USD
Business500 USD1250 USD

Turkish Airlines Restricted Items

Here are the following items that are not allowed either as carry-on baggage or as checked luggage – 

  • Packet of safety matches, or lighter.
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Safe bags, money bags, etc.
  • Personal self-defense items such as pepper spray and electroshock devices

However, other items are allowed as cabin baggage but as checked luggage and vice-versa while bringing restricted items can result in Turkish Airlines flight cancellation.

Whether you’re traveling on a domestic or international flight, passengers have the convenient option to choose from the piece or weight concept based on their route. The passengers need to adhere to the aforementioned information under Turkish Airlines baggage policy to avoid excess baggage fees.

FAQs related to Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

How much baggage does Turkish Airlines allow for an infant?

As per the Turkish Airlines baggage policy, infant passengers up to 2 years old have a free baggage allowance of 10 kg and strollers are allowed in the cabin of size within 115 cm.

Can I carry a handgun as Turkish Airlines checked baggage allowance?

As per the Turkish Airline baggage policy, you are allowed to carry guns in the aircraft as checked baggage or in the cabin only after approval from the Department of Aviation Security (DAS) at the airport.

How much does an extra baggage cost on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines extra baggage cost is 80 USD for every additional bag.

Can I buy an extra baggage allowance with Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can buy extra baggage by paying the extra baggage fees.

Is Turkish Airlines strict with baggage allowance?

Yes, each passenger is allowed 1 carry-on bag, with a maximum weight of 8 kg and size of 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm.

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