The Air France cancellation policy is something that is meant to make your flight booking flexible. Any cancellation request can be so affordable, as you have never imagined. 

In this post, we will cover the guidelines, rules, penalties, and everything you need to know about the cancellation which is attributed directly by you or by the airlines.

Air France Ticket Cancellation Policy

The airlines offer flexible tickets that are changeable and refundable, subject to cancellation penalties and surcharges.

The Air France cancellation policy would be applicable on the refundable as well as non-refundable fare. Like this, there are several other guidelines that you should know before making the actual cancellation. The guidelines are segregated for the refundable fares as well as non-refundable fares.

For Non-Refundable Tickets

  • Air France cancellation is applicable on the unused or unflown segment only.
  • Any fare that is restricted or non-refundable, passengers can apply for the cancellation and receive in return the future credit voucher. 
  • For non-refundable fares, The voucher is the sum of the booking value applied to the unused portion minus the cancellation fee.
  • The future credit voucher remains valid for one year from the date of cancellation and can be used to purchase new flights. 
  • If the residual value of the new fare is higher than the actual value of the travel voucher, passengers need to pay the fare difference. 
  • In case of a lower fare difference, there is no refund to be applied on the remaining balance, as per Air France cancellation policy
  • A ticket refund will be offered in the vent of death, and in some cases, due to injury or illness to immediate family members.

For Refundable Tickets

Air France Refundable Ticket
  • The refundable fares are said to have a flexible cancellation policy. 
  • It can be requested for cancellation up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure for international flights. 
  • For domestic flights within France, they can be canceled up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • In case of a no-show, passengers can cancel the ticket and claim a refund after the scheduled departure and are subject to a no-show fee alongside airlines’ cancellation fees.
  • No cancellation fee waiver would be applied under any circumstances.

Air France 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The passengers who are willing to cancel their tickets within the first 24 hours of the reservations made with the Airlines will not have to pay any cancellation charge as per the Air France cancellation policy. 

It is important to note that the passengers who will attempt to cancel their reservations on the same day but before midnight their accounts will not be debited with the amount.

On the other hand, the passengers who are canceling the reservations within 24 hours of the purchase along with the condition of after midnight will get the amount of refund credited without the deduction of the cancellation charges.

Certain points passengers can consider before requesting 24-hour cancellation – 

  • The date of departure must be 7 days or more at the time of cancellation to claim a full refund.
  • The 24 hours cancellation is not applicable for the Frequent Flyer member.
  • Passengers having a group reservation for 10 or more passengers are eligible for 24-hour cancellation and are subject to a group contract. 
  • Any reservation booked with a travel credit voucher is not covered 
  • Under 24-hour cancellation, no Air France cancellation fee is to be paid by the passenger.

How to Cancel Air France Tickets?

While making a reservation with the airline please ensure that the ticket issued begins with a ticket number starting with the digits 057. The flight cancellation can be requested online as well as over the phone. We have highlighted the actual steps and navigation that help with the Air France flight cancellation request – 

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

You need a 13-digit ticket number or 6-digit booking reference number to void your flight booking. You would be asked to pay an upfront Air France cancellation fee while making the request. After the request is completed, you will receive a confirmation email that mentioned the refund or credit voucher details. Follow these steps to cancel your flight reservation – 

  • Now go to the homepage of the Air France airlines and then login into the account. 
  • Make a selection on the tab that says “Booking” or “My Bookings” or “My Trip”.
  • Once you make a selection on the option of my trips a list of reservations will be reflected on the screen and you will have to make a selection on the trip that you wish to cancel.
  • After selecting the trip for cancellation a pop-up message will arrive on the screen where you will have to confirm whether you are sure if you wish to cancel the selected trip. 
  • Make sure to select the option of “Yes” if you wish to cancel the trip you have selected.
  • On hitting the confirmation button, the selected trip will be canceled officially. 
  • A message will be sent by the airline to the registered number regarding the cancellation initiated.
  • Fill up the refund claim form and then the refund will be credited to the same account through which the reservation was made. 
  • The refund will be credited after 10 business days after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if any). 

To know more visit the official website of Air France Airlines. 

Cancel Ticket Over the Phone

If you’re not internet-savvy or holding a restricted fate that does not support the online cancellation, feel free to reach the airlines’ executive at Air France cancellation phone number. After the request is completed, you would receive an email confirmation that mentioned the refund or credit voucher details. 

Cancel Ticket At the Airport

You can vouch for this option if you are making a last-minute cancellation, and you are at your departure airport. To request flight cancellations at the airport, the airlines allow cancellation up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure for international flights, and 2 hours before for the domestic flights. 

Air France Cancellation Fee

A non-refundable airline penalty would be applied if passengers request a voluntary refund on their booking. However, no fees would be applicable if passenger requests cancel within 24 hours of purchase. Also, the Air France ticket cancellation fees vary online, through phone as well as at the airport. The overview of the fee mentioned below is as per the Air France cancellation policy – 

Time LimitOnline Cancellation (in USD)Phone Cancellation (in USD)Airport Cancellation (in USD)
Outside 24 hours200250200
Within 24 hoursFreeFreeNot Allowed

Air France Cancelled Flights Policy

Air France Cancelled Flight Policy

As per the Air France cancellation policy, passengers having a delayed or canceled flight is entitled to receive a refund, canceled flight compensation, or both. 

Let’s understand each and every flight circumstance and what you can do in such a situation – 

Flight is delayed – If the airlines delayed the flight, approach the airline counter at the airport and ask for the reason for the delay. Follow the other steps – 

  • Have written documents with the airlines citing the actual reasons for the delay.
  • If the delay extends to 3 or more hours, you are entitled to get the meals and refreshments alongside canceled flight compensation..
  • In case of delay for more than 3 hours, you can claim a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.

Passengers have been denied boarding –  At times, the airlines denied the boarding to the passengers due to overbooking. Passengers have rights –

  • To cancel the booking and claim a full refund on the booking. 
  • Passengers are also entitled to the ‘right to care’ if the alternate flight requires an overnight stay.
  • In case of a connection, where a passenger has to catch another flight, additional compensation would be provided to the passenger.

Air France Cancellation Compensation

If the airline doesn’t notify passengers about the cancellation and does not offer you any additional flight, you are eligible for the cancellation compensation along with a refund. 

The Air France flight cancellation compensation ranges from 250 to 600 USD. The compensation amount varies depending upon –

  • The flight distance between points A and B
  • The length of the delay
  • Whether you have been offered an alternative flight

Flight is Delayed

Passengers are entitled to a flight delay that varies according to the flight distance – 

  • If the flight distance between point A and point B is less than 1500 km, the compensation amount would be 250 USD.
  • The said distance between point A and point B is between 1500 and 3500  km, the compensation amount would be 400 USD.
  • The same travel distance between point A and point B is more than 3500 km, the compensation amount would be 6000 USD.

The following cases deserve some special mention – 

  • For a flight distance longer than 3500 km where the flight is delayed by 3 or more hours, you are entitled to 600 USD as compensation.
  • If the delay of the flight is longer than 3500 km and is less than 3 hours, the cancellation flight compensation amount would be reduced by 50%. So passengers are entitled to receive only 300 USD.

Here is the tabular overview of the same as discussed above – 

Delay LengthFlight Distance From Point A to Point BCompensation Amount (in USD)
3 hours or moreLess than 1500 km250
3 hours or moreBetween 1500 and 3500 km400
3-4 hoursMore than 3500 km300
4 hours or moreMore than 3500 km600

Flight is Cancelled

If the passenger has the confirmed booking, and is canceled by airlines less than 14 days from the scheduled departure, the compensation would be – 

Flight LengthCompensation Amount (in USD)
Less than 1500 km250
Between 1500 and 3500 km400
More than 3500 km300

Air France Refund Policy

Air France Refund Policy

Air France flight cancellations refund would be made available to the person who paid for the ticket or the passenger who is ticketed upon the submission of the valid travel document. 

In addition, the refund amount you receive relies on certain variables. For instance, for any partially used ticket, the refund would be calculated for the unused flight segment on a prorated basis (based on the fare rules of the ticket) minus the Air France cancellation fees. 

Just like that, there are several other guidelines you need to know before claiming a refund for your flight booking – 

  • Under Air France cancellation policy, any ticket purchased within 24 hours and you completed your purchase one week or more before the scheduled departure, it may qualify for the full refund.
  • Air France’s Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for refund, under any circumstances. Only 24-hour cancellation is allowed. 
  • If flight booking qualifies for cancellation, go to the Manage Booking section to cancel and claim a refund.
  • Different Air France cancellation refund policies will apply based on the country or region from where passengers have purchased the flight. 
  • Any passenger experienced flight disruption or cancellation and has been denied a refund, please contact Air France customer service. A refund request form would be provided. The airline will review to determine whether you’re eligible for a refund.
  • All trip types and classes of service, regardless of the fare rules are eligible for voluntary refunds. 
  • The cancellation refund would be made available either in the form of cash or travel credit, depending upon the type of fare purchased. 
  • The said refund would be processed in the original method of payment. 
  • Credit card refund would be processed within 7-10 business days. Debit cards and other forms of payments may take 15-20 business days.

Air France Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If the flight has been canceled the following amenities will be provided to the passengers under the ‘Right to care’ guidelines as prescribed in the Air France cancellation policy.

  • Meals 
  • Drinks
  • Passengers can contact via call or email twice to people of their choice.   
  • Accommodation. 
  • Transportation from the hotel to the airport.

If the flight of Air France gets cancelled by the airline then the passengers of that flight will get a monetary refund. The compensation amount can be up to $540 as per the Air France cancellation policy. 

In case you are flying from Europe and your flight got cancelled by the airlines then you can claim the refund for the first six years after the date of the particular flight. This condition is only applicable to the Air France flights that depart from Europe.

You can cancel through the My booking section on the airline’s website. You can also cancel via Air France flight cancellation phone number.

The airlines will offer you the option to rebook another flight. You can choose three days before or after the actual date of scheduled departure without any Air France flight change fee.

In addition, you can also cancel the flight and claim a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.

Follow these steps to cancel your flight online – 

  • Visit, and navigate to the Manage booking section
  • Enter your six-digit booking reference and last name in the required field.
  • Once the booking is retrieved, select the flight segment or the itinerary that you need to cancel. 

Air France cancellations are subject to the fare conditions as well as the required airline penalty.

As per the Air France cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flights within 24 hours of booking, provided that the scheduled departure must be 7 or more days at the time of requesting a flight cancellation. This is how passengers can claim a full refund without paying any cancellation fees.

To file a claim, passengers need to contact the airline’s customer relations team at the airport or over the phone.

If the delay extends to 3 or more hours, you are entitled to get the meals and refreshments alongside canceled flight compensation. If you wish to not continue your travel, you can claim a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.

Different Air France refund policy will apply based on the country or region from where passengers have purchased the flight. All trip types and classes of service, regardless of the fare rules are eligible for voluntary refunds.

Credit card refund would be processed within 7-10 business days. Debit cards and other forms of payments may take 15-20 business days.

Air France business class tickets are 100% changeable and refundable, regardless of the trip type and cabin class. 

However, there are certain fare rules associated with refundable and non-refundable business class tickets. Some business class bookings are fully refundable, and some partially refundable, and it depends upon the fare rules and travel route. 

The refund policy for the business class flight varies with the domestic and international booking.

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    Air France cancellation policy is so laid back and amazing. This one time we were travelling in a group, the airline cancelled its flight due to some issues in the weather. However, we were in a group and experience becomes amazing with friends no matter where you are. We were waiting at the airport, we ate meals and enjoyed the beverages provided by the airlines. We were also given a compensation of 100 USD per ticket.

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    Does Air France cancellation policy gives any exemptions when the cancelation is done due to death in a familys. Last week I had to cancel my trip to Milan due to the sudden death of my mother cauzed by a road accident. I am completely devastated now and am cluelessz. Please suggest me a way to recover at least a part of the booking fare.

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    I am planning for a trip from Miami to Paris somewhere in the mid of May. I would like to know about air france international flight cancellation policy on COVID. What will happen to my bookings if there is a COVID surge in May? Can I then cancel my ticket without a charge? Later can i rebook the ticket?

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    Recently I bought a ticket from air France through a travel agent. I have canceled my ticket and have got the Air France refund. But the refund amount seems to be very low. I asked my travel agent they said they have deducted a service charge. I suggest the airline to allow direct cancelations for tickets bought from third party agents. I dotn want to depend on agents for cancelations any more.

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