Sometimes airlines change their flights or cancel them due to some reason. The airline provides compensation if they change or cancel a flight but if the case is opposite then you will have to pay a fee for this. So if you have booked tickets with Jetblue Airways and looking to change the flight in your reservation, then you must have a thorough knowledge of the Jetblue flight change policy. Read below to understand the JetBlue flight change policy and different information and conditions related to it.

How to Change Jetblue Flight?

Many of you must be having this question in your mind “How to change Jetblue flight?”. Do not worry, you can choose from two options available for changing flight with Jetblue flight change policy.

A passenger may choose the online method or offline method depending on his convenience and preference. The answer to “How to change Jetblue Flight?” is mentioned below in detail.

Online Flight Change:

This is the easiest way to make amendments and changes in your reservation. For using this method you should have the confirmation code, Last name as mentioned on the ticket reservation, departure, and destination cities.

If a passenger used a travel certificate/Jetblue voucher for making payment of the reservation, he/she become uneligible for the online change facility.

You can visit the official website or mobile app of Jetblue airlines for making online changes. Firstly, enter your credentials and log in, now go to the “My trip” tab and select the flight you want to change. Follow the further steps and choose the options according to your preference.

For bookings done through some third party travel agency, passengers can make changes and amendments online through the website or mobile app of Jetblue.

Offline Flight Change:

Passengers can also choose the offline way for making changes and amendments in the reservation with the airlines. You can either call on the Jetblue change flight phone number- 1-855-635-3039 or visit the airline’s counter or kiosk at the airport. The representative of airlines will totally help and assist you in getting the desired amendments/changes done with your reservation.

JetBlue Flight Change Fee:

The Jetblue flight change fee depends on many factors such as fare type, flight change date and time, etc. Jetblue airline charges its passengers with a $75 fee for making changes and cancellations 60 days before the scheduled departure. Other than this, the fees are $75 for each passenger holding under $100 fare ticket, a fee of $100 for fares between $100-$149, and a $150 fee for fares over $150. The TrueBlue Mosaic Elite Members enjoy free change and cancellations.

Jetblue Same Day Flight Change:

Passengers can connect with the airline’s representative at the counter or kiosk before the scheduled departure of the flight for availing the Jetblue same day flight change service. Passenger can get the same-day changes done at the airport of the same calendar day as their original scheduled flight. 

  • Passengers can choose to travel on an earlier or later flight on the same day.
  • You can only choose to travel between the same city pairs or designated airport. 
  • For the cities which have a direct flight a day, same-day change option is not provided.
  • Passengers can confirm their same-day changes at the airport starting a full 24 hours before the originally scheduled flight.
  • The fee is waived for same-day changes.

How to Change Jetblue Flight For Free?

Passengers may need to make some amendments or changes in their flight reservation due to some personal emergency or sudden plan change and they have to pay a change fee penalty for availing this service. But the passengers can avoid this change fee, below-mentioned points are the detailed answer to the question “how to change Jetblue flight for free?”

  1. Use the 24-hour window : Every passenger may not be aware that the non-refundable fare has a 24-hours window for change and cancellation. There is also a regulation regarding this from the US Department of Transportation which states that as long as you have booked your ticket seven days in advance of your flight, you can change or cancel it within 24 hours of booking without paying a cancellation or change fees.
  2.  Always use same-day changes service : If you wish to change your time of departure, check the fees for same-day changes and wait for the scheduled flight date to make changes in the reservation. For example, if a passenger booked to fly in the evening but got a cheaper flight in morning, he/she is still allowed to make changes in the reservation as Jetblue charges only $50 to $75 for the service of same-day changes.
  3. Make sure to buy flexible fare or refundable tickets: If you have a doubt regarding your date of travel and time then you must buy a refundable fare. They will be more expensive as compared to non-refundable fares but you will find that the change fee penalty is less than the difference in the price of the tickets. And if the flights are very expensive, look for “flexible fares”, this is mostly offered as an add on service which waives off some fees and charges. 
  4. Prefer to book two one way tickets in the place of round-trip tickets : Jetblue charges change fee depending on the cost of the ticket, so make sure that your individual ticket’s cost is as least as possible because the change fee is in direct relation to your ticket’s cost.
  5. Get travel insurance : There are some travel insurances that cover the flight change cost, So the passenger can buy one to be insured against the flight change fee.

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