JetBlue Airlines will do everything to make sure that your baggage arrives with you at the final destination or stopover point. In this post, we will cover the JetBlue lost and found policy as what you will need to know, and what steps you should take in case of delayed, missed, or lost luggage. Let’s get started – 

JetBlue Lost And Found

JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found Desk

No matter the baggage concern is, here are the following Jetblue baggage-related concerns addressed by the airline – 

Damaged Baggage  – JetBlue Airlines always strive to handle the checked baggage with care. However, despite the best efforts, the luggage may get prone to major or minor damage during transit. If you notice damage to your luggage on arrival, JetBlue’s lost and found team is ready to help you, as passengers need to escalate it at the JetBlue baggage claim counter as soon as they arrive. Follow these steps – 

  • JetBlue Baggage Lost and Found Desk at the Airport – Proceed to the JetBlue lost baggage desk to inform about the incident. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) would be issued along with the JetBlue lost baggage status reference. With these credentials, passengers can track and access all the information concerning damage repair and they will also receive the associated grievance redressal number. At selected airports, the JetBlue lost baggage team may offer replacement baggage before the passenger leaves the airport.
  • JetBlue Baggage Claim Online – In case the passenger left the airport, they have 7 days from the date of baggage’s receipt to make a claim with JetBlue airlines lost and found compensation team as they need to complete the form online by contacting JetBlue lost luggage phone number. 

In both scenarios, passengers need to submit the following original documents to the JetBlue airlines lost and found team  – 

  • Boarding pass receipt and flight ticket printout
  • Baggage tags
  • A detailed baggage damage estimate 

Please note passengers must receive written authorization from the JetBlue baggage lost and found team before all exchanges and repairs. Without this authorization, JetBlue airlines will not be responsible for any additional charges or fees incurred. Passengers are required to retain the originals of the required documents as they may be requested at a later stage. 

JetBlue Airlines Lost and Found

Missing Baggage – As per JetBlue airlines lost and found policy, passenger’s baggage will be declared missing after a period of 7 days of scheduled arrival for a domestic flight, and 14 days for the international flight. The JetBlue baggage claim team may ask for the following documents – 

  • Copy of the passenger’s passport or government-issued photo ID
  • Copy of passenger’s bank statement
  • SWIFT/TBN/BCB code international transaction
  • An authorization letter if the JetBlue flight booking was purchased from a travel agency

In such a case, passengers would be contacted by the JetBlue lost baggage office staff for further action. 

Here are the list of airports for JetBlue lost baggage inquiries – 

List of Airports for JetBlue lost and found baggage officeAirport Codes
John F. Kennedy International AirportJFK
LaGuardia AirportLGA
Los Angeles International AirportLAX
Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International AirportFLL
Boston Logan International AirportBOS
Orlando International AirportMCO
Ronald Reagan Washington National AirportDCA
Newark Liberty International AirportEWR
San Francisco International AirportSFO

In such case, passengers have two options to declare the missing baggage – online escalation to JetBlue lost and found within 48 hours of arrival or at the JetBlue baggage claim desk before leaving the airport – 

Declare Missing Bags with JetBlue Lost and Found Team – Passengers can declare the missing baggage by completing the form available on or through the airline’s mobile app within 48 hours of arrival. Passengers need to submit the JetBlue baggage claim receipt number. 

  • Passengers can find the JetBlue baggage claim receipt number the baggage drop-off counter. If passengers print the baggage tag and boarding pass online, the JetBlue baggage claim receipt number is indicated on the baggage receipt link provided at the passenger’s registered email address. 
  • All you need to do is enter the receipt number in the JetBlue lost and found form available online. In the end, passengers will receive the JetBlue lost baggage status number. Passengers need to keep this number to track the progress of the search for the baggage on the website. 

Declare Missing Baggage at the JetBlue Lost Baggage Desk at the Airport – if passengers are still at the airport, they need to proceed to the JetBlue baggage claim desk. A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) would be issued along with the JetBlue lost and found status reference. With these credentials, passengers can track and access all the information concerning the missing baggage. 

  • Track JetBlue lost baggage status – Passengers can track the baggage status in real-time with JetBlue airlines lost and found tracking link. Use the PIR number received after submitting your declaration form online or at the airport.
  • Claims on necessary items purchased – As per JetBlue airlines lost and found policy, passengers making any necessary purchases such as toiletries, or clothing due to the missing or delayed baggage, can submit a reimbursement request via the JetBlue baggage lost and found online declaration form.

Delayed Baggage – The JetBlue lost and found team couldn’t load your baggage on the flight you took, normally due to safety or technical obligations. Here is what the passengers need to do in case of delayed baggage – 

Step1 – As soon as the baggage stops from the carousel, the passengers should immediately approach one of the executives from the JetBlue baggage claim desk. 

Step 2 – Passengers need to provide their current reservation details and the baggage tag which was provided at the time of check-in to enable the JetBlue airlines lost and found department to track the lost baggage. 

Step 3 – A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) will be provided to the passenger, and upon completion, they would be given a JetBlue baggage lost and found status number. 

If the baggage was found, the JetBlue baggage lost baggage tracking department will arrange the delivery to the local address provided in the PIR.

Step 4 – After the receiving of the respective luggage, passengers can file a claim or escalate the matter regarding the delay of the checked baggage, and must notify the airlines within 21 days from the date the baggage has been received by the passenger.  

What to Do If the JetBlue Baggage is Not Found?

JetBlue Baggage Claim

If your baggage is not located by the JetBlue lost baggage team within 72 hours of declaration, passengers need to log in with their PIR credentials to the JetBlue baggage lost and found baggage search tool in order to fill out the inventory and JetBlue lost baggage compensation form. 

Passengers need to describe their missing baggage or the items as precisely as possible, and to indicate the value of each lost item, pair of shoes, or any other item. An accurate and complete description of the lost baggage content is essential for JetBlue lost and found team to track the baggage. 

Passengers need to file a complaint in writing via the JetBlue com lost and found portal, as they need to click on the ‘Chat with JetBlue’ icon or the chat bubble located in the bottom-right corner of the page. In case the passenger is using the JetBlue mobile app, then click on the JetBlue baggage claim support – live chat assistance. 

Once the chat pops out, follow these steps to submit your complaint with the JetBlue baggage lost and found team – 

  • From JetBlue’s main menu, click JetBlue airlines lost and found report query
  • Select the type of query – Complaint or Question
  • Select the subcategory that is related to your query – e.g JetBlue lost baggage service
  • Type in your subject e.g – Checked Baggage is missing 
  • Type in your Booking Reference as well 13-digit e-ticket number
  • Type in your email address
  • In case the passenger has multiple trips in their reservation PNR, they need to select the journey or the flight segment in order to raise the missing baggage complaint. Please note that passengers can select one journey per case submission. 
  • Click at the given link to draft the complaint, and attach all the supporting documents to validate the claim and compensation for the missing item or luggage. 
  • Click on the given link to submit the attachment.
  • At the end of the declaration, passengers would be receiving a reference number. Passengers may use the reference number to activate the My Cases account to follow up with your submitted feedback.

JetBlue Lost Baggage Compensation

As per the JetBlue Airlines lost and found policy when travelling on the domestic itinerary, the maximum JetBlue baggage claim compensation on the checked baggage is 3800 USD. 

For all international travel, the JetBlue lost baggage claim is 10 USD per pound for the checked bag and up to 400 USD for the carry-on/hand luggage. 

In case the passengers’ travel insurance covers the JetBlue lost luggage module, the compensation would be reduced to 1288 USD. 

Type of LiabilityLiability Limits
Domestic Travel3800 USD
International Travel10 USD per pound
International travel if the missing baggage is covered by the travel insurance1288 USD

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

I left something on the plane. What should I do now?

If you realize that you left something on the plane, please escalate to the JetBlue baggage claim desk at the airport before you leave. If you left the airport, Call JetBlue lost and found phone number.

What information and other details do I need while filing the JetBlue lost and found report online?

If possible, gather the descriptive information as well as the receipts of the lost articles or baggage prior to filling out the JetBlue lost baggage form, and make sure to include all the minute details that help identify the missing luggage. Passengers also need to provide the date of travel, flight number, and the JetBlue booking reference number reflecting when your item is lost. 

I did not receive the JetBlue baggage lost and found a confirmation report when filing a complaint online. What are my options?

If you do not receive the confirmation email from the JetBlue baggage claim desk, you can call JetBlue lost luggage contact number. Alternatively, you can also check your spam folder.

How can I track the JetBlue lost baggage status of the missing luggage or item?

Once the report has been completed online, the passenger will receive the email confirmation. If JetBlue airlines will locate the item that matches your description, passengers will receive the email notification with further instructions. The JetBlue airlines lost and found team will search for the missing bag or item for up to 30 days and will communicate the same to the passenger on their registered email address.

How long will JetBlue continue to search for the missing article?

The JetBlue com lost and found department will search for the missing item for up to 30 days from the date, passenger escalated the missing luggage report. If the airline was unable to find the passenger’s luggage, the airline will notify passengers via email, and thus allow passengers to file compensation for the lost item.

If my baggage is located by JetBlue airlines, how will it get back to me?

The JetBlue baggage claim desk will send an email to the passenger with a link to the shipment tracking. Passengers would be able to verify their baggage information and offer credit card information for shipping charges.

28 thoughts on “JetBlue Lost And Found
  1. Bennett Longway on Reply

    I lost a bag coming from JFK to LAX, bag tag#5279426222. A Jetblue representative told me that the bag was at a central baggage center in Salt Lake. How do I get the bag returned to LAX so I can retrieve it?

  2. george j trudeau on Reply

    My flight number was#771 from Boston to Cancun on 01-17-2022 I lost a pair of prescription sunglasses on the plane could you please let me know if they were found.

  3. Brenda Moskowitz on Reply

    I left my iPad & glasses on the plane … flight #154 from west Palm beach Fla to jfk yesterday Monday 1/31/22…
    It was left in my seat pocket @ seats 20 A & B

  4. GK on Reply


    I have a serious issue that I have been following for 3 months now.

    I took Jetblue for an all-around trip from JFK to CTG and CTG to JFK on February 14th my luggage never showed up on the carousel. I went to the baggage claim office and they told me to wait, it could show up they said. I had another flight to take to go back home in Switzerland that was taking off in 4h. I came back to the office an hour later and still nothing. They told me to go take my flight because otherwise, it would add me trouble. So I did that. then I realized that they didn’t even make me fill out a form. So I called the baggage claim service and was able to do so.

    I was on hold on the phone for hours, during days with no solution. They finally found my luggage but no one will send it to me, it was just sitting there. So I escalated the issue and was assigned a Baggage claim specialist who is “following” my case. She ended up sending my luggage through Royal Air Maroc, giving me all the info on the flights.

    I went to the GVA airport to get my luggage and it never showed up. Now it is allegedly stuck in Casablanca, Morroco and Jetblue is taking me for a full. That lady who is assigned to my case keep tell me that she has to ask her supervisor on what are the next steps but nothing. It has been 3 months!

    I need help, I really, really do. I am really down about it. I am not getting any information. I would like to press charges or something like that

  5. CHI NGUYEN on Reply

    I loss my wallet from last trip on Jet blue air plan on March/23/2022. When I travel from San Diego airport Fly 90 to Jfk to Fort Lauderdale .I found the report to loss and found to now . But No respond. I got some very important Doc. Its so hard to replace right now. Could take a year for replace. Please

  6. B. Broderick on Reply

    6/17/2022 Flight #1303 BOS to PHX, 14A. My mother’s black carry-on roller was in the overhead toward the front of the plane and someone (mistakenly) took it with them as they disembarked. The bag has no ID on it. Contains women’s clothing. Hoping they realized their mistake and returned it to lost and found. Filing report with Lost & Found. Longshot posting here, but trying to cast a wide net in an attempt to recover. Thanks

  7. Mukadam Azhar on Reply

    I travelled with JetBlue Airlines on 17 June 2022 from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to JFK International Airport, New York, USA. After reaching JFK I collected my baggages and checked in for transfer as I was travelling with Qatar Airlines to Doha Qatar and from there to Mumbai, India. Now I’m in India but didn’t Received my baggages here in India. After contacting local Qatar Airlines office they told me that my baggages are still in JFK International Airport with JetBlue and I need to Contact you. Please help me getting back my baggages and do the needful. My details are as follows,
    Booking Reference:- ORQWYV
    Flight Number (17June 2022) :- B6 2910
    Baggages Tag Number :- 0279295348 & 0279295349

    If required any more details you can contact me on my email [email protected]

  8. Angela DiCiccio on Reply

    En route from Heathrow to BOS via JFK my luggage never made it onto the plane in Heathrow. The belts were broken and we were told to leave our bags in a general gathering area while we proceeded through security. Once I boarded the plane I reported to the attendant that I received a note that one of my bags made it but the other did not. They told me to not worry it was likely just a mishap – I requested a check back at the area where bags were gathered but I think my request was ignored. I realize this was a crazy day at Heathrow – but I knew something was wrong and now my baggage with critical items that I need is gone missing over 5 days with no updates. I am really regretting trusting the check-in process that day and kicking myself for how I packed while also flustered in the uncertainty of next steps. Should I be reaching out to Heathrow directly in order to search for my missing luggage, will JetBlue be covering all bases? What has me completely shocked is the amount listed for reimbursement towards lost bags on international flights and I hope that I’m not reading correctly – that’s less than the plane ticket cost! Looking for guidance and perhaps hope if anyone else has experienced the same with a path to resolution

  9. JoAnna May on Reply

    It’s has been five days since I arrived back home and I still haven’t heard anything about my luggage!! I was on hold for a full hour before I spoke with somebody and they said a message would be sent to the baggage claim department and I would expect a phone call. I’m not sure what to do, my work lap top is in my suitcase and I really need it.

  10. Julot Lindor on Reply

    My baggage has been lost at JFK Airport from the Jetblue flight from Haiti on July 28 , 2022 .
    Fligh 1834
    Confirmation :DEDJGZ
    Receipt number :9279 720938

  11. Sarai on Reply

    It is incredible that this company has such dishonest employees. And even more that they dishonor a military passenger. How is it possible that even knowing that the passenger is a military man. Employee of this company has audacity to open the belongings and take items from the luggage.
    My son arrived Sunday 8/21/2022 from LMM airport to MCO after responsibly fulfilling his service days of his assigned days at the base in PR And arrived so tired likely at midnight to MCO to start working next day early morning and he just get his baggage out from car and figured out that he is missing items from his bags.

  12. Tony on Reply

    Did JetBlue baggage area I came from Dominican Republic Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. I left my backpack in the chair by the carousel in terminal e I got up to get my luggage and I left it in the seat behind me when I came out through the doors they told me I couldn’t go back so that’s why I’m letting you know that it’s a backpack with like with strings criss cross and it’s blue and black it had a laptop two pairs of sneakers chocolate please let me know if you find it my number is 978-387-0947

  13. R. Ellison on Reply

    Once passenger leaves airport and baggage counter ..EVERY ACTION PASSENGER NEEDS TO TAKE RE MISSING OR LOST BAGGAGE IS ONLINE.

    MAY BE DUE TO no internet available ( yes..there are many places where no signal)
    Or no device or stolen/lost

    Poor sight or other physical limitations or age


  14. Sheryl Ouimette on Reply

    They changed my flight can my bags be sent immediately to the customer service center. I am uncomfortable letting it spin around the baggage claim be let until someone notices it.

  15. Susan ostreicher on Reply

    I was on flight 2201 yesterday June 28 and lost my pocketbook somewhere either in the terminal or the plane.
    It was black woven leather with a thin leather shoulder strap.
    Inside were credit card with my name, Susan Ostreicher, a small black wallet, and cash and the usual stuff
    My number is 917-710-1201.
    Email: [email protected]

    Get Outlook for iOS

  16. Yahya deeb on Reply

    It has been over 24 hours since I landed at my final destination CAI from west palm beach without my checked in 2 bags and yet to find someone to talk to .

  17. Roshid Ahmed on Reply

    Hi I did travel by JetBlue airlines on 16/08/2023 I have given my boarding pass12.02pm from Detroit to jfk from jfk to Heathrow I have received 2/3 luggage one of my luggage was missing I have contacted JetBlue by email so many time since today i have been calling 18665385438 this no one even pick up my call?

  18. Princess Sandy on Reply

    Hello my name is Princess Sandy my flight was canceled on September 11 it’s flight #1320, confirmation #OIKAJP I was put an another flight 720 without my luggage it’s been three days and I still have not gotten my luggage , I was told it will sent to me the next day I am still waiting, I cannot get on to the airline please I need my luggage there are important things in there. Please get back to me. Thank you

    1. Nancy James DP
      Nancy James on Reply

      Hello Princess Sandy,

      I’m sorry to hear about your flight trouble. Please provide your full name, contact information, and details of your missing luggage to the airline’s customer service. They’ll help you track it down and get it back to you as soon as possible.
      Contact Jetblue’s primary baggage claim number at 1-866-538-5438

  19. Mitali Gupta on Reply

    No one answers the phone at the baggage claim number 866-538-5438
    Please help. I need to report damaged luggage and the website says I need to do it within 4hours of the luggage delivery

    1. Nancy James DP
      Nancy James on Reply

      Hey Mitali, It seems like the baggage hotline is playing hide-and-seek with you! But don’t worry, reporting damaged luggage is serious business!

      Here’s a secret tip from a travel enthusiast like me: While you wait for them to pick up, take a moment to snap a pic of your damaged luggage. It’ll come in handy when you finally get through! And remember, it’s all part of the adventure.

  20. Harry Satin on Reply

    I left a jacket on flight from JFK to Tampa, Nov.20, 2023. Flight 2725. Conf. code NJMGAE. Blue, light weight men’s zip jacket. Left it in overhead storage compartment around mid-section of aircraft (row 16)

  21. Harry Satin on Reply

    This Jacket was left on JetBlue flight 2725 on 11/20/2023. Royal blue, zipper for men….would like to try to recover item. conf. code NJMGAE. Thank you.

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