Passengers have been known to make blunders with their names and other credentials when booking flight tickets. They might fill out the passenger details’ section with inaccurate first or last names or both. Sometimes passengers commit an error while selecting their gender, date of birth, or more. That’s when Air New Zealand name change policy came to the rescue that helps passengers alter/correct their names, and other details. 

Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

There’s nothing to worry when you have misspelled the name or your name requires an alteration due to any legal consideration. Here’s a rundown of all the rules and guidelines associated with the name change/correction on Air New Zealand flight, how you can make those changes, the fees associated with the same, and more.

Rules and Guidelines Associated with Name Change on Air New Zealand

As per the Air New Zealand name change policy, it is possible to change the name for free during the first 24 hours of booking after the purchase is made. The other guidelines include – 

Once the booking is Made

After you purchase the flight, you realize that there is a misspelled name or forest to add the second last name, the, – 

  • If you need to correct a name 24 hours after the purchase (such as misspelling, different surname, add, omit or change the second last name, gender hours change, etc), you can do so by paying a name correction fee. 

Change Passengers Name on Air New Zealand Ticket

The airline allows passenger to change the family name or add the maiden first or last name under the following circumstances – 

  • Name change is only permitted in case of legal consideration like divorce or marriage.
  • At the time of name change, an attempt would be made by the airline to secure the same fare class as ticketed. If that cannot be done, the flight booking would be reissued in the higher class of service, subject to availability. In that case, fare difference may apply. 

Correct Misspelled Name

Misspelled name can be corrected for free under the following conditions –  

  • As per Air New Zealand name correction policy, only 3-characters can be corrected in the first name, middle name or last name for free. Beyond that, an Air New Zealand ticket name change fee would be levied. 

For Domestic and International Travel

Air New Zealand name change rules differs with domestic and international travel – 

  • For travel within Australia, and New Zealand, name change is permitted up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  • Air New Zealand ticket name change is permitted up to 24 hours prior to departure on all international booking. 

Miscellaneous Conditions

Name change is permitted on the Air New Zealand operated flight, and must be an unused flight segment. In addition – 

  • At the time of name correction or name change,no changes would be allowed to travel dates, class of service, and places of origin or destination.
  • According to Air New Zealand name change policy, the service allows one reissue per booking. 

Tips – All fight reservations must have the accurate first name, middle name and last name. The name must match exactly as it appears on with the government-issued ID or passport.

How to Request Name Change on Air New Zealand Reservation?

To change or correct the name, it can be done online through the Air New Zealand Manage Booking section. In addition, passengers can also call the airline’s customer service to complete the request. 

Method 1 – Name correction/change through airline’s website

Through the airlines website, there is a workable option to alter or correct names on the Air New Zealand booking. You can change the name in a number of significant ways with only a few clicks. By visiting the website’s Manage Booking section, you can make changes online. You’ll see certain prompts as a result. Please do so while mentioning the correct name.

  • Please visit the official website.
  • Enter the ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the field under the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Opt for the Air New Zealand ticket name change request. Then click the “Change” option to obtain your itinerary.
  • Continue to correct/change the misspelled name on the ticket.
  • Next, select “Save.”
  • The email address you provided when making the reservation will get a confirmation of the name change.

Method 2 – Name correction/change through Customer Service

Calling the toll-free Air New Zealand customer support number will allow the traveler to modify/correct the name. It is also a perfect approach to promptly fix any mistakes you made when making your ticket reservation.

You can contact the reservation desk of Air New Zealand by calling the provided number. You should explain your problem and the specifics of the ticket to the airline representative.  Your matter will be handled by him or her.

The rules that apply to this approach are as follows:

  • When speaking with airline executives, keep your six-digit reference number or e-ticket number handy.
  • Passengers can ask for a name change or correction on the call.
  • The airline’s representative may ask passengers to submit a copy of official travel documents as identification.
  • Pay any required name change fee for Air New Zealand, if any.
  • This will be confirmed via email to the address provided during booking.

Name Change Fee for Air New Zealand

When it comes to starting the name-change process, you should adhere to the conditions mentioned-above, and are subject to an Air New Zealand name change fee. You must have the requisite knowledge on the cost to alter or correct the passenger’s name. 

  • Air New Zealand charges up to 250 USD for name changes under specific circumstances.
  • Air New Zealand name correction up to 3 characters is permitted for free. 
  • The fee will be the same regardless of the fare and the class of service booked. 
  • In addition to the change penalty, a fare difference may apply. 

Below is the overview of the Air New Zealand change passenger name fee for all the travel within the New Zealand and abroad – 

Travel within New Zealand and AustraliaTravel to and from United StatesOther international routes
Name correction up to 3 characters (in USD)Free100100
Name correction beyond 3 characters (in USD)75200250
Name change to marriage, and divorce (in USD)75250250

Note: When a name change is not permitted due to the restricted fare rule, the airline authorizes cancellation of the flight. A cancellation fee of Air New Zealand would be applied.

In the end

When it comes to changing a legal name or fixing misspellings on tickets, Air New Zealand airlines are usually understanding. But you’ll need to address the problem as quickly as possible.

The name change process is quite simple and the airline does not charge any money for a name correction. For those who need to alter their name due to legal compulsion, there can be a small fee applied. The fees could vary with domestic and international travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air New Zealand Change Name on Ticket

Are name changes permitted with Air New Zealand?

Yes, as per the Air New Zealand name change policy, passengers are allowed to change or add their first name, middle name and family name under the legal conditions –

Under the divorce decree

How to correct misspelled name with Air New Zealand?

You can correct your name by contacting the customer service or via the airline’s website. Air New Zealand name correction policy allows users to correct the name up to 3 characters.

How to avoid typos while booking an Air New Zealand reservation?

As you can see, it’s not a cause for alarm if you spell your name incorrectly with Air New Zealand. However, there is a simple method for completely avoiding typos.

Make sure the spelling of your name is accurate on all of your frequent flyer accounts. Afterward, all of your personal information, including your name, gender, and date of birth will be auto-filled whenever you make a new booking while you logged into your Airlines frequent flyer mileage account.

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  1. Abhinav Bansal on Reply

    If the first and last name is correct and only middle name is wrong, can we leave the booking as is, or do we still need to correct the middle name?

  2. Frank Keehl on Reply

    That is a NZ fair policy to change the ticket if you buy directly from them. So a word of caution to all. If a travel agent books the international flights on more than one airline, Air NZ tells the travel agent that the normal way to deal with it is to have the customer pay to buy a new ticket, after already paying for the original ticket, and the old ticket costs can be mostly reimbursed. But the planes fill up and cost significanlty more as the departure date approaches. Calling Air NZ, they say it is the travel agents problem, not theirs. The travel agent says there are no seats left, except you can upgrade to higher seat for another $8k. But now even those seats are gone. I still have no resoltion. It is very stressful.

    The decision for changing one letter one my middle name has gone on for two months with the travel agent and I still have no resolution. The travel agent says they can only do what Air NZ (and United Airlines) allows. That is buy a significantly higher cost new ticket many thousands in my case, change the itinerary for my 6 flights, with higher layover times, as well as leave my wife on the original 6 flights. She is not happy with this.

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