Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada is most affordable airline when it comes to the booking or cancelling the reservations. Cancel Air Canada ticket within 24 hours of booking to get 100% refund. Before going for Air Canada free cancellation, you must read below mentioned Air Canada cancellation policy:

  • As per Air Canada flight cancellation policy, passengers can hassle-free cancel their reservation and get the refund of the same, no matter if they booked their reservation via airline portal or through the third party.
  • Travellers can claim a full refund of their ticket cost if they cancel within 24 hours from the date of purchase.
  • Air Canada 24 hour cancellation is applicable on refundable as well as non-refundable fares
  • In case you booked your Air Canada flight which is flying within 24 hours, still, you can cancel and get a full refund unless you cancel at least two hours prior to your departure.
  • Air Canada refundable fares tend to be higher than the non-refundable fares

Air Canada Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellation is one of the most common things that happen during travel, we never know what and how uncertainty looms over? But nothing to worry about if you purchased your ticket with Air Canada. Also, some cancellations are within the airline regulation, unlike others, like severe weather, traffic disruptions, are simply out of our reach. Whatever is the reason, Air Canada flight cancellation policy will not disappoint you at all, no matter what the circumstances are. There are circumstances that your flight got cancelled due to weather, you should know inside-out of Air Canada claims for the cancelled flights. Here are some points that help you understand on what circumstances, the flight cancellation occurs.

  • If Air Canada cancels your flight due to internal corporate reasons like bankruptcy, then they are liable to rebook you any other flight.
  • In cases like severe weather or state’s emergency, Air Canada cancellation policy refund is one such example of promise, for all the cancellation they will not only provide you with the full refund but also compensate their passenger with all the discount vouchers and complimentary meal pass.
  • In case of any family situation or death in the family, Air Canada refund the whole ticket cost without seeking any documents proof, unlike other airlines that can ask for numerous proof to validate your claim.

In all the other scenarios for Air Canada cancellation, the airlines do not hold any amount in the form of travel credit or voucher, instead, it processes the refund back to the original form of payment. 

Air Canada Cancellation Fee

Air Canada cancellation fee is no different from its other counterparts as it charges 200 USD to alter the reservation for different dates or cancel the reservation in total. Air Canada ticket cancellation charges do not apply if you are cancelling your reservation within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

Tips to avoid Air Canada cancellation fee

  • Air Canada cancellation fee can be avoided on the grounds if you decide to upgrade your economy fare to business or first class with them. In that case, all you need to pay is the difference in the fare. Hence your change fee can be waived off in that case.
  • Make sure if you decide to cancel your reservation, do it within 24 hours from the date of booking.
  • In cases you are making the alteration or cancellation due to bereavement reasons, Air Canada will not only support you but also empower you by waving the 200 USD fee as well as providing relaxation to some extent in paying fare difference.
  • If you purchased your travel insurance with Air Canada and if the flight got cancelled due to severe weather or traffic disruption, then also your cancellation fee can be waived off.

Air Canada 24 Hour Cancellation

Once you purchased the flight, you always want to know everything about the cancellation policy. Whether it is fully refundable or not within 24 hours? Does Air Canada promote refunds on its tickets within a 24-hour window? Can I cancel Air Canada booking without paying any extra fee?

Air Canada 24 hour cancellation works in tandem with the Department of Transportation that requires all the airlines to ‘hold a fare’ at the listed price for 24 hours without payment or allows cancellation of the reservation within 24 hours without paying any penalty. This Air Canada flight cancellation policy is applicable on all domestic and international reservations, to and from U.S and Canada.

During the festive time or during the weekend, usually, you may be granted a 24 hour cancellation time frame at zero cost. For example, in case you booked a reservation on Friday, you might get the time till Monday to decide on the cancellation part. In such cases, it is always preferred to book the reservation directly with Air Canada only.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Phone Number

In case you have difficulty performing exchange or cancellation online on your part, feel free to reach us to our 24*7 Air Canada Flight Cancellation Phone Number at +1-855-568-1951 Our travel experts not only showers you with the best advice but also make your life easier by performing all risk-free cancellation on your behalf. We will not only provide all the relevant information you require but also help you understand how Air Canada flight cancellation works within or beyond 24 hours, irrespective of the class of the services booked or the kind of the fare purchased. 

We know sometimes it is too confusing when it comes to making a trip cancellation process, as the whole internet is full of information which not only varies or also incomplete information which led you to go nowhere. Our job is to make your life easy as our representatives will guide you everything about the online process of booking, cancellation, exchanges, seat selection, meal preference and what not. 

Air Canada Cancellation Policy Refund

In case you are cancelling your reservation and you are concerned about the refund against your flight tickets. In this article, based on our extensive research, we will enlighten you and try to answer all your queries related to refund related to Air Canada trip cancellation. Here are complete details about everything you need to know about the Air Canada cancellation policy refund

  • If the booking is made via Air Canada portal or over the phone with one of their agents, then the cancellation or changes to be made by the same method only.
  • In case, you booked your reservation with any third-party travel agency, online or then Air Canada flight cancellation has to be initiated from the original point of purchase.
  • Travellers seeking a full refund on their ticket cost have to abide by the Air Canada cancellation policy as they have to void their ticket within 24 hours from the date of booking.
  • Air Canada 24 hour cancellation applies on refundable as well as non-refundable fares.
  • In case you have been marked no-show, as per Air Canada cancellation policy, the whole airfare value can be redeemed in the form of travel voucher that can be used by the same passenger within a period of 12 months.

Air Canada Cancellation policy for refundable fares

Air Canada cancellation for refundable fares is always available at a higher price, but they counted as the most flexible and reliable ones. You can cancel anytime and every time and the chances are, it will not make deep holes in your pocket. Besides Air Canada’s 24-hour cancellation policy, all the refundable fares can be cancelled at the last minute and the cancellation fee for that would be 50 USD, which is to be deducted from the ticket cost and the remaining value would be credited back to the original form of payment. Also, with the purchase of the refundable fare ticket with Air Canada, seat selection and other value-added services are complementary. 

Air Canada Cancellation policy for non-refundable fares

Air Canada Cancellation policy for non-refundable is as general as it could be. If you cancel the reservation within 24 hours from the date of the booking, the whole amount would be automatically refunded back to your original form of payment within 7-10 business days. Beyond 24 hours Air Canada cancellation, they’ll issue a travel credit voucher against the ticket cost and you can redeem to travel to anywhere where the airlines operate within a year from the date of cancellation.

Usually, Air Canada commits this time frame for refund as the maximum time, but you can see the payment reflected back to your account in 24-48 hours most of the time. Usually, at times there is a temporary hold on your debit or credit cards for the refunded amount, in those cases, you can call your bank to resolve immediately.

FAQS About Air Canada Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my Air Canada booking online?

All you need to do is log on to the and visit ‘My Trip’ section. Keep your six-digit booking reference and the last name of the passenger handy. On the next screen, you would be having your trip details in front of you. You can cancel, upgrade and also change the travel date as well here.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my booking within 24 hours of purchase?

Of course! Whether you buy a refundable or non-refundable fare, whether it is an Air Canada’s domestic or international flight, whether it is a basic economy, Economy Flex, Business or First class, Air Canada 24 hour cancellation helps you to get your ticket voided and get the 100 per cent refund automatically on your original form of payment.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my booking after 24 hours?

Yes, you do but let us cut the clutter for you! Beyond 24 hours you would be eligible for partial or no refund. It totally depends on the kind of fare you have booked. If you had opted for Basic economy fare, then no refund would be provided upon cancellation. On Air Canada economy flex cancellation, there would be partial refund post deduction of 200 USD Air Canada cancellation fee. A partial refund is applicable on all Business as well as first-class booking too.

How do online refunds work?

All the reservation booked and later cancelled online would get the refund automatically in their registered mode of payment. Any reservation with Air Canada cancelled within 24 hours takes 24-48 hours time to reflect into the bank account and 1-2 billing cycle on the bank statement.

Can all refundable fares be refunded online?

Yes! Air Canada cancellation policy refund would be processed online if the point of purchasing the flight via

My flight has been cancelled. What can I do from my end?

If your flight is voluntarily cancelled due to any internal or corporate reasons, or Air Canada flight cancelled due to weather, don’t worry! We got you covered. Air Canada will give you the option to either take a full refund or get you to arrange the next flight with a different carrier, if available.

My flight has been cancelled but my luggage is still on board. What now?

In that case, immediately visit the Air Canada kiosk at the airport to escalate the situation. We will take extra measures to get your luggage in one piece. 

How do I avoid Air Canada’s 200 USD cancellation/ change fee?

The only avoidance can help your cause if you avail Air Canada 24 hour cancellation risk-free program and get your flight cancelled within a timeframe. You can get a waiver of 200 USD change fee if you are making a class upgrade on your existing reservation.

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