Founded on 29th March 1960, Thai Airways is an international airline headquartered in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok and significantly operates from Suvarnabhumi airport. The airline is also seen to be a founding member of the Star Alliance, the airline is seen to host more than 101 destinations in almost 37 countries. Thai Airways is seen to be the second-largest shareholder in Low-cost carrier Nok Air. Along with numerous other flexible options,  Thai Airways baggage policies make this airline one of the best in the eyes of its passengers.  If you want to get detailed knowledge about Thai Airways baggage policy, make sure to run through the complete guide. 

Initially, Thai airway was seen to be launched as a regional carrier known by the name ‘Thai Smile, currently, the airline flies to world-class destinations attracting tourists from every corner of the world. The passengers can enjoy leisure travels in the most adventurous and relaxing destination without splurging too much. Known for its economic fares and top-notch service, the airway ensures a memorable trip to every passenger right away after booking their tickets. The comfy seats and lip-smacking appetizers crank up the experience, making Thai Airways one of the best currently. 

Thai Airways Baggage Policy 

Thai Airways baggage policy is quite simple and does not include a troublesome process. The airway tries to take every extra step to make your travel hassle-free and exciting. Passengers travelling in Thai Airways are allowed to carry at least 2 checked baggage along with them. The airway has a wide variety of policies due to the numerous class division in the Thai Airways. 

All the passengers do not hold the liberty to take free carry-on baggage or personal items. Thai Airways baggage allowance from Australia and numerous other foreign destinations such as New Zealand and Asia is generally more than the baggage allowance for domestic passengers. Different tickets will have a different allowance so make sure to check the allowance on your ticket before leaving for the airport. 

Thai Airways Baggage Allowance 


Baggage allowance varies with the type of flight, domestic or international. If a passenger decides to exceed the baggage limit ideally provided for him/her, they will have to pay excess baggage fees Thai Airways. 

Thai Airways additional baggage charge will be levied on the passengers if they carry more checked-in baggage than they are allowed to. The airline is quite lenient and is at the zenith when it comes to providing flexibility to its passengers. If you are shifted to a lower class involuntarily, you can still enjoy the leverage of higher Thai Airways cabin baggage weight than that class, even when the refund in the fare difference is made to the passenger. 

Thai Airways Baggage Weight 

As mentioned before, Thai Airways cabin baggage weight varies with different types of classes. A passenger with a ticket of a higher class would be allowed to carry the luggage than a passenger with a ticket of a lower class. Baggage allowance depends on several other things, you can find your baggage weight allowance below. 

Baggage weight for domestic flights

  • Passengers of Royal Silk Class are allowed to carry 40 kg (88 pounds) in Thai Airways.
  • If you have a ticket in Premium Economy Class you can enjoy the baggage weight limit of 30 kg (66 pounds). 
  • Passengers of Economy class can also carry baggage up to 30 kg (66 pounds) except RBD in which the weight limit is 20 kg (44 pounds). 
  • Along with numerous other leverages is Thai Airways baggage allowance infant. Your little ones who are not occupying a seat are allowed to have 10 kg baggage along with them. 
  • Royal Orchid Premium members are allowed to carry a maximum of 30 kg (66 Pounds) additionally while travelling with Thai Airways. 
  • ROP Silver Members can carry 10 kg (22 pounds) extra luggage in this airway. 

Checked Baggage Weight For International Flights 

Flights running between TC3 (Asia, Australia and New Zealand) and TC2 ( Europe, Africa and the Middle East) have a different baggage allowance than domestic flights. 

  • Passengers of Royal First Class are allowed to carry 50 kg (110 pounds) in Thai Airways.
  • If you are travelling in Royal Silk Class or Premium Economy Class you can carry up to 40 kg (88 pounds) of luggage without any trouble. 
  • Passengers travelling in economy class are allowed to carry at least 30 kg (66 pounds) of luggage however there are some terms and conditions on the date of the booking for a Thai Airways ticket, please check your dates and confirm your baggage allowance accordingly. (For tickets issued before 9th August 19, the passengers can only carry 20 kg weight, on tickets issued on/after 10th August 19, the passengers can carry 30 kg weight in total.
  • Thai Airways baggage allowance for an infant is 10 kg or 22 pounds.
  • ROP and Star Alliance Gold members can carry an extra 20 kg (44 pounds) along with their previous allowance.
  • Royal Orchid Platinum members can enjoy the leverage of carrying an extra 30 kg along with their previous baggage allowance.
  • ROP Silver members can carry an extra 10 kg (22 pounds) while taking a flight via Thai Airways. 

Baggage Weight Allowance to/from USA and Canada

  • Thai Airways check-in baggage allowance for Royal First class and Business Royal Silk is 32 kg (70 lbs). The minimum checked baggage number for this class is 2. 
  • The passengers travelling in Economy can carry up to 23 kg (50lbs) and can carry at least 2 bags along with them. 
  • Infants not occupying any seats are allowed to have one bag of 23 kg (50lbs) in Thai Airways. 

Thai Airways Baggage Rules 

Thai Airways has a considerable policy that never tends to cause any trouble to the passengers. Whether we talk about Thai Airways carry-on baggage rules or the allowance, the passengers seem to be very content with it. However, there are some set of rules that must be followed by every passenger to contribute to the smooth functioning of Thai Airways. 

  • The airline provides one free personal item, any carry-on luggage or checked-in luggage will be charged. If a passenger wants to buy extra baggage Thai Airways online, they will have to pay comparatively less, if they are booking it directly at the airport, the charges would significantly increase. 
  • The personal item would be stored under the seating area so it must not cross the dimension. Not following the rule might make the airline count your personal item as a carry-on and charge you for the same. 
  • You can take one carry-on baggage and one personal item regardless of the fare type, however, the total weight of the carry on baggage must not be more than 7 kg while the weight of the personal item must not be more than 1.5 kg and it must follow the proper dimension rule set by the airway.
  • Thai Airways will impose an extra charge on a passenger if they are carrying a special item that crosses the weight limit. 

Thai Airways baggage rules also require the passengers to learn about the baggage size and follow it accordingly. The carry-on baggage is usually placed on the overhead area in the plane while the personal item can either be carried in the hand or the area beneath the seats. We recommend you go through the dimensions of the luggage as per your ticket before leaving for your flight. 

Thai Airways Baggage Size 

  •  Thai Airways carry on baggage size must not exceed the length of 56 cm (22 inches), the width of 45 cm (18 inches) and the thickness of 25 cm (10 inches).
  • The dimension of any personal item has to be of the length 37.5 cm (15 inches), width 25 cm (10 inches) and depth of 12.5 cm (5 inches).
  • Passengers flying from/to the USA or Canada in Royal First class of Thai airways are allowed to carry 2 bags of 158 cm or 62 inches. 
  • Passengers having the ticket of Royal Silk or Business class and are allowed to carry 2 bags, the dimensions of which must not exceed 158 cm or 62 inches (For flights flying to/from the USA and Canada). 
  • Passengers of Economy class are allowed to carry just 1 bag of dimension 158 cm or 62 inches while taking a flight to/from the USA or Canada. 
  • The passengers can also bring the baggage of their infants, the dimensions of which must not cross 115 cm or 45 inches. 

Thai Airways Extra Baggage Fees

The excess baggage will be assessed and charged before you get seated on the aircraft. Any baggage checked in addition to the baggage allowed to the passenger might levy a certain amount of fees on him/her as fees. The baggage allowance may vary with the cabin, itinerary, military status and date of purchase. 

Fees per kilogram for domestic flights (in Thai Baht) as per the destination 

Destinations                             Fees (per kg)

Krabi to Bangkok                       70 THB 

Phuket to Bangkok                    70 THB 

Chiang Mai to Bangkok             60 THB 

Chiang Rai to Bangkok             70 THB 

Hat Yai to Bangkok                    80 THB

Khon Kaen to Bangkok              55 TBH 

Surat Thani to Bangkok             65 THB 

Udon Thani to Bangkok             65 THB 

If a passenger is taking an international flight, the extra baggage fees might vary from one country to the other depending on several other factors. If you wish to have detailed information about the excess baggage fees depending on your desired locations according to the zone.

Booking a flight with Thai airways comes with its own perks, the convenient baggage policy comes along with an easy Thai Airways flight change policy. Change in plans? Do not worry, the Thai Airways cancellation policy is exclusively meant to provide all the passengers with an exceptional trip. 

The Thai Airways booking process is trouble-free and can be done both online, by visiting their official website as well as offline, directly from the airport. You also have the liberty to contact any third party such as agents for booking

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How many baggage can I take on a domestic flight via Thai Airways? 

A passenger is allowed to carry one carry-on baggage, one personal item and at least one check-in baggage while flight with Thai Airways. The weight and the number of checked-in baggage depend on the class that you are flying in. While the Royal Silk class will allow you to carry 40 kg, on the other hand, you can only carry 30 kg in Economy class. 

What baggage are restricted in Thai Airways? 

Thai Airways does not entertain any smart baggage facility. Bags with installed lithium batteries, Power bank, GSM, GPS, WiFi or any electromagnetic effects are restricted in this airway and will not be accepted at any cost. If you wish to carry any such electronic device, you can simply take it as a carry-on. Make sure to take a look at your checked baggage before you send your baggage for checking to avoid any last-minute hassle during the flight. 

Does Thai Airways Serve Alcohol? 

Thai Airways has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its top-notch service and relaxed flights. The airways are headquartered in one of the most tourist attracting places in the world and bounds to give every facility possible. Yes, the passengers would be served alcohol while flying with this airway. However, the charge of alcohol would solely depend on the class of the ticket. A passenger travelling in a higher class would be served his/her desired alcoholic beverage for free while a passenger travelling in a lower class will have to pay for it. 

What happens when Thai Airways loses my baggage? 

If your baggage is delayed more than 24 hours, Thai Airways will reimburse you for the emergency shopping (Toiletries and sometimes medicines). If your baggage is damaged, you will get a refund depending on the items in your baggage. In case of any mishap, the passengers can contact the ground staffs immediately. 

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