Travelers may often have to postpone or even cancel trips due to unavoidable circumstances. Especially, due to the pandemic, traveling has become all the more uncertain. ITA Airways understands the problem and so it has introduced a short and transparent ITA Airways cancellation policy for its esteemed customers. It assists them in such situations with its simple guidelines to reverse the flight.

ITA Airways Cancellation Policy

What is ITA Airways Ticket Cancellation Policy?

The ITA cancelation policy applies to those customers who seek to cancel their tickets. However, a ticket can also be canceled by the airline itself. In that case, customers are entitled to a refund or compensation. The ITA Airways ticket cancellation policy, therefore, includes terms and conditions and ways to obtain a refund if applicable. By knowing all the rules of this policy, it will be easier for you to cancel your flight under any circumstances.

ITA Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

As per the ITA Airways 24 hour cancellation policy, customers can claim a full refund in case a ticket is canceled within twenty-four hours of its booking. However, it has to be noted that the ticket should be booked at least a week before the scheduled journey. If a ticket is booked through a travel agent, then the customer is requested to get in touch with him/her and claim the refund amount. In return, the travel agent may charge an extra amount as a cancellation service. 

How to Cancel ITA Airways Flights?

According to the ITA Airways cancellation policy, there are primarily two methods of ticket cancellation, one is online and the other is an offline method. To cancel the tickets online, a customer is required to access the ITA official website. For the offline method of ticket cancellation, you can reach out to customer care executives. The helpline number is available on the ITA website.

Method 1: Online Ticket Cancellation via Site

In the online method of ITA Airways cancel flights, one is simply required to access the account on the site. Then you have to follow the instructions to cancel the ticket. You can also add your details as asked in the procedure.

ITA Airways Cancel Flight
  • Visit the official website of ITA Airways.
  • You may either be required to log in or sign up. One may directly access the cancellation page. Once logged in, a passenger is then required to select the “Manage Booking” option. In that case, the booking reference number and the name of the passenger have to be provided. 
  • Under “Manage Booking”, one may then get to select the flight ticket required to be canceled.
  • After the cancellation is made successfully, the passenger will then receive a cancellation confirmation mail from ITA Airways. 

Method 2: Cancellation on Call 

For ticket cancellation, the offline method is ideal for customers who require live assistance. The customer care helpline number of ITA Airways will be useful for processing the method. Also, in case of any complications, quick contact with the ITA, via the number, the airline’s assistance team will enable the customers to go through the cancellation process very easily.

ITA Airways Cancellation Fee 

ITA Airways Cancellation Fee

As per the ITA Airways cancellation policy, a customer may or may not be required to pay a cancellation fee. For example, a customer may not be required to pay any amount if he or she cancels a ticket within 24 hours of booking. However, if the cancellation process is carried out after 24 hours of booking, then the customer is required to bear a certain amount. 

The following rules are to be kept in mind for processing ticket cancellation:

  • To cancel a ticket, a customer is required to inform ITA Airways by writing an email at [email protected]. The letter must be signed by the lead passenger mentioned in the booking. Once the airways receive the email, it will then send a cancellation confirmation mail. It will come within 24 hours. In case of a delay, customers can contact ITA Airways in person. 
  • As per ITA Airways Flexy cancellation policy, the airline will charge an amount as per the following conditions:
    • A full refund can be offered when the ticket is canceled 30 days before the scheduled flight. Only $250 will be charged as the fee and $50 as a processing fee. 
    • A partial refund is offered when cancellation is done within 30 days of the trip. In that case, $300 is charged as an ITA Airways cancellation fee and $50 as a processing fee.
    • No refund shall be given when one is required to cancel the flight within 7 days of the trip. No reimbursement may be provided. However, customers may use the booked amount to purchase the ITA flight tickets in the future. In the case of a paid and confirmed reservation, one may expect a refund within 90 days of his/her ticket cancellation. 

ITA Airways Refund Policy

ITA Airways offers a refund in some cases under the ITA Airways refund policy. The refund can be either partial or full depending upon the type of carriage for which the ticket is bought. The type or condition of the carriage is mentioned on the booking receipt once the ticket is bought. 

However, irrespective of the type of ticket, the security and airport taxes are fully refundable. It should be noted that for refunds, customers should request a person by writing an email at [email protected]. Also, one may reach out through email to claim a refund in case of a non-refundable ticket. 

Customers are requested to directly opt for the online cancellation process for a full refund. However, for a partial refund, one has to contact ITA Airways by dialing a  toll-free number. Customer Care executives will be available for help from 09:00-20:00 (CET) Monday to Friday. While on weekends, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, a passenger can reach out to the customer care team from  09:00-17:00 (CET). 

ITA Airways Compensation Policy

The ITA Airways Compensation Policy is as per the Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. Following the regulation, the compensation and customer assistance policy of ITA Airways is formulated. The norms tend to change from time to time and hence, it is advised to get a piece of real-time information from the ITA Airways app. 

Regrettably, if a flight is canceled by ITA Airways, the airways will compensate by allocating a new seat to another flight of ITA Airways. According to the ITA Airways cancellation policy, a full refund may be offered in case the customers are not willing to take the other flight offered as a replacement. 

Delays and Compensations

ITA Airways Flight Delay

At times, there may be a flight delay and a passenger may require to put up in a hotel or any other accommodation. ITA Airways may reimburse a reasonable amount for providing relevant documents. 

However, it must be noted that if the airline can offer accommodation on its own and the customer stays in an accommodation chosen by himself, then the airline is not liable to pay any reimbursement as compensation.  Also, no compensation will be available in case of a delay under extraordinary circumstances like inclement weather, air traffic, air mobility restrictions, and others that are beyond the control of ITA Airlines. 


The ITA Airlines cancellation policy is quite transparent and customer friendly. The cancellation process is also easy to follow. The 24-hour cancellation policy of ITA offers a full refund when possible. Thus, traveling with it can be convenient for passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does ITA Airways have a cancellation fee?

Yes, a cancellation fee is charged depending upon the ITA Airways cancellation policy. There will be no fee if a ticket is canceled within 24 hours of its purchase. But a charge would be applied for tickets canceled after 24 hours of booking. The cancellation fees are applied for both the refundable and non-refundable tickets. However, the fee amount would be charged as per the terms and conditions of the ticket bought.

How to Cancel ITA Airways flight without fee?

The flight can be canceled without a fee as per the norms of ITA Airways 24 hour cancellation policy. As given in the policy, no cancelation fee would be charged if a customer cancels a ticket within 24 hours of its booking. One may reach out personally to the ITA Airways cancelation team to request exemptions.

Does ITA Airways compensate for cancelled flights?

Yes, ITA Airways compensates for canceled flights. When a flight is canceled, it offers compensation depending upon the circumstances. For instance, compensation is usually not given when a flight gets canceled due to reasons that are beyond the control of ITA Airways. However, in case the compensation is given under the ITA Airways cancellation policy, it is mainly in the form of a new ticket for another flight.

Can you cancel an ITA airline ticket within 24 hours?

Yes, a passenger can cancel ITA Airways flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase. Often it happens that customers have entered their name, destination, date, and time of travel incorrectly. In that case, customers can cancel their tickets within a time duration of 24 hours of booking. Also, no cancellation charges will be applicable when canceled within the time limit.

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    I have an inquiry regarding the possibility of cancelling my flight. I have booked a flight with ITA on July, 25th 2022. I would like to know whether I still can cancel my flight or not? and if is there any cancellation fee for that.

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    My husband and I bought non-refundable ITA airlines tickets through

    We were supposed to leave from Firenze on the 22nd of September @ 11:10 AM. Arriving at Bari on 2:25 PM. A total of 3.15 hours.

    ITA changed the schedule. Hence, we’ll be leaving @ 06:35 AM. Same arrival. A total of 7.50 hours.

    Unfortunately, that does not work for us. We have requested a refund (due to the 4.5 hours prolonged travel time). We are being told that our tickets are non-refundable (which is indeed the kind of tickets we bought since we did not need a refund under the circumstances we were originally were offered/bought into).

    Can you please tell us whether we just have to accept that the money is lost – even though we did not buy tickets out of Florence @ 06:35 in the morning?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Christiane Guerra on Reply

    I had to change my date of arrival to Brindisi because ITA changed the time of arrival on the original booking. I had already selected my and my husband’s seat for the original booking and was charged 239.90USD twice for those seats I would like a refund for a total of 469.80 USD because I was charged twice for the same sear selection and also because I will no longer be travelling on that those two flights ITA 611 and ITA1619on Oct 15 but instead be travelling on flight 611 from New York to Rome on Oct 13and on flight 1623 from Rome to Brindisi on Oct 14

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