Emirates cancellation policy offers exclusive privileges and flexibility to all its users. People around the world prefer Emirates Airlines for luxury as well its transparent policies when it comes to cancellation and modifications. In this post, we will brief you some points related to Emirates flight cancellation charges and the related policies. 

Emirates Cancellation Policy 24 Hours allows passengers to void or cancel their flight reservations within 24 hours from the booking date to get a full refund. Also, if the departure date has to be beyond seven days from the purchase date.

  • Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges do not apply to each booking rather on each flight ticket. For example, one booking has five passengers in total. If they want to cancel the entire booking, then the Emirates cancellation fee applies for each passenger. 
  • Cancelling an Emirates flight online could be initiated if purchased online. Though you can also call customer support to do that. Online cancellation is very easy and hassle free, thus upon cancellation a refund would be processed automatically. 
  • While making Emirates airline reservation online, they promote the refundable and the non-refundable fares at the same time for each class of service. The refundable fares are always higher than the non-refundable ones. 
  • Emirates cancellation policy for the non-refundable fare is 200 USD if you cancel within 24 hours. The remaining balance of the airfare would be processed as a refund back to your original form of payment. In case, if the cancellation is initiated beyond 24 hours then Emirates would not process any refund rather the ticket value would be converted into points and could be redeemed to purchase the new Emirates flight.
  • Emirates flight cancellation charges for refundable fares is also 200 USD. If the flight is cancelled beyond 24 hours, then the remaining value of the airfare would be initiated as a refund. The amount would be processed in the original form of payment within 7-10 business days.

Emirates Cancellation Fee

Emirates cancellation fee like all the other major carriers is uniformly 200 USD for each passenger whether they opt for one way fare or round trip. This penalty fee remains the same for all the modifications to be performed on the existing itineraries. Depending upon the kind of fare you booked, refundable or non-refundable, you would be able to pay the same cancellation fee and make cancellation by visiting ‘Manage my Trip’ on the Emirates website. 

Air Ticket Cancellation Penalty For Emirates

Refundable fare – Air ticket cancellation policy for the refundable fare is 200 USD. It allows you either to opt for the refund or issue a travel voucher against the ticket value to rebook for your future travel.

Non-Refundable fare – Air ticket cancellation policy for the refundable fare is also 200 USD and a travel voucher would be issued automatically against the existing airfare. The voucher will remain valid for one year from the date of cancellation.

Emirates Cancellation Procedure

  • If you booked via any airline portal, you can cancel Emirates flight online on ‘Manage My Booking’ section. All you need is six digits booking reference and the last name of the passenger. 
  • For the Skywards member with Emirates Airlines, all you need is to log in with your credentials on the Emirates website to cancel your existing reservation.
  • Once you cancelled your Emirates flight reservation, the cancellation confirmation email would be sent on your email at the time you provided while making your reservation. 
  • The refund as per the Emirates Airlines policy would be at least 7-10 business days to be returned to your original form of payment. 

Emirates Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

We don’t make plans to cancel the flight, rather we make plans to book one. Cancellation happens due to our sudden change in the plans. On top of that, things become worse if we are not aware of the Emirates cancellation Policy. This post is meant for you as we will make you understand about Emirates cancellation fee and other applicable charges so that you would be prepared for any uncertainties that come across. So if you want to understand Emirates ticket cancellation, this article is meant for you.

How do I avail 24-hour cancellation policy emirates?

  • According to Emirates Airline ticket cancellation policy, any cancellation initiated by you has to be done within 24 hours and the travel date has to be beyond seven days from the date of purchase in order to get a full refund on your ticket.
  • The refund is only possible on the refundable fare promoted by Emirates Airlines. On all the non-refundable fares, the money refund option would not be available but the entire ticket cost would be converted into the points which you can redeem to book new Emirates flight anytime within a year from the date of cancellation.
  • The refund initiated for Emirates ticket cancellation would be processed via the same registered mode of the transaction while reserving the existing flight booking.
  • Besides, if you cancel the flight within 24 hours but the departure date of travel is within seven days from the date of the booking, in that case, you are bound to pay Emirates cancellation fee of 200 USD and the remaining value of the booking would be processed as a refund.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Charges

Emirates ticket cancellation can happen in many ways. Either there would be voluntary cancellation where passengers want to cancel the booking. Also, there are involuntary cancellation where the airlines cancelled the flight due to corporate reasons or severe weather. 

Involuntary cancellation happens when Emirates airlines make every effort to stick with their advertised schedule, but things can go south from there. In that case, there would be relaxation on the Emirates flight cancellation charges. In this post, we will guide on all the compensation and charges levied by the airlines on the voluntary and involuntary cancellations and what would be your next option.

Emirates flight cancelled due to bad weather

If you have a delayed  or cancelled Emirates flight, for your compensation you aren’t required to fill any forms. All you need to do call your Emirates cancellation phone number and we will tell you whether your flight qualifies for the compensation and how much you would be receiving as compensation or is there any additional compensation provided by the Emirates other than the ticket value. 

  • If the Emirates flight got cancelled due to weather disruption or any state emergency situation, in that case the Emirates cancellation fee waiver would be applied.
  • Besides, you can opt for the whole refund on your original mode of transaction or Emirates will issue you a credit voucher against the ticket value.
  • If the total flight distance is less than 2000 KM then the flight compensation would be 300 USD.
  • If the total flight distance ranges between 2000-4000 KM, and the flight is delayed for more than three hours then the compensation provided to the Emirates flyers would be 400 USD.
  • Also, the compensation would be 600 USD if the flight is delayed for more than four hours and the travel distance is more than 4000 KM.
  • If the delayed is delayed for more than five hours, then a 100 percent refund initiated as per Emirates Cancellation Fee

Emirates Cancellation Policy – FAQs

Can I cancel an Emirates flights and get a full refund within 24 hours?

Yes! The Emirates Cancellation Policy 24 Hours would be on your side. You can claim full refund if your date of travel falls beyond seven days from the date of purchase.

What if I cancel an Emirates flight beyond 24 hours?

You are still eligible for a full refund if you have refundable fare and the Emirates flight cancellation charges of 200 USD still would be applied. The rest of the ticket fare would be refunded back to your account. In case you have non-refundable fare, you can still cancel but the remaining value, after Emirates cancellation fee deduction, would be turned into a travel credit voucher.

Do I get compensation for a cancelled flight?

Absolutely! Emirates has compensation for the very delayed hour. In case your flight is delayed for more than five hours then the air ticket cancellation penalty for Emirates would be waived off completely and a full refund would be initiated back to your account.

What if my flight from Dubai is cancelled?

It depends upon the destination you are flying into. For the Emirates flight bound to U.S and Canada, you’re entitled to get compensation in the form of food and a complimentary stay at the airport all sponsored by Emirates Airlines.

How can I claim compensation if my flight is delayed or canceled?

All you need to do is reach out to us on our Emirates cancellation phone number and we will let you know, as per Emirates cancellation fee how much refund and compensation has been made out of your flight ticket.

If I miss a connecting flight, would I be eligible for a refund?

You are only eligible for a refund of the former flight with Emirates Airlines. If you are flying in one of our partnered airline, then you have to contact the concerned airline for any refunds and compensations.

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  1. REZABUL HOQUE on Reply

    My flight not running ccu to ruh 15/03/2020 8:55
    pnr numbers GE6YQW

  2. Irene Brownley on Reply

    I have incorrectly completed a cancellation request for my Emirates Flight. Request ID 5641. Flight number 176232897**** and 176232897****. Can you please disregard this request. We completed this request under duress and panic. I would appreciate if you can do this for me

  3. Muktayakka somashekar puranikmath on Reply

    Need a complete refund on my booking ID , NI6DMS as the flight has been suspended from Bengaluru India to Dubai and also from Dubai to EWR on April 11th and 12th .

  4. Joanna on Reply

    My flight do Dubai on the 30th March got cancelled and…. Emirates is refusing to refund the money, charging me 400 cancellation fee!!!!!

  5. Khizer Hayat on Reply

    I have flight by 9 of may so i need to cancel or Emirates will cancel by it self . I have flight from saudi to Pakistan


    I have booked one ticket for two persons in economy class (PNR- N4Q8NB) and one ticket for one person in business class (PNR- MTSQT2) in Emirates flights and the detail itinerary is as follows:

    Dept. date Flight no. From Arrivl. Date Destination

    29MAY2020 EK509 MUMBAI 30MAY2020 DUBAI

    30MAY2020 EK223 DUBAI 30MAY2020 NEW YORK EWR

    27SEPT2020 EK224 NEW YORK EWR 28SEPT2020 DUBAI

    28SEPT2020 EK502 DUBAI 28SEPT2020 MUMBA

    I am informed by Emirates through email that the flight from Dubai to Newark(EWR), flight EK223 has been cancelled for whatever reason. My tickets are round tickets and if one segment flight is cancelled then what will happen to my journey. To me it occurs that Emirates have cancelled my tickets since a segment of the ticket has been cancelled by the emirates. Anyway my request is for immediate clarification of my concern and to guide me what to do next. In case of any doubt regarding my concern, please feel free to contact me (933705****)
    Waiting for an early response.

  7. Finley Hughes on Reply

    Emirates is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, we all know that. But what we do not know is that it provides an exemplary customer support to its passengers. I booked my tickets 4 months in advance because I was getting it for a reasonable price. However, I had some change in plans and wanted to cancel my tickets. I got my tickets done via the agents but I reached out to the customer care for better support. I was so happy that they were able to help me out in the cancellation process during the absence of my agent.

  8. Jasper Johnson on Reply

    Before buying tickets with Emirates, I recommend that you thoroughly study the airline’s refund policy. I recently purchased a ticket with them, and the emirates refund policy was really helpful in deciphering confusing conditions. Thank you to everyone who assisted me.

  9. Santana Flores on Reply

    I had to cancel my trip due to unforeseen circumstances, and because I did not want to pay any percentage of the entire ticket cost as emirates flight cancellation fees, I called the team to make a charge concession. The representative informed me that I will be charged costs because the cancellation was submitted outside of the free cancellation period.

  10. James Smith on Reply

    I was fortunate in that I did not have to pay the emirates cancellation fee because I canceled during the risk-free period. To obtain a complete refund, I called the team, and the allocated representative assisted me further.

  11. Sanchez George on Reply

    Is it necessary for me to contact officials before submitting the Emirates ticket cancellation request form? If so, how can I get in touch with you? I tried calling the toll-free number but was unable to reach them.

  12. Anthony Kennedy on Reply

    The only issue I faced during my cancellation procedure was due to COVID-19. I wanted to opt for Emirates Covid reschedule of my flight and when I was seeking some help from the airline, I very much let down. I was told that the cancellation was not possible for free because of some ticket class issue.

  13. Julia Scott on Reply

    I had to cancel my flight due to some emergencies at home. By reading the Emirates cancellation policy, now I could go for canceling my booking with ease. But the problem I faced was that the website was not well supporting my actions. I did not find it easy to navigate at all. So it took a lot of time to cancel my ticket.

  14. Joana Bills on Reply

    So I had some issues while traveling with Emirates as I had to book my flight at some other time. So, when I was looking for the Emirates flight cancellation policy, I was quite surprised to see the charges. Some waivers should be there for reducing the fee that you are charging.

  15. Sam Walker on Reply

    We heard that many airlines are rescheduling or canceling passengers’ flights due to COVID. We had a reservation booked with Emirates. Hence, we needed to look for the Emirates Covid cancellation policy to know how the airline will comepsnate if our flight is cancelled. Unfortunately, no much info was found.

  16. Robbert Will on Reply

    Some months back, when I made my booking with Emirates, it suddenly cancelled my flight. I didn’t know the reason why. But now when I am canceling it again, I thought I should read some rules about why Emirates cancel flight. This policy says that due to some emergencies it cancels their flights. But should it not inform the passengers a week before?

  17. Kenneth Hawkins on Reply

    Had no idea how to claim my Emirates refund when I cancelled my flight with this airline. I called up the airline. The representative was polite and prfoessional. But i believe the instructions were given in such a way that it seemed complex to me.

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    I applied for a refund here by navigating through the Emirates website. And now I was confused about how long Emirates refund take. When I was doing the process, there was information about it. This is just a suggestion that you should disclose such information as it can be important for the passengers.

  19. Mildred Larson on Reply

    I’ve booked an economic trip to SFO so I can see my daughter. But my daughter had a positive Covid test. As a result, I had to cancel my flight and requested a refund of the full price. My flight in economy cannot be canceled, the airline informed me when I contacted them. How do I recover the funds at this time?

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