Below mentioned Spirit Airlines baggage policy includes:

  • One personal item: Free of cost
  • One carry-on small item: Charges may apply
  • Carry-on baggage: Charges may apply
  • Checked baggage: Fee applies per bag for more than 2 checked baggage
  • Oversize baggage: Fee applies depending on the size of baggage  
  • Overweight baggage: Fee applies as per the weight of baggage
  • Sports goods: some items may attract a fee

The spirit airlines baggage allowance rules and requirements are different for carry-on and checked baggage, read the full article to understand the Spirit Airlines baggage policy thoroughly.

Spirit airlines carry-on baggage rules and requirements

According to the Spirit airlines carry-on rules and requirements, passengers can carry along one personal item without paying any fee or charge. The personal item can be a laptop, musical instrument, backpack, hand purse, camera, etc.

Spirit airlines baggage size/dimensions and weight limit for carry-on

  • The spirit airlines baggage dimensions (maximum allowed) for a carry-on is 22*18*10 inches (50 linear inches) or 56*46*25 centimeters (127 centimeters)
  • The carry-on baggage must fit under the seat in front of passenger or the overhead bin of the seat.
  • The personal item dimensions must not exceed 18*14*8 inches (50 linear inches) or 46*36*20 centimeters (102 centimeters)
  • The personal item must fit completely under the seat in front of the passenger
  • The items such as a diaper bag, jacket, duty-free items, umbrella, and assistive devices (strollers, wheelchairs, child restraint seats, crutches, walkers, etc.) do not count as a piece of carry-on baggage.

Also, note that the bulkhead seats are no provided with any under-seat storage so, passengers will have to store all the carry-on baggage in the overhead bin during the take-off and landing of the flight.

Spirit airlines check-in baggage rules and requirements

The Spirit Airlines check in baggage rules and requirements state that you can carry along 2 bags as checked baggage and maximum up to 5 bags (international travel restrictions follow, visit the official site of Spirit airlines to check).

Spirit airlines checked baggage weight and size/dimensions limit

  • The spirit airlines baggage dimensions (maximum allowed) for a piece of checked baggage is 157 centimeters or 62 inches (length+width+height)
  • The spirit airlines checked baggage weight must not exceed 18 kilograms or 40 pounds

Spirit airlines baggage fees/cost

The Spirit airlines baggage charges are different for the carry-on and checked baggage. Read below to understand the Spirit airlines baggage fees/cost structure in detail.

Spirit airlines carry on baggage fees

  • At the airport booking centre/kiosk: $55USD
  • At the gate of the airport: $65USD
  • Prior to online check-in: $45USD
  • While online check-in- $45USD
  • While booking: $35USD

Spirit airlines checked baggage fees for first bag

  • Prior to online check-in: $40USD
  • While booking: $30USD
  • While online check-in: $40USD
  • At the airport ticket booking counter/kiosk: $50USD

Spirit airlines checked baggage fees for the second bag

  • While booking: $40USD
  • Prior to online check-in: $50USD
  • At the airport ticket booking kiosk/counter: $60USD
  • While online check-in: $50USD

Please note that the Spirit airlines charge an extra $2USD for baggage during the peak holiday season. If the passenger holds the membership of Spirit Airline’s $9 Fare Club then he/she will enjoy a $9USD discount on the baggage fees.

Spirit airlines excess baggage fees

The spirit airlines excess baggage fees charges apply when you carry along more than two bags and you can find below the fee structure for the same.

  • While booking: $85USD
  • While online check-in: $95USD
  • Prior to online check-in: $95USD
  • At the airport ticket booking kiosk/counter: $100USD

Spirit airlines overweight baggage fee

The spirit airlines overweight baggage fee applies when the passenger’s bag weight more than the set standard (23 kilograms or 50 pounds). You can find below the Spirit airlines overweight baggage fee for different weight categories.

  • 18 to 23 kilograms/41 to 50 pounds: $30USD per excess baggage
  • 23 to 32 kilograms/51 to 70 pounds: $55USD per excess baggage
  • 32 to 45 kilograms/71 to 100 pounds: $100USD per excess baggage
  • No bags weighing more than 46 kilograms or 100 pounds will be accepted as a piece of checked baggage.
  • The checked bags for flights to/from the U.S international flights must be below the weight of 23 kilograms or 50 pounds for the period of 1st December to 10th January.

Spirit airlines oversize baggage fee   

The spirit airlines oversize baggage fee is $100USD for the bags ranging between the 158 to 203 centimeters or 63 to 80 linear inches and $150USD for the bags ranging between 203 to 406 centimeters or 80 to 160 linear inches. Spirit airlines strictly do not accept any bags having a size greater than 406 centimeters or 160 linear inches.

You must have gained proper knowledge of the Spirit Airlines baggage policy by reading the above article. But you can still dial the Spirit airlines baggage contact number if you have any further doubts or queries in your mind.

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