Known to be one of the most renowned airlines in Berlin, Air Berlin was once seen to be the second-largest airline in the country and 10th largest airline in Europe. Headquartered in Berlin, the airline has now officially become people’s favorite. The wide passenger base has made the airline craft some of the best policies ever. Out of which, the Air Berlin cancellation policy tops them all. 

Air Berlin Cancellation Policy

This guide has all the major as well as minor details related to the Air Berlin cancellation. Make sure to read along and find relevant answers to all your queries. 

Air Berlin Flight Cancellation: Key Highlights 

We never know when an emergency is going to strike us, do we? In those situations, we need nothing but the best policies to save our hard-earned money. While booking a flight with Air Berlin, this comes in handy. You do not have to go through tedious processes just to make the cancellation. The rules are quite simple- 

  • As per the cancellation policy of Air Berlin, the passengers have the right to make any cancellations to their tickets within 24 hours of booking. The tickets must be purchased at least 7 days before the departure date. 
  • If the passengers fail to make the cancellations within the given time frame, the airline would impose a certain fee regarding the same. 
  • Air Berlin cancellation can happen both online as well as offline. If you wish to have a smooth experience, we recommend you make the cancellation via the source of booking. 
  • In case of dual bookings, the passengers can cancel one ticket with the lower airfare. The airline has set certain rules regarding the same, make sure to contact the airline before you make any cancellation. 
  • In case the passengers are booking their flights via the agents, they can make the cancellations only in that way. The airline would not allow them to make the cancellations online. 

Air Berlin 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

Known to be the hero of all the policies, the 24 hours policy quite literally saves the passengers while canceling their tickets. Having uncertain plans now comes easy with the amazing laid-back free cancellation window. Go through the following points to know more about it. 

  • Air Berlin cancellation policy says that the passengers can make free cancellations within 24 hours of booking. 
  • The free cancellation window depends on the type of ticket a passenger holds. The refund shall only be made if the passengers have purchased refundable tickets.  
  • In some cases, the passengers can make the cancellation even during the end moment, regardless of the 24 hours cancellation policy. Make sure to check the status during the time of booking. 

Air Berlin Refund Policy 

Air Berlin Refund Policy

No one likes to watch their money dissipate to nothing. If any special condition comes, the passengers must be able to cancel their tickets without thinking twice. Air Berlin has got you covered in this scenario. 

  • You can apply for a 100 percent Air Berlin ticket refund if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking. 
  • In order to avail of a refund, the passengers must purchase their tickets at least 7 days before the standard date of departure. 
  • The refund usually takes 7 to 10 days to reflect in the bank account of the passengers. The initiation is done right after the cancellation. 
  • Air Berlin refund is made in the original form. Meaning, if you paid via a credit card, the airline would make the refund in the same way. 
  • The passengers who paid for their tickets via cash or cheques can give their desired mode of payment to receive the refund. 

How To Cancel Flights In Air Berlin? 

We only go after things that provide us innumerable options, that’s a very common instinct. Which is one of the most important reasons why Air Berlin proved to be a huge boom in its passenger base. The airline provides all the possible options to make the cancellations. Here are the three ways using which you can make the cancellations. 

Canceling Air Berlin Tickets Online 

This is quite literally the easiest way to cancel the tickets. The passengers can sit and make modifications to their tickets from the comfort of their couch. If you hate relying on someone else to carry out your work, you can proceed with this method. 

  • Browse the official Airberlin website.
  • Log in to retrieve your details.
  • Click on the manage booking section, enter your Booking Reference Number and last name.
  • Press on the search option. 
  • The airline would navigate you to some other page. Find the “cancel my booking” option and confirm it. 
  • The airline would go through the details and check your eligibility. Make sure to fill out the refund form right after.
  • Voila! Your cancellation would be made with the tap of a finger. The refund would be released as per the Air Berlin cancellation policy. 

Air Berlin Ticket Cancellation Via A Call 

Well, let’s face it, not everyone is a technology buff. If you are someone who relies on someone else to make the cancellations or modifications, this is probably the best way for you. The airline has hired some of the most well-spoken professionals to help you out with the process. 

  • Dial the global contact center of Air Berlin at
  • An executive would answer the phone. They would then help you out in the cancellation process. 
  • Tell them your PNR number and last name to help them fetch your exact flight. 
  • Elaborate on why you wish to cancel your ticket. Try mailing a document to the executives to support your cancellation reason. 
  • They would go through the documents and check the eligibility. Request them to fill out the refund form right after the cancellation. 
  • As soon as the cancellation is done, you would receive an email about the same. 

Air Berlin Ticket Cancellation At The Airport 

If you are still not convinced with the two above given processes, you can opt for the third process. Making face-to-face cancellation is probably the best idea if you do not run high on technology. Willing to proceed forward with this method? Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Visit the ticket center of Air Berlin at the airport. 
  • Get in touch with a customer support executive. 
  • Make sure to tell them your PNR number and name so that they can find your flight. 
  • Tell them the reason for your cancellation. Make sure to carry the proof so that it strengthens your refund eligibility. 
  • The executives would make the cancellation without any hassle. 

Air Berlin Flight Cancellation Compensation

Air Berlin Flight Cancellation Compensation

End moment cancellations are charged from both ways, whether it is made by the passengers or the airline. Although the airline never wishes to cause any discomfort to its passengers, however, at times the situation gets out of hand. In these cases, the compensation policy applies without any fail. 

  • According to the Air Berlin flight cancellation policy, if the airline cancels or delays the flight at the end moment, the passengers have two options. They can either opt for a complete refund or they can take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline. 
  • The passengers can claim up to 600 EUR in case of any delay/cancellation caused by the flight. Please note that the cancellation compensation depends on the ticket as well. 
  • The airline would keep supplying food and beverages to the passengers to compensate for the loss. 
  • If the cancellations are caused due to reasons that are not in the hands of the airline, no compensation shall be made. The passengers cannot make any complaints in this scenario. 
  • In certain conditions, the passengers can also request a class upgrade/ food and beverages in the next flight as sent by the airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Cancel My Ticket in Air Berlin?

Yes. Air Berlin cancellation policy allows its passengers to make the cancellations without any trouble.

In normal scenarios, the passengers can make cancellations without any hassle. However, in some cases, when the passengers have purchased non-refundable tickets, the airline does not allow them to make the changes.

Can I Cancel My Air Berlin Flight Ticket Online?

Depends. If you have bought your tickets online, you can surely make the cancellation online. However, if you have purchased your tickets in any other way, the airline would not provide you the liberty to swap the mode of cancellation.
Please note that passengers who have booked their tickets via any third party such as agents can only contact them to cancel the tickets. They are strictly not allowed to swap the cancellation mode.

What Happens When Air Berlin Cancels My Flight?

As per the Air Berlin cancellation policy, if the airline cancels your flight at the end moment, you would have two options. You can either make a cancellation and opt for a 100 percent refund or you can take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline.
The airline would keep delivering essentials and food + Beverages in case of delay. If the flights are unusually delayed, the passengers would also be provided with hotel accommodation at the airport.

When Would I Receive My Refund from Air Berlin?

The airline is known for its exemplary service. The passengers are entitled to receive the refund as soon as they fill out the refund form. Usually, it takes approximately 7 to 12 business days to reflect the amount in the bank account.

If several days have passed and you have not received the refund, try reaching out to the airline regarding this matter.

What are the Cancellation Charges in Air Berlin?

According to the Air Berlin cancellation policy, the passengers can cancel their tickets for free up to 24 hours from the booking time. However, if they miss out they would have to pay a small amount as desired by the airline.

Please note that the cancellation fee depends on factors such as the time of cancellation, refundable or non-refundable tickets. You can directly contact your airline if you wish to know about the change fee.

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