There can be many instances when a passenger cancels his/her flight. Especially those who are frequent flyers with several bookings may require to cancel tickets in case of sudden changes in their travel plans. Under such circumstances, it would be best to be aware of the norms related to the cancelation policy of the concerned airline. To make sure of an easy process, Air Cairo has set a comprehensive cancelation policy. Passengers are, therefore, requested to read the Air Cairo cancellation policy in detail before initiating the same. 

Air Cairo Cancellation Policy

Air Cairo Ticket Cancellation Rules 

Ticket cancelations are needed to be done by a passenger based on some definite set of rules set by Air Cairo. For instance, flyers have the option of canceling them within 24 hours of purchase without paying any extra charges. 

Air Cairo Cancellation Policy

Given below are some more Air Cairo ticket cancellation rules that are commonly followed: 

  • Only tickets that are booked from the Air Cairo Office or can be canceled online. 
  • Tickets bought through travel agents can be canceled through them only. Travel agents may charge an extra service charge for canceling tickets through them. For this, the airline may not be responsible.
  • All processes like refunds or reimbursements are initiated only when the tickets are confirmed to be canceled. 
  • The customer support service is available in case of any issue faced by travelers during the cancelation process.

Air Cairo 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The Air Cairo 24 hour cancellation policy is specially made for passengers who are looking for reversal options where no extra charges are to be paid. The cancellation process under this policy is quite straightforward. The time taken to credit the refund is also short. However, there are some requirements needed by the airline to avail of the risk-free facility. 

Some of them are given as follows:

  • An important requirement is to cancel Air Cairo flight tickets well within 24 hours of their booking. As, even for a minute’s lapse, the policy will not be applicable unless under some special considerations. 
  • The flight of the canceled ticket should have at least a week or 7 days left for the departure.
  • This cancellation policy is not applicable in the final 24 hours of flight departure.

Ways to Cancel Air Cairo Flight Tickets 

Customers of Air Cairo can cancel their tickets from the website. Or, they can visit the customer support office of the airline. Both methods are effective, depending upon the convenience of the customers. The online method saves time while the offline method helps in feasible cancellations in case of any confusion or dispute. 

Given below is detailed information on both methods of ticket cancelation:

Method 1: Cancel Air Cairo Flight Via the Website 

The official website of Air Cairo can be used for canceling tickets at all hours. The process, set according to the Air Cairo cancellation policy, is user-friendly. Hence, flyers are simply required to proceed with the easy-to-follow instructions that appear on the screen. See to it that you are the flyer who has originally booked the tickets and are signed in with the right credentials.

Air Cairo Cancel Flight
  • At first, individuals will have to launch the app or the website of the airline.
  • Then they have to navigate to “Manage My Bookings”. 
  • A list of bookings made by them with the airline will be revealed. Go through these.
  • Then choose the booking that needs to be canceled.
  • While making this process, the booking details like the name of the passengers or the booking reference number is required. 
  • After following a process of confirmation, click on the “Cancel” button. This will help you finalize this process. 
  • Wait for the airline to send the confirmation mail. 

Tip: Instead of logging in to the website, flyers can also cancel their tickets online by downloading the “Air Cairo” app. Similar steps can be applied in that case.

Should you be using the online mediums for Air Cairo check-in, the cancellation option can be available. At that time as well, you can revoke your flight. This may lead to a fee being applied due to the last minute cancellation.

Method 2: Cancel Air Cairo Flight by Call

During the time of cancelation, travelers may need some special assistance. Given that, it is advisable to consult with airline representatives. For instance, a person may have completed one part of a journey but would have to either delay the return trip or cancel it fully. Customer support will be quite helpful in cases of such dilemmas. Travelers then can make a direct phone call to connect with the customer service for their Air Cairo ticket cancellations. Get in touch with the customer service team. 

There may be cases of issues related to payment or a sudden imposition of travel restrictions by local governments. Then the passengers can personally visit the branch office of the location and consult with it.

Air Cairo Cancellation Fees

Air Cairo cancelation fees are subject to non-refundable tickets. Passengers are requested to look up the type of ticket purchased during the time of booking. They can also ask the booking official in the instance of the offline mode of purchase. 

Travelers must know that the fee charges will vary on the type and time of ticket cancelation. This is because the fee charged tends to be on the higher side as the time of departure nears. In that case, it would be best to consult with the customer care of the airline to get an idea of the fee for cancellations at a particular time. 

The following information on the Air Cairo cancellation fee will be helpful for flyers: 

  • No charge is applicable for travelers who cancel within a day or twenty-four hours of purchase.
  • Passengers can also expect to cancel refundable tickets without paying a cancellation fee. However, refund fees may be applicable in case of a cancellation of a refundable ticket. 
  • When any ticket is reversed after twenty-four hours of making a booking, on average a sum of $100 to $500 is charged.
  • $100-$400 applies for cancelations made within the final twenty-four hours of the time of departure.

Air Cairo Refund Policy

Air Cairo Refund Policy

Air Cairo follows a transparent refund policy for its customers. This policy can help clear all the doubts or confusion related to the refund process. For instance, passengers can get a full refund without paying any fee for canceling tickets according to the 24-hour risk-free cancelation policy. However, tickets that are canceled after the twenty-four-hour period may incur some additional costs for cancelation. 

Given below are some of the highlights of the refund policy:

  • Refunds will be given for the cancelation of the refundable type of tickets.
  • Only taxes will be refunded for non-refundable tickets.
  • As mentioned in the Air Cairo refund policy, the process can only be initiated once the passenger receives a cancelation confirmation mail from the airline.
  • To apply online for a refund, travelers can visit the website and fill up the refund form. In the form, they have to enter the travelers’ information, booking reference, ticket information, and lastly, the payment method.

Reasons Why Air Cairo Cancel Flights 

For travelers, it would be quite dreadful given that they show up at the airport and come to know the flight is canceled by the airline. Quite unfortunate but airlines including Air Cairo have to do so for reasons often related to the safety and security of the passengers. However, these reasons may or may not be within the control of the airline. 

Reasons Outside the Control of Air Cairo 

Flights can be canceled due to causes that may be beyond the control of Air Cairo. The sudden prevalence of rough or inclement weather conditions is one of these. In addition, this may happen due to:

  • Imposition of travel restrictions by governing bodies
  • COVID-19 induced restrictions
  • Any issues at the airport that are solely under the control of airport authorities 

Reasons within Air Cairo’s Control 

Sometimes, Air Cairo cancel flights due to reasons that are within the limits of the airline but timely action may not be possible. Technical faults, for example, can be due to the airline’s operations or other reasons within control. Likewise, the following reasons remain in its control:

  • Airline staff going on strike
  • Presence of operational problems

Air Cairo Compensation for Flight Cancellations

The Air Cairo compensation policy is based on traveler requirements. As a result, the airline has many refunds or reimbursement options to compensate travelers who have faced losses due to cancellations. They are subject to certain rules or norms.

These are some important compensation norms according to the Air Cairo cancellation policy

  • As per EC 261, passengers who are especially departing from European airports on Air Cairo are eligible to receive up to $700 per person.
  • The compensation amount to be paid may depend upon the distance to be covered by the canceled flight. For example, €250 is paid to passengers of flights covering less than 1500 km.
  • Air Cairo can escape the compensation liability when reasons are beyond the control of the airline. According to the cancellation policy, reasons like bad weather fall under the category of extraordinary conditions, and, hence, travelers do not have the right to claim compensation.
  • This airline gives compensation usually in the form of new flight tickets or full refunds on request. 
  • Compensation is also provided for flight delays that are more than 3 hours.


The Air Cairo cancellation policy has been set to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Passengers are offered several ways through which they can cancel their tickets without facing any hassle. The refund and compensation norms are as per customer preference and can adhere to the rights of air passengers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can Air Cairo cancel flights?

There can be situations due to which Air Cairo cancel flights. The airline may face conditions like inclement weather or technical faults. In most cases, cancelations are made by the airline to ensure passenger safety. 

What is Air Cairo cancellation policy?

Air Cairo cancellation policy deals with ticket cancelations that can be done by the passengers when they have changes in their travel plans. The policy states the rules to follow and the fee to pay when required.

Is there an Air Cairo 24 hour cancellation policy?

Passengers have the option of canceling their tickets using the Air Cairo 24 hour cancellation policy. As per this, they will be provided a full refund. The ticket has to be canceled within 24 hours from the time of its purchase.

How to cancel Air Cairo flights?

Travelers can cancel their tickets by visiting the website or through the Air Cairo app. Otherwise, they also have the option to personally visit the ticket office of the airline. In addition, they can use the customer service number for Air Cairo ticket cancellations.

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