Bangkok Airways is a regional airline based in Bangkok, Thailand. The airline functions in some of the most tourist attracting places such as Thailand, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The main base for Bangkok Airways is Suvarnabhumi Airport. Established in 1968, the airline was initially used for air-taxi services. The airline started its services in 1986 and was Thailand’s first privately-owned domestic airline. The passengers are blessed with facilities when it comes to this airline, if you wish to know all about Bangkok Airways cancellation Policy, make sure to run through the guide and learn all about the airway’s rules. 

Bangkok Airways Cancellation Policy

The airway is known for its flexible policies and world-class service. Plans are usually uncertain and change is editable, end minute changes and modifications can be easily done via the hassle-free Bangkok Airways Cancellation Policy. The top-notch services pamper its passengers with all the essential facilities, from minute to the major ones while the flexible policies make it easy for people to travel via Bangkok Airways. Say no to the long tedious process of cancellation by booking your ticket with this airway. 


Bangkok Airways Flight Cancellation Policy 

Bangkok Airways booking can be done both online via the official website or offline from the airport. Cancelling the tickets will have to be done in the same way in which you booked your tickets, especially if you involved a third party such as travel agents. As per the Bangkok Airways cancellation policy, the passengers have the liberty to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking absolutely without paying any additional charges. 

These policies were specifically meant to ease the journey for the passengers, plans are uncertain but excitement isn’t, you can cancel your ticket within the given window to avail of the trouble-free cancellation refund from Bangkok Airways. 

Bangkok Airways 24-hour cancellation 

As per the 24-hour cancellation policy of Bangkok Airways, the passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking them. The passengers will receive a complete refund if the ticket was booked a week or more prior to the date of departure of the flight. 

In case you miss out on the Bangkok Airways free cancellation policy window, a certain amount of fee would be levied on the passenger. The cancellation fee depends on the type of fare, the destination, and most importantly, the time of cancellation of the tickets. If you wish to have in-depth information regarding the cancellation fee of Bangkok Airways, you can connect with the customer service of the airline anytime you want. 

Bangkok Airways Cancellation Fee 

Cancel flight Bangkok Airways is quite simple. If a passenger cancels his/her ticket in the cancellation window, they will receive a full refund without paying any additional charges. However, if you forgot to cancel the ticket within the time frame, you will have to go through a small fee. The refund shall be initiated keeping various factors in consideration. The sooner you cancel the ticket, the more refund you will get. The cancellation charges depend on factors such as the class of the ticket, the time of cancellation, the season of the flight booked, etc. 

Usually, the flights in this airway are non-refundable so make sure to check the terms and Bangkok Airways cancellation policy before proceeding with your booking. Any cancellation or change in the flight ticket after the departure will be a no-show and the no-show fees for economy class is 500 THB and 1000 THB for premium economy

Any change or cancellation in international flight tickets would be considered a no-show if the change is made after the departure of the flight. The passengers making this mistake will be levied with a fee of 30 USD or 1000 THB for economy class and 2000 THB for premium economy class or business class. 

Bangkok Airways Refund Policy 


Bangkok Airways would be making a voluntary refund if the ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking. The passengers must make sure that the tickets are refundable before booking them. If you are booking a non-refundable ticket, you will not receive any amount regardless of the 24-hour cancellation policy. Bangkok Airways cancellation policy takes an extra step to make flying easier for the passengers. 

If you have booked your tickets via a third party, ask your agents to inquire whether or not the tickets are refundable. The passengers can not cancel their tickets and seek a refund if the ticket has been booked by a travel agent. If you have booked your ticket online, you can cancel it and ask for a refund by visiting official website and filling out the form. Bangkok Airways refund policy is quite simple for the comfort of the passengers, the refund shall be initiated in the same way as the booking of the ticket. The amount will reflect in your source account within 7-10 business days. 

How To Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight? 

Bangkok Airways flight cancellation can be done in several methods, and the airline provides a wide variety of options to its passengers to choose from. You can now cancel your ticket in any way that suits you the best. 

Bangkok Airways Cancel Flight Online

  • Browse through Bangkok Airways official website.
  • On the home page, you will see a “Manage Booking” section.
  • Log in to your account by using your credentials (Booking reference number and last name).
  • Press the search button.
  • The details of your flight would be displayed on your screen.
  • Make sure to cross-check your details before cancelling and then click on the Continue button to cancel your ticket.
  • Make sure to submit your Bangkok Airways cancelled flight refund at the same time as per your eligibility.
  • Now that the process is done, you would receive an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number.

Cancel Your Ticket Via A Phone Call 

If you do not wish to cancel your tickets online, do not worry, Bangkok Airways has got you covered. You can simply cancel your ticket by calling the help center of Bangkok Airways and speak to a customer support executive on this toll-free number . A professional team of executives is hired to help out the passengers in the best way possible. You can explain the reason for cancellation to the executive assigned to you, they will then look into the matter and initiate the refund as per the status of your ticket. (Please note that if you have bought a non-refundable ticket, the executives would not be able to help you with the refund initiation, the amount would only be reimbursed for the tickets which are refundable) 

Cancel Bangkok Airways Flight At The Airport  

One other way to cancel the ticket is by visiting the nearest airport. Visit the airline’s ticket office and talk to the representative present in the office, make sure to be elaborate on the cancellation reason while explaining the scenario. The Bangkok Airways refund fee would be initiated after being checked by the executives and would be credited in the same account used while booking.

Bangkok Airways is one of a kind and the passengers will feel that right away. From flexible cancellation policies to the easy Bangkok Airways flight change policy, you will be able to enjoy it all.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bangkok Airways Cancellation Policy

I want to cancel my ticket after 2 days and my flight is in a week, would I get any refund?

Initiation of the refund depends on various factors, the most important of which is whether the ticket you bought is refundable or not. If the ticket is refundable and you are cancelling it within 24 hours, you will receive a partial refund (As your flight is 3 days). If your ticket is non-refundable, you would not be compensated at all. You can talk to customer support if you want to. The refund procedure majorly relies on Bangkok Airways cancellation policy.

Can I cancel my ticket online If I have got it from an agent?

As per Bangkok Airways cancellation policy, you can only make any changes or modification to your ticket if you have booked it yourself, online or offline. If you have got the ticket from a third party such as agents, you can not make any cancellation and refund request by visiting the official website. You can always ask your agent to make the desired change in your ticket, run through the policies to make sure that you know where you have to pay extra and where you don’t.

What should I do if Bangkok Airways cancels my flight?

If the airway has cancelled the ticket due to some reason, the passengers hold the liberty to claim a 100 percent refund. Bangkok Airways will book your next flight at the earliest and will compensate for the inconvenience caused. There are high chances that you will get a seat on the earliest flight that will be departing from the airport (the aircraft will be Bangkok Airways). Contact the ground staff at the airport if you wish to cancel and get a refund instead of taking the next flight with this airline.

I booked a ticket via Bangkok Airways but I have to cancel it due to some reason, can I cancel the ticket?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to cancel the tickets along with the refund if the ticket has been cancelled within 24-hours of booking. However, the refund shall only be initiated if you have bought a refundable ticket, on a non-refundable ticket, the cancellation would bring no compensation. The cancellations are usually subjected to the circumstances and limitations of the fare selected at the time of purchase. You can always check the status of your ticket before buying it.

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