A Complete Guide To China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Plans are uncertain but excitement is not and no airline understands it better than China Eastern Airlines. From end minute changes and cancellations that can be easily done via the hassle-free China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy to the amazing facility, the airline provides it all.  So Say no to the long tedious process of cancellation by booking your tickets with China Eastern Airlines today. 

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy

China Eastern Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

The passengers have the liberty to book their tickets either online or offline. One can simply visit the official website of China Eastern Airlines to get their tickets done, if you want to book it offline, you can either call the office of the airline or directly grab a ticket from the airport. China Eastern cancel flights can be done in the same way in which a passenger booked their tickets. If you are involving any third party for the booking, you can not cancel it online or offline, you can directly contact your agent in that case. 

The smooth China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy is provided to make the modifications trouble-free for its passengers. If you want to avoid the China Eastern Airlines cancellation fee, make sure to cancel your ticket within  24 hours of the booking. 

China Eastern Airlines Refund Policy 

As per the China Eastern refund policy, the passengers can apply for a refund till the validity of their ticket, depending on several factors, the refund shall be initiated by China Eastern Airlines. The passengers can seek a refund from the official website of the airline or via the app by filling out the refund form. The refund shall be automatically processed after receiving the request form. 

However, If a passenger has bought his/her tickets with the help of an agent or any other platform, the refund would be initiated via them. Meaning, the passenger has no right to contact the airline for any refund related issues. For a group flight ticket, the airline does not provide any refund if a few of the many tickets from the group have been cancelled. If one or two passengers have cancelled their tickets, only the taxes would be refunded, the entire flight ticket amount would not. If you are wondering why China Eastern Airlines cancelling flights and what happens when the flight is cancelled, you do not need to worry as the airline thrives to provide nothing but the best. Refund shall be released right away in any such conditions or the passengers can opt for the next alternate flight. 

China Eastern Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy 

According to the China Eastern Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, the passengers hold the liberty to cancel their tickets within 24 hours from the day of booking. If the ticket is successfully cancelled within 24 hours of booking, the passengers would not have to pay any additional amount as China Eastern Airlines cancellation fee. The 24-hour cancellation window is for every fare type, irrespective of the class in the aircraft. 

In case the passengers miss out on the free cancellation policy window, a certain amount of fee would be levied on them. The cancellation fee significantly depends on the destination, the type of fare, and most importantly, the time of cancellation of the tickets. If you wish to have detailed information regarding the cancellation fee and fare, you can connect with the customer service of the airline anytime you want. 

China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Fee 


As mentioned earlier, to cancel the booking in China Eastern Airlines, the passengers will have to pay a certain amount as the cancellation fee if the booking isn’t cancelled in 24 hours. The initiation of the refund depends on various factors.   If the ticket is not cancelled before 24 hours of departure of the flight, a passenger would get absolutely no refund. If you wish to have detailed information about the cancellation policy and functioning of China Eastern Airlines, make sure to contact the customer service, sales offices or fill out the request form provided on the official website. 

The cancellation fee for this airline depending on the class of the purchased tickets are as follows- 

  • Passengers who have bought the ticket of First Class or Business Class have the liberty to cancel absolutely for free if they are cancelling their tickets 6 hours prior to the departure of the flight. If the ticket is being cancelled after the flight has departed, a 5 per cent deduction would be made to the refunded amount. 
  • Passengers who hold the tickets of Economy Class are also allowed to cancel their tickets for free, 6 hours before the flight departs. If China Eastern Airlines ticket cancellation is done during or after the departure of flights, the passengers will have to pay a 5 per cent fine of the total amount (as per the ticket). 
  • If you have bought an Economy Class ticket at a 10-40 % discount, you will have to pay 20% of the fare charge if you are cancelling the flight 6 hours prior to the departure time and  30% of the total fare if you are cancelling the ticket during or after the departure. 
  • If you have bought an Economy Class ticket at a 40 to 50 % discount, you will have to pay 40% of the fare charge if you are cancelling the flight 6 hours prior to the departure time and  50% of the total fare if you are cancelling the ticket during or after the departure. 
  • All the passengers who have bought the Economy tickets at a discount of 60 per cent or more are not entitled to receive any refund from China Eastern Airlines. 

Please note that non-refundable tickets would not receive any refund regardless of the 24-hour cancellation policy, when a passenger is stealing a deal of such a great discount, he/she would not receive any refund. Make sure to check the tickets and the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation policy before you book it. 

How To Cancel China Eastern Airlines Flight?

Passengers can cancel their tickets in several ways. China Eastern Airlines provides a plethora of options to its passengers. Below are the ways in which you can make easy cancellations at your convenience. 

China Eastern Airlines Cancel Flight Online 

  • Browse through China Eastern Airlines’ official website 
  • Enter the flight details at the “Manage Booking” section on the home page which will redirect you to a different page, exclusively dealing with the cancellations. 
  • Enter your name and ticket number before pressing on the ‘continue’ button
  • Click on the provided link to go to the China Eastern Airlines flight cancellations button
  • Do not forget to cross-check your details before cancelling and then click on the Continue button 
  • Make sure to submit your China Eastern Airlines cancelled flight refund at the time of cancellation 
  • Now that the process is done, you would receive an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number

Cancel Your Ticket Via A Phone Call 

China Eastern Airlines cancellation can be done offline by calling the office of the airlines. A professional team guides the passengers and solves their queries, you can dial the toll-free number and seek assistance. An executive would be assigned to you, you can explain the scenario and the reason for cancellation. The executive would then inspect the situation and initiate the refund as per the policies of the airline. 

China Eastern Airlines flight booking is quite simple and hassle-free, the passengers are provided with a wide array of options to consider. From an easy cancellation policy to a trouble-free China Eastern Airline flight change policy a passenger would have it all. 

Frequently Asked Questions on China Eastern Airlines Cancellation Policy

What happens if my flight is rescheduled by China Eastern Airlines?

The passengers have the liberty to seek a 100 percent refund if the flight has been rescheduled by the airline or you can opt to take the next alternative flight. The refund would be initiated in your bank account in 10-20 business days.

How can I cancel my China Eastern Airlines flight ticket?

The passengers cancel their tickets both online as well as offline. If you wish to cancel it online, you can do so by visiting the official website, if you wish to do it offline, you can call the local office for assistance. The passengers that have taken the ticket via an agent would have to contact them for any modification. China Eastern Airlines cancellation policy is quite convenient and makes sure to help out every passenger.

Can I cancel my ticket at the airport counter?

Yes. You can easily cancel your ticket at the airport counter. The refund shall vary as per the date of cancellation. However, check the China Eastern Airlines Cancellation policy to check your refund status while returning the tickets at the airport.

Is China Eastern Airlines worth trying?

The airline is considered to be one of the best airlines due to its exceptional services and flexible policies. If you are travelling to a destination listed in the airline’s service, we highly recommend you experience the exemplary service of the airline.

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