Established on 1st July 1988, China Southern Airlines is headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangdong Province. Known to be the 6th largest airline in terms of passengers carried and Asia’s largest airline in the size of its fleet, China Southern Airlines is one of the most significant airlines all around the world. Its main hub is situated at Beijing Daxing International Insurance and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, the airline flies to more than 200 destinations in approximately 20 countries. The slogan of this airline is ‘Fly into your dreams’ and it quite literally makes the passenger feel so. The parent company of this airline being China Southern Air Holding Company, the airline is bound to dazzle its passengers with exceptional services and policies such as China Southern Airlines cancellation policy. 

China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy

Key Highlights of China Southern Airlines Cancellation Policy 

The passengers can book their tickets both offline as well as online through the official website. Cancellation of the ticket can be done by visiting the airport or calling a customer support executive. Cancelling the tickets depends on several reasons while travelling in this Airline. If a passenger has bought the tickets to/for the USA, they can cancel their tickets within 48 hours of booking in order to avoid any China Southern Airlines ticket cancellation charges. 

All the other passengers have the liberty to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of booking if they do not wish to pay any extra fees. If the passenger cancels the ticket on the day of the flight or someday around the departure date, they will have to bear the loss as imposed by the airline. However, if you are covered with travel insurance, you might not have to pay even a penny and get a 100% refund. 

China Southern Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

According to the China Southern Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, every passenger (domestic or International) has the freedom to cancel their flights within 24 hours from the day of booking. If they successfully cancel the booking within 24 hours, they would not have to bear any additional amount as the cancellation fee, regardless of any fare type that they choose-whether it is a Lavish business class ride or a budget-friendly one. 

The 24-hour policy depends on the destination, if a passenger has the ticket to/from the USA, they can cancel their tickets within 2 days without any extra charges. The refund shall be initiated after inspecting the process. 

China Southern Airlines Ticket Cancellation Charges

According to the China Southern Airlines cancellation policy, all passengers have the liberty to cancel their tickets for free if they are cancelling the ticket within 24 hours. However, if they have missed the free cancellation window, they will have to pay China Southern Airlines flight cancellation fee to the airlines, which would be deducted directly from the ticket. 

If a passenger is willing to cancel the ticket to/for the USA, they have the leverage to cancel their tickets within 48 hours or 2 days without paying any additional charge for the same. The cancellation charges vary with numerous factors such as class, destination, the time of cancellation and the insurance. A passenger with ticket insurance in China Southern Airlines would not have to bear any fees while cancelling the ticket at his/her desired date. 

How to cancel a flight on China Southern Airlines? 

The cancellation for China Southern Airlines can be made in several ways. There are a plethora of options for its passengers that makes this the best airline. The passengers can cancel their tickets in any way that suits them the most. Make sure to go through the following points listed below to know about all the possible ways to cancel your ticket. 

China Southern Flight Cancellation Online 

  • Go to the official website of China Southern Airlines
  • Tap on the Booking section
  • Now that you are on the Booking section, press on the Change and Refund      option 
  • Enter your reference number, reference number type and family name to move forward
  • Click on the continue option 
  • You will now be able to see your flight details on your screen 
  • Click on the cancel reservation section
  • Make sure to submit your China Southern Airlines cancelled flight refund right after cancelling your ticket 
  • Now that the process is done, you would receive an email or SMS on your registered mail ID or contact number about the cancellation

Cancel Your China Southern Flight Tickets Via A Phone Call 

If you are facing some issues in cancelling your ticket online, you can cancel your ticket offline by calling the customer assistance centre of China Southern Airlines. A professional team of executives is hired especially to address various queries of the passenger regarding the cancellation and change, you can dial and explain the reason for cancellation to the executive assigned to you. They will then check the eligibility and release the cancellation refund as per the China Southern Airlines flight cancellation policy. 

Booking a ticket with China Southern Airlines? Do not worry, they have got you all covered. The airline never fails to stand up to its slogan and takes every step to ensure a memorable trip for its passengers. Whether we talk about China Southern flight change policy or the flexible cancellation policies, you will get every facility when booking a flight with this airline. 

The passengers can do China Southern Airlines reservation both online as well as offline. You can also book your flight via a third party such as agents. However, then you would lose the liberty to cancel or change your ticket online. You can contact your agent for any desired change.

China Southern Airlines Refund Policy 

The airline will provide the refund if the passenger has abided by the cancellation policy rule and cancelled the ticket within the given time. As per the China Southern Airlines refund policy, a passenger can make the China Southern Airlines refund request online by visiting the official website. 

China Southern flight cancellation policy gives a 100% refund to the passengers if the flight has been cancelled by the airline. The inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the cancellation will not only be refunded but the airline will also take an extra step to compensate for the discomfort caused to its passengers. The refund, as well as the compensation, falls under the policy of China Southern Airlines.

If the passenger cancels the ticket within the given time, they are eligible for the refund but if a passenger has missed the cancellation period, he or she is not eligible for any refund. The refund takes approximately 7-8 working days to reflect in your source account. It might take up to 20 days if you have bought the ticket with cash. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is China Southern Airlines cancellation policy?

As per China Southern Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger can cancel his/her ticket without paying any additional charges if the cancellation is done within 24-hours of booking. If the passenger fails to cancel the ticket within the given span, they would not be eligible for a full refund and a certain amount would be levied on them as fees.

Why did China Southern Airlines cancel so many flights?

China Southern Airlines had to cancel a few flights due to numerous reasons such as national important activity, air traffic control or some natural cause which can cause danger in the flight. However, if the airline has cancelled the flight due to some reason, the passengers would be given a full refund and compensation to overcome the inconvenience caused. The airline is very particular about its refund policies.

How to cancel a China Southern Airlines flight?

The passengers can cancel their tickets both online as well as offline. However, it is highly advisable to cancel your ticket online within 24-hours so that you would not have to go through the cancellation charges. If you wish to cancel the tickets offline, you can call a customer executive at and explain your situation to them.

How to get a refund from the China Southern Airlines website?

You can seek a refund online by visiting the China Southern Airlines website while cancelling the ticket online. Login to the website, and go to the “Booking Record” then press on the booking record for the refund and click yes to complete the refund process.

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