The Eastern Airways cancellation policy deals with ways to cancel the tickets based on the rights and convenience of the passengers. The norms of the policy help resolve issues that arise during the process. Also, as per the policy, all norms related to refunds can be determined. The cancellation fee structure is also set by following the policy. Even, the grounds on which compensation is offered, are based on it. 

Eastern Airways Cancellation Policy

Eastern Airways Flight Cancellation Rules

Simple-to-implement cancellation rules are set by following the Eastern Airways cancellation policy. Some of the important rules of this policy are as mentioned below:

  • The airline does not charge any fee for the cancellation of tickets within 24 hours.
  • The booking amount will be returned after the cancellation of refundable tickets.
  • Non-refundable tickets do not apply to cancellation charges.
  • Tickets can be canceled from the website or by calling a customer care representative. 
  • On cancellation of flights by Eastern Airways, the passengers will be given compensation by the airline.

Eastern Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Eastern Airways’ 24-hour cancelation policy can be quite useful for customers who plan to cancel their tickets. This is because no cancellation fee is charged under the policy. According to the Eastern Airways 24 hour cancellation policy norms, tickets that are bought and canceled within twenty-four hours would not come with any charge. However, the travelers must make sure that the ticket should have a departure time of more than 7 days from the date of booking.

Methods to Cancel Eastern Airways Flight Tickets

Eastern Airways tickets can be canceled by following different methods of cancellation. The most common method of canceling a ticket is by going online. Again, offline methods of ticket cancellation are also available for passengers who prefer to consult with the authorities of the airline before taking this action.

Method 1: Using the Website 

This method requires a customer to visit the official website of Eastern Airways. Then, he or she is needed to proceed with the cancellation process by following prompts at every step of the process. These will require you to enter your correct details in Manage My trips. When these details are accurate, the Eastern Airways cancellation policy can be applied with ease.

Eastern Airways Cancel Flight Online
  • On visiting the website of Eastern Airways, the passengers can log in. 
  • They can then go to the “Manage My Booking” option. 
  • Select the booking that is to be canceled. 
  • The passengers are then needed to follow the instructions that appear after the completion of each stage of cancellation.
  • Finally, they will have to click on the “Yes, Cancel” option to cancel the ticket.

Method 2: Via Contact Us Form to Call

The offline method of cancellation can be quite useful for travelers who are facing complications during the process. Under such situations, the customers can opt for live interaction with Eastern Airways officials. The customers can either call representatives of the call center or email the concerned authorities. One can also reach out to customer care service by filling out a Contact Us form provided on the website. Customer service is quite adept at offering solutions to cancel Eastern Airways flight tickets. So, it can be considered an effective offline method of ticket cancellation.

Eastern Airways Cancellation Fees

Tickets that are canceled after the 24-hour risk-free duration, require some cancellation fees. Passengers may be charged $100 to $500 in case the cancellation is done after 24 hours of booking. While $100 to $400 is to be paid for tickets canceled within the final twenty-four hours of departure. 

Eastern Airways Refund Policy

The refund policy of Eastern Airways ensures the return of the booking amount once a ticket is canceled by the customer. However, not all tickets booked with the airline will make sure of a refund. Only the ones that are of refundable type may offer the number of refunds on their cancellations. Passengers are requested to find out whether their ticket is refundable or not during the time of booking. Details will be written on the ticket itself. Or, one can enquire about the same from the airline officials who would be present during the time of booking. 

The following are some of the important features of Eastern Airways refund policy that should additionally be known: 

Refund for Cancelled Flight
  • A full refund can be given for any ticket of Eastern Airways following the policy of 24-hour cancellation.
  • The benefit of a refund cannot be offered for all tickets that would be canceled after the lapse of 24 hour booking time.
  • Only refundable tickets may ensure money return on cancellation. Customers can enquire about the type of ticket purchased during the time of booking.
  • One can place a refund after getting a cancellation confirmation from Eastern Airways. 
  • To request a refund, customers can fill up a form provided on the website. The Eastern Airways cancellation policy guides that this form should carry the correct details to go ahead with the request.
  • A refund will be credited to the flyer’s account/payment mode within 7 days to 10 days of application.
  • Customer care is always ready to assist customers of Eastern Airways in case of any delay in the refund process.

Eastern Airways Cancellation Compensation

Compensation can be given to passengers when their flights get canceled or delayed. Flyers are either offered another ticket on a substitute flight or provided with a full refund. In case of stay over due to a delayed flight, passengers are also provided with free food and accommodation. Compensation is usually offered for flights that have got delayed by more than three hours. 

The Eastern Airways cancellation policy for compensation gives an overview of passengers eligible for this benefit. This is based on a distance traveled by flights. 

  • Passengers are charged 220 pounds by the airline for flights traveling within the distance of 1500 km.
  • 350 pounds are to be paid while traveling within the distance of 1501 to 3500 km.
  • Customers have to pay 530 pounds for flights covering a distance of 3500 km or more. 

The Eastern Airways cancellation policy perfectly sets rules for ticket cancellation. The airway has tried to include all possible rules that favor customers. The policy has therefore helped to frame rules that are easy to follow and offer a variety of options for cancellations and refunds.

How to cancel an Eastern Airways flight?

Passengers can cancel their flight tickets by following different methods mentioned under the Eastern Airways flight cancellation policy. Commonly, travelers cancel a ticket online by visiting the airline’s website. The offline method of cancellation is also quite convenient when passengers require assistance from customer care.

What is Eastern Airways Refund Policy?

The Eastern Airways refund policy provides norms and regulations related to refund on a ticket cancellation. Based on the policy, a refund can apply to all the tickets that have been canceled within the 24 hours of booking. However, there will be no refund offered for tickets canceled after the risk-free period.

Do I have to pay Eastern Airways cancellation fee?

Customers are needed to pay the Eastern Airways cancellation fee when they plan to cancel their tickets with the airways. The fee amount varies with the type of ticket booked and canceled. Also, the time of cancellation determines the fee amount. For instance, no fee can be charged in case the ticket is canceled as per the Eastern Airways 24-hour cancellation policy.

How to get Eastern Airways cancellation compensation?

Eastern Airways cancellation compensation is provided to customers when there is a delay of flight for more than three hours. Customers are also eligible for compensation when the airways cancel a flight. Compensations are mostly in the form of a revised air ticket for another flight.

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