While booking a flight ticket, it is okay to be uncertain. We never know when an emergency would strike, in those situations we must always be ready to make the modifications as required. Fastjet Airline is one of the most preferred low-cost airlines headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The airline has set a series of flexible rules out of which Fastjet cancellation policy is the most laid back. 

Fastjet Cancellation Policy

Taking a flight with Fastjet anytime soon? Leave the bundle of worries behind. We have tried to cover as many details as possible, make sure to run through them and find relevant solutions to your queries. 

Fastjet Ticket Cancellation Major Highlights 

If you are tired of looking for major and major information related to the cancellation all over the web, worry not. Here are the key pointers that you must be aware of, before taking that flight. 

  • According to the Fastjet cancellation policy, the passengers are not allowed to cancel their tickets regardless of any situation. The rules clearly state that all the tickets are non-refundable. 
  • If the passengers are not showing up for their flights, it would be considered a no-show situation. Meaning, the airline would consider the entire ticket fare as a cancellation charge. 
  • In some special emergency situations, the airline considers the cancellations and proceeds with the refund. 
  • The passengers can make the cancellations either online or directly by giving a call at the global contact centre of Fastjet Limited. 
  • If the passengers have involved any third party association such as agents or agencies, they must contact them regarding any ticket related issue. 
  • In the case of dual booking, the passengers can request a cancellation and refund. Make sure to attach the document stating the name and passport number. The airline would go through it and make the refund accordingly. 

Fastjet Ticket Cancellation Charges 

Although the airline does not allow the passengers to make any cancellation or seek for refund, in some special cases, the passengers can apply for a refund but the airline would impose some cancellation charge on their tickets. 

  • Fastjet cancellation charges apply if the passengers do not arrive at the airport or take the flight. This situation is considered a no-show and the airline would make no refund. 
  • In case of an emergency, if the airline allows you to make the cancellations but the airline would deduct some amount as a cancellation charge. 
  • The cancellation charges are usually very low, the passengers can directly contact the airline if they wish to make the cancellations. 
  • Some cancellation charges would be higher than others. The charges depend on the destination, the type of ticket (Domestic or international) and the time of cancellation. 

Fastjet Airlines Refund Policy

Fastjet Airlines Refund Policy

The airline does not allow the passengers to make any cancellations hence it does not provide any refund too. But in case of death or an utter emergency, the passengers can reach out to the airline for help. Go through these points to know about how to get your refund. 

  • The passengers can make the cancellations and seek a hundred per cent refund in case of deaths or any similar situation. 
  • The airline would demand a document, that is, a death certificate must be submitted to the airline. Members of the family or immediate family can make the refund request. 
  • The refund request can be made either via the call centre of the airline or you can reach out to the nearest Fastjet shop from your location. 
  • The refund usually takes up to 21 days to reflect. The person who is applying for the refund can provide their details for receiving the compensation. 
  • Please note that under any normal condition, the airline would not entertain any refund request from the passengers. 

How To Cancel Fastjet Airlines Tickets? 

Usually, the passengers are not allowed to make any cancellation. However, in time of need, the airline has provided some ways in which the passengers or their relatives can contact Fastjet for any cancellation/refund related queries. 

Cancelling Fastjet Tickets Online 

  • Go to your Gmail or any other platform to drop a mail. 
  • Write “Ticket Cancellation Request” in the subject. 
  • Start by mentioning the name of the passenger, make sure to mention the PNR number and other details so that the airline can retrieve the details. 
  • Attach the death certificate of the passengers for sure. The airline would only make the refund and accept the cancellation after going through the document. 
  • Mention the cause of death and request the airline to make the cancellations and proceed with the refund if possible. 
  • The airline would go through the details and make the cancellations as per the Fastjet cancellation policy. 

Cancelling Fastjet Tickets Offline 

It is quite obvious that not all people are comfortable making cancellations online. In this case, they can indubitably make the cancellations offline in two ways- either by calling the airline or by walking down the Fastjet station. Either way, the process is going to be the same. 

  • Ask for an executive to help you out with the ticket cancellation. 
  • Make sure to tell them the booking reference number and name of the deceased passenger.
  • Ask the executive to make the cancellations to the ticket. Send the proof of cancellation that is the death certificate via the mail. 
  • The executives would see the situation and proceed with your request accordingly. 
  • The cancellation would be confirmed. The executives would also ask you for the bank details for a refund of the cancelled tickets. 
  • You would receive the refund after some days of cancellation as per Fastjet cancellation policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I cancel my Fastjet tickets online?

In usual circumstances, the airline does not allow its passengers to cancel any tickets. However, if some emergency strikes, the airline would consider making special arrangements for the passengers.

You can write an email to the airline online. Make sure to be precise and attach the documents related to the cause.

How many days does the Fastjet refund take?

According to Fastjet cancellation policy, the refund usually takes 21 days to reflect in the account. If the refund request is being made by a relative of the passenger, they must provide their account details too.

What are Fastjet cancellation charges?

Since the airline does not allow the passengers to make any cancellations, there are no cancellation charges. Usually, the airline deducts the entire ticket amount as a cancellation fee if the passengers do not show up for their flights.

However, if the airline allows you to make any cancellation, it may ask you for a certain cancellation fee.

What happens if my Fastjet flight is delayed?

If the airline fails to send the flights on time or makes any cancellation at the last minute, the passengers can make the compensation as per the conditions. You can directly contact the airline to know about the compensation for your ticket.

The airline also provides food and beverages to the passengers in case of any delay. The airline does not wish to cause any inconvenience to its passengers. In some cases, the passengers would also get accommodation at the airport.

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