Regarded as a major hub for domestic flights in England, Flybe is one of the most prestigious airlines. Flybe Cancellation Policy is quite simple and hassle-free for the passengers. 

Flybe Cancellation Policy

Plans are uncertain and they change at any moment. End minute changes and modifications can be easily done via the smooth Flybe booking cancellation.  Say no to the long tedious process of cancellation by booking your tickets with Flybe airlines. This guide will walk you through Flybe cancellation policy in detail. 

Flybe Booking Cancellation Policy: Major Highlights 

If an emergency knocks at your door, do not fear it. The airline has tried to walk an extra mile to provide all the flexibility in rules and conditions. Here are the key points that you must know before thinking about cancelling your tickets. 

  • As per Flybe cancellation policy, all the ticket holders can cancel the tickets for free. However, the cancellations must be done within 24 hours of the booking before 7 days of departure. 
  • If the passengers fail to cancel their tickets within the free span, they will have to bear a small Flybe cancellation fee, as set by the airline. 
  • In the case of group bookings, the passengers can cancel individual tickets in two ways. They can either dial the Flybe cancellation number and seek help via a call or they can change it online. 
  • Refund shall only be initiated for refundable tickets. Passengers who are opting for non-refundable tickets would not receive any refund even if the cancellation was done within 24 hours. 
  • If the passengers have booked their tickets with the help of an agent, they must not contact the airline for making any cancellations. They should contact the agents to cancel their tickets. 

Flybe 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • According to the Flybe 24 hour cancellation policy, only the passengers hold the liberty to cancel their flights within 24 hours from the day of booking or 2 hours before the flight has to depart. 
  • If you successfully cancel the booking within 24 hours, you do not have to pay any amount as the cancellation fee, regardless of any fare type that you choose. 
  • The 24-hour policy does not apply to every ticket. In certain cases, the passengers would not receive any refund even if they have made the cancellation within 24 hours. 

Flybe Cancellation Fee

Failing to abide by the laws might impose certain fees. Run through the pointers below and learn about the cancellation fee as per your class. 

  • You would have to pay a small fee ranging between 100 to 300 EUR when you cancel your tickets after 24 hours. 
  • If the overall price of the ticket falls less than the administrative charge of the cancellation, you would not get any refund. The ticket fare would be counted as the cancellation fee. 

How To Cancel A Flybe Booking? 

Simply put, the airline does not leave any stone unturned to make the journey easy for the passengers. Flybe cancellations can be done easily in a number of ways. Flybe cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their tickets in the ways mentioned below. 

Cancel Your Flybe Ticket Online 

Cancelling your ticket online is the easiest way of them all. The airline provides an option to click and cancel while sipping on the hot coffee from anywhere. If you do not wish to rely on any help, you can proceed with online cancellations. 

  1. Browse through the official website of Flybe.
  2. On the main page, you can select your language and location. 
  3. Try to find the “Manage My Booking” section on the homepage. 
  4. After clicking on that option, you would be navigated to some other page. 
  5. Find the “Cancel Flybe Tickets”, click on that option. 
  6. The airline would allow you to make the cancellations as per your eligibility. 
  7. Make sure to fill out the refund form right after cancelling your tickets. 
  8. Voila! As soon as the cancellations are made, you would get notifications from the airline regarding the same. 

Step By Step Guide To Cancel Your Ticket Via A Call 

Stuck at any corner without any internet connection? No need to worry. The airline provides exceptional services which cover a wide variety of cancellation options. Go through the following steps to know how to cancel your ticket via a call. 

  1. Ring the official customer care centre of Flybe at
  2. An executive would pick up your call and assist you regarding the ticket cancellation. 
  3. Be elaborative about the reason for cancellation, tell the executive why do you wish to make the cancellations. 
  4. If possible, make sure to carry the proof or reason for cancellation. Present them to the executive. 
  5. They would go through the documents and see your refund eligibility as per Flybe cancellation policy. 
  6. Your tickets would be cancelled after that. The executive shall also initiate the refund on your request. 

Please note that when you are opting to take professional help from the Flybe team, you are charged with small service fees that have to be paid at the time of cancellations. You simply cannot deny the charges if you wish to make the cancellations to your ticket. 

Cancel Your Flybe Ticket At The Ticket Centre 

Nothing beats the old school approach for making the bookings and cancellation. Run along the process to cancel your ticket directly at the airport. 

  1.  Visit the ticket centre of Vietnam Airlines at the airport. 
  2. Look out for an executive who will assist you throughout the cancellation. 
  3. Provide your flight information to the customer support executives. 
  4. If you have taken any document to support the cancellation, give it to the executive. They would tell you about Flybe cancellation charges if any. 
  5. Request them to make the cancellation and fill out the refund form. 

If you are opting to walk down to the airport for ticket cancellation, you would have to pay 50 EUR as a service fee. The airline would not make any cancellation till you do not pay the fees. 

Flybe Refund Policy 

Flybe Refund Policy

The most noticeable quality of a good airline is its refund policy. While taking a flight with Flybe, the passengers would not have to worry about the refund. The airline has set a free cancellation window, which assures the mutual benefit of the passengers as well as the airline. 

  • The passengers can seek 100 per cent if they have made the cancellations within the free cancellation span. 
  • The refund usually takes 7 to 20 business days to reflect in the account of the passengers. In some cases, the refund might be delayed depending upon the ticket destination (Domestic or International).
  • If the passengers have paid via credit card, they can seek reimbursement in the same way. However, if the payment is done via cash or cheques, the airline would reach out to the passengers.
  • In certain cases, no refund is initiated albeit the tickets are cancelled within 24 hours. Non-refundable tickets are not subjected to any reimbursements. 
  • If the passengers do not show up for their flights, it would be considered a no show and the airline shall not accept any cancellation or refund request. 

Flybe Cancellation Compensation 

The passengers are not the only ones paying for making end minute changes. The airline has set a basic rule that allows the passengers to seek compensation if their flights are cancelled at the last minute. 

  • According to Flybe ticket cancellation policy, the passengers can seek compensation if their flights are delayed by more than 3 hours. EU rule 261 clearly mentions the cancellation or delay rule. 
  • The passengers have the free will to claim compensation ranging between 400 to 600 EUR as per the time of cancellation. The claim can be submitted online. 
  • If the airline cancels the flight on that day, the passengers are provided with accommodation till the arrival of their alternative flight. Constant food and beverage supplies is a gesture to compensate for the loss. 
  • If the airline has informed its passengers about the delay or cancellation 14 days before the departure date, the passengers cannot claim compensation. 
  • If the passengers do not wish to take the next alternative flight, they can simply cancel the tickets and apply for a full refund right after. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Flybe Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel a Flybe Flight and get a refund?

Yes. You can cancel a Flybe flight and seek a refund if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. If the tickets are being cancelled after the free cancellation window, you would only be eligible for a partial refund as per Flybe cancellation policy.

The refund can be sought in several ways. The easiest way is by contacting the customer executive of Flybe airline. Make sure to check the sort of ticket as the refund policy majorly depends on that.

How can I cancel my Flybe Flight?

Cancelling a Flybe flight is a no brainer. The passengers have a myriad of ways in which they can proceed with the cancellations. While cancelling your ticket online is hassle-free, cancelling it via the service centre assures great safety. In case of last minute changes, you can always walk down to the office and make the cancellation in the old school way.

How to claim my flight delay compensation from Flybe?

If the airline has cancelled your flight due to some reason, you would be provided with two options. You can either take a full refund after cancelling your ticket or you can take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline.

One can simply claim for a flight delay of Flybe after arriving at the final destination. However, the refund or compensation shall only be generated if the flight hasn’t been delayed due to some extraordinary circumstances. The compensation amount ranges between 400 to 600 EUR.

Can I cancel my Flybe ticket in any way I like?

No. Ticket cancellations have to be done via the point of purchase. The airline does not allow the passengers to swap their cancellation mode. Meaning, if the passengers have booked the tickets online, they can only cancel them online.

Flybe cancellation policy mentions if the passengers have taken the help of any thor party such as agents, they can only make the cancellation in the same way. The airline would not take any responsibility for cancelling these kinds of tickets.

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