A last-minute change in plans can be disappointing at times especially if you have already booked your flights. With that said, it makes sense to travel with an airline that offers flexibility in case you need to cancel your flight. Flydubai is one of the airlines you can bank upon in case you are not certain of your travel plans. The passengers can conveniently cancel Flydubai Booking. Let’s take a comprehensive rundown of the Flydubai Cancellation Policy and see how it offers flexibility to travelers.

Flydubai Cancellation Policy

Flydubai Cancellation Policy

Check out the important highlights of the Flydubai Ticket Cancellation Policy that will give you a better insight into what to do if you want to perform the Flydubai Cancellation Procedure.

  • According to Flydubai Cancellation Policy, a passenger is allowed to cancel his/her flight within 24 hours. The airline will not charge flydubai ticket cancellation charges.
  • Flydubai Cancellation Charges will be levied in case you cancel a flight on flydubai airline right before the departure of your flight.
  • According to the Flydubai Flight Cancellation Policy, the cancellation fee will depend upon the type of fare booked by the passenger.
  • The Flydubai flight cancellation refund will be credited to the original source of payment through which the passenger initially made payment.

Flydubai Cancel Booking Procedure

The flydubai cancellation policy is simple. The airline offers flexibility and allows the passengers to use multiple ways to perform the flydubai flight cancellation procedure. The passengers can either use the online mode or the offline mode to cancel their Flydubai Bookings. Take a look at what needs to be done whether you are choosing the online mode or offline mode to cancel flydubai tickets.

In addition to allowing passengers to cancel their flights, Flydubai Flight Change Policy helps passengers to make changes to the pre-booked flights.

Online Flydubai Ticket Cancellation Procedure

The passengers can perform Flydubai cancel ticket Procedure easily, right at the comfort of their homes. Those who want to cancel Flydubai Tickets will have to visit the official website. Below, we have listed the step-by-step procedure that you need to follow for the successful cancellation of Flydubai Tickets.

  • Visit the official website of Flydubai.
  • The passengers will have to enter the username and password to log into their accounts.
  • On the homepage, there is a section named “Manage My Trip”.
  • Navigate to the section and click on it.
  • The list of the booked flights will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the Flydubai Booking you wish to cancel.
  • A pop-up message will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the same.
  • Select “Yes” to proceed ahead.
  • The Flydubai Ticket will be canceled and you will receive a confirmation email regarding the same

Offline Procedure To Cancel Flydubai Bookings

In addition to the online procedure, the airline allows passengers to indulge in the offline procedure to cancel Flydubai  Reservation as well, depending upon what seems most comfortable to the passengers. The offline Flydubai Cancel Booking Procedure involves dialing the Flydubai Flight Cancellation Phone and speaking to the representatives. The passengers need to inform the reason for Flydubai Cancellation and will have to submit a few details such as Booking Number, the last name of the passenger to confirm their identity to the representatives. The representative will proceed ahead to cancel your flight and will inform you about the Flydubai Ticket Refund Policy and how you can claim your refund if it is eligible. Also, in case you want more information about anything such as Flydubai Flight change Policy, the representatives are well-versed and informative enough to provide address your queries easily.

Flydubai Flight Cancellation Charges

Wondering about the Flydubai Flight Cancellation Charges? The airline has not fixed a particular amount as a cancellation fee. The Flydubai Flight Cancellation Charges totally depend upon the type of fare booked by the passenger. After charging the fee, the rest amount gets credited to the original source of payment.

Flydubai Ticket Refund Policy & Rules

Flydubai has framed Flydubai Ticket Refund Policy that explains the conditions to get a refund once you have performed the Flydubai cancellation booking procedure. Take a look at the highlights of the Flydubai Refund Rules:

  • Once the passengers have canceled Flydubai Tickets, the Flydubai ticket cancellation refund will be processed in the form of travel voucher.
  • The travel voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • According to Flydubai refund rules, the airline will refund the applicable taxes in case of non-refundable fares.

Flydubai Cancelled Flight Compensation

In the event of flight cancellation, or delay made by the airline, the passengers will be notified about the same. If Flydubai cancels your flight ticket more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled flight departs, the passengers will have the option to rebook the same for free and the passengers won’t have to pay a penalty for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I Cancel My Flydubai Ticket?

The passengers can easily cancel Flydubai Booking reservations. The airline allows passengers to cancel flights within 24 hours without having to pay a penalty for the same.

How To Cancel Flydubai Ticket Online?

Online Flydubai Booking Cancellation Procedure is fast and reliable. To cancel the bookings done with Flydubai, the passengers will have to visit the official website of Flydubai or they can simply follow the instructions that we have listed above.

How Much Flydubai Charges To Cancel Flight Ticket?

Flydubai cancellation charges will depend upon the type of ticket purchased by the passenger. There is no fixed amount if you are wondering about the Flydubai cancellation charges.

What Will Happen If Flydubai Cancelled My Flight?

In case of any event where Flydubai cancels your flight, you will be eligible for compensation according to the Flydubai canceled flight compensation policy.

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  1. Muhammad Farhan Iqbal on Reply

    I have booked with Flydubai from DXB – KHI on 07.10.21. Departure Date is DXB – KHI on 19.10.21 & Arrival on 30.10.21.
    However, i wanted to change the date for arrival which is 20 days prior to the flight date. And flydubai is asking me to pay the pentalty of AED 650 which is even more than the one way fare on my ticket from KHI – DXB. It means the full amount of fare they are charging as a penalty. I feel its not right with the pessanger to impose the full amount of fare as penalty.
    Would there be any possibility if i can get help or support in this matter.

  2. Sergiy Nikolskyy on Reply

    Voucher 1SYCKC expire dste 04 March 2023.
    I live in Ukrain…since the war i am unable to use flyubai service abd voucher. Please advise as exemption how can i get money 490 ydd back.
    Thank you

  3. Cyril on Reply

    I have cancelled my flydubai ticket from CMB to DXB flight before 24 hours. Then my ticket agent money 1575 AED out of 2000 total . Please give me your attention and reply.

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