Interjet airline is a leading, economic airline, headquartered in Mexico serving both domestic as well as International destinations. The outstanding world-class service makes this airline the most preferable by the passengers, while the flexible policy makes it easier for them to travel without trouble. The comfortable flight comes with a lot of perks, one of which is Interjet’s baggage policy. If you are someone who is not certain about their plans, no one understands it better than Interjet airlines. With the Interjet cancellation policy, you can cancel and reschedule your ticket with ease. Make sure to go through the entire article to learn more about the cancellation policy and refund procedure. 

Interjet Cancellation Policy

Interjet Cancellation Policy 

One can only cancel the tickets in the same way in which he/she booked them. For instance, if you booked your ticket online, you can cancel it online in the same way, if you have booked the ticket offline, you’ll have to walk down to the airport to make the cancellation. However, it is advisable to give a call and talk to the customer assistance executive if you have booked the ticket offline. These array of Interjet cancellation policies are provided to save the passengers from any trouble while cancelling the ticket. If you want to save yourself from the Interjet airline cancellation fee, you must cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the booking time. 

Interjet 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

According to the Interjet cancellation policy of 24 hours, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, failure to do so would instantly result in the loss of the entire amount. Sadly, Interjet does not provide any refund and is completely non-refundable if the ticket is being cancelled after a day. On the bright side, there’s a name change facility that gives you the liberty to change the name and sell your ticket at your desired price. For detailed information, make sure to connect to Interjet airlines. Interjet change flight policy requires the passengers to make any modifications in their existing tickets within 24 hours from the booking time to avoid any fees.

Interjet Flight Cancellation Fee 

For Interjet booking cancellation, different crucial points have to be considered. As mentioned earlier, if a passenger successfully cancels the flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, he/she gets the entire refund, however, if the cancellation window is missed, no refund shall be granted. Selling your ticket will however help you in getting a full or partial refund at a small fee. You can also change the details of your Interjet reservations if you just want to modify the date and postpone or prepone the flight date at a small price. If you wish to learn more about the cancellation fee details, you can call the airline and get assisted by a customer care executive

Interjet Cancellation Methods

Interjet provides an array of options to cancel the flight in a laid-back manner without any hassle. Check out all the points to know how you can cancel the tickets right away. 

Interjet Cancel Flight Online 

Interjet provides an online facility to cancel out the tickets without having the difficulty of walking down to the airport. You can visit the official website of Interjet Airline and enter the basic credentials and press on “continue” to successfully cancel your flight. You can also request the refund from the same website, the refund will only be initiated if it is being requested in adhering to the policies of the airline. 

The amount will reflect in your source account within 7-10 working days. Full Interjet flight cancellation refund will be initiated from the airline’s side in case the flight gets cancelled, you can demand a 100% refund and book the Interjet’s changed flight later. 

Cancel Your Ticket Via A Phone Call 

If you do not wish to cancel your ticket online, you can dial Interjet’s Reservation department. An executive would be assigned to you, mention your issue and request them to cancel the ticket. Check the refund options and choose what suits you the best. The executive will check your eligibility and will release the refund as per Interjet cancellation policy. 

Cancel Ticket At The Airport 

First off, you need to go to the airport from where you decided to get a flight, try to find the ticket office which would be somewhere in the proximity to the entrance. You would be able to find many executives at the airport to assist you with the cancellation process, make sure to explain your scenario and then gently request the refund. 

Interjet Refund Policy 

Interjet has a non-refundable flight cancellation policy if you are cancelling the ticket after 1 day or 24 hours from the time of booking. You can enjoy a zero percent fee if you are cancelling the ticket within 24 hours. However, you can take the leverage of changing the name and selling your ticket at a better price if you’re cancelling a week before the departure of the flight. A relevant amount will be levied by the airline for changing the name as per your fare type. 


For domestic flight- $799 per segment.

For international flight- USD 59 or $77 CAD per segment.


For domestic flight- MXN 699 per segment.

For international flight- $49 USD or $67 CAD per segment.


For domestic flight- MXN 599 per segment.

For international flight- $35 USD or $48 CAD per segment.


Is boundless and free of any fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I cancel my Interjet flight ticket?

Yes, you can cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours if you want to have a full refund.

Does Interjet have a 24-hour free cancellation policy?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket regardless of the fare type and get a full refund if done within 24 hours.

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