In times of difficulties, especially uncertainties due to the pandemic, it is quite obvious that travelers will have to cancel their air tickets. The passengers should, therefore, be well informed about the Luxair cancellation policy. The policy helps the customers to cancel the air bookings and claim for refund or compensation if eligible. The air carrier makes sure that the customers are open to different ways of cancelation according to their convenience. 

Luxair Cancellation Policy

What is the Luxair Ticket Cancellation Policy?

The Luxair policy for ticket cancelation provides options for cancellations under many different situations. For example, a ticket can be canceled by the flyer on some personal grounds. Or, an entire flight can be canceled by the airline due to a certain last-minute technical change. Based on the cause and time of the ticket being canceled, a refund can be processed. Travelers are also offered compensation under several circumstances. 

Luxair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy enables the customers to get a full refund on the cancellation of any ticket. Be it refundable or non-refundable, in case a ticket is booked and then canceled within 24 hours, the entire booking amount will be returned. However, a passenger should make sure that the time left for the flight departure should be at least more than a week. The Luxair 24 hour cancellation policy is set to make sure that customers receive a full refund upon their cancelation. 

Luxair Ticket Cancellation Rules

The rules of cancellation of the air tickets with Luxair are comprehensive and can be easily followed. The norms of the cancelation are set according to the governing law on the rights of air travelers. For instance, any ticket that is bought and sold within 24 hours of duration will enable a customer to get back the full booking amount. 

The following are some of the highlights that would help to better understand the rules of the Luxair cancellation policy:

  • Refundable tickets canceled after 24 hours of booking will also ensure the return of the booking amount.
  • No amount can be returned on the cancelation of non-refundable tickets. 
  • Often flights are canceled by the airline. Under such circumstances, compensation can be provided to flyers when Luxair cancels flight tickets. 

How to Cancel Luxair Flight Tickets? 

A flyer can avail different ways to cancel a Luxair flight ticket. These processes are based on customer requirements. Hence, the passengers may avail themselves of the option of canceling their flight tickets by visiting the online website or the ticket office at the airport. 

Method 1: Website Visit

Customers can cancel Luxair flight tickets by directly accessing the website. On visiting the official website, one can log in and proceed to cancel the bookings based on the prompts that would appear at every step. During cancelation, the customers are required to have their booking reference and names of the passengers alongside. 

Method 2: By Visiting the Airport 

This method is mainly useful for any last-minute cancellation or in case of any complications. Customers can cancel Luxair flight tickets from the ticket office at the airport. However, one must keep all the booking information handy and supporting documents ready. 

Method 3: Via Phone

Tickets can also be canceled over the phone. For complications faced during a website cancellation, one may give a phone call to the toll-free number of Luxair. The executives of the airline will readily help the passengers by answering their queries. The team can also initiate a cancellation process on behalf of the passenger at his or her request. However, the customer should provide all the relevant details to process the cancellation. 

Luxair Cancellation Fee

According to Luxair cancellation policy, a fee may not be charged on any ticket booked and then canceled within a time duration of 24 hours. However, one has to bear the charge on the cancelation of a non-refundable ticket. Again, one may expect some exemptions in case an email is sent by mentioning causes like severe illness by submitting the supporting documents. The airline can evaluate to determine whether the booking amount should be returned or not. 

Mentioned-below is some details about the fees that can incur during the cancelation process:

  • A minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500 can be charged as a fee for the ticket which is canceled beyond 24 hours of purchase. 
  • Depending on the type of ticket, a fee of $100 to $400 can be charged on cancelation in the last 24 hours of departure. 

Luxair Refund Policy

A full refund can be given for tickets bought under a 24-hour cancelation policy. A refund may also be available on refundable tickets. The amount to be given back is based on the ticket fare. For instance, the refund amount of an Economy class ticket will vary to a Business class ticket. 

The following are some more important features of the Luxair refund policy: 

  • The passengers are requested to apply for a refund only when their ticket is confirmed to be canceled.
  • For a refund, one may apply for it by visiting the official website. A separate form is to be filled up on the “Contact Us” page. Also, a flyer can email or dial the phone number to request a refund. 
  • Customers can be provided the refunds only for “FLEX” tickets while changes in the date and time are entertained for purchasers of Business class, PLUS, and FLEX ticket fares. 
  • The Luxair cancellation policy states that a refund amount is to be credited within 7 to 10 working days. In case of a delay, customers are required to contact the airline officials in person. 

Luxair Compensation Policy

The policy for compensation is based on EC 261. Based on the regulation, compensation can be given to the customers covering situations like cancellations, delays, and overbookings. A compensation amount of up to 700 Euros can be provided to the customers whose flights have been canceled by the airline. 

The airline has some special compensation norms for COVID-19 situations. Luxair, however, will not offer any monetary compensation on a flight that is canceled due to reasons, not within the control of the carrier. 

COVID-19 Luxair Cancellation Policy and Compensation Rules

Due to the pandemic situation for the last two years, Luxair has come up with some cancellation norms in sync with COVID-19 conditions. Below mentioned are some of the highlights of the norms relevant to the same. 

  • On cancellation of the flights, the affected passengers would be informed at the earliest.
  • Alternatives in the form of a new ticket or a voucher up to 10% higher than the booked amount would be offered on cancellation.
  • For a flight cum hotel booking cancellation, an immediate confirmation is notified. Then, based on the passenger requirements, commercial offers with various options or choices would be given.  


Luxair cancellation policy is based on government regulations on air passenger rights. Hence, the policy includes different methods of cancellation as per customer suitability. In considering instability caused due to COVID-19, the airline offers a wide range of compensation options. Luxair, therefore, ensures its customers with a largely risk-free ticket booking and canceling the policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Luxair cancellation policy?

The Luxair flight cancellation policy is about norms related to the reversal of ticket bookings with the airline. The policy has a well-defined refund and also compensation rules. It includes a full refund option too under 24-hour cancellation norms. Passengers are also liable to pay a cancellation fee under the above-mentioned policy.

How much is Luxair cancellation fee?

The Luxair cancellation fee differs for the type and time of the ticket booked. After a lapse of 24 hours of booking, if a ticket is canceled, then the airline will charge a minimum of $100 and up to a maximum of $500. Also, Luxair will charge a sum of $100 to $400 for canceling a flight within 24 hours of its scheduled departure. No cancellation fee is applicable within the 24-hour risk-free booking.

When does Luxair cancel flight?

At times, Luxair may face challenges that lead to flight cancellation. For instance, there can be a sudden technical fault and the plane faces difficulty in taking off. Or, due to some other reasons, there can be a change or a significant delay in the flight schedule. Hence, Luxair ticket cancellation can be caused due to reasons that are way beyond the control of the airlines.

How to cancel Luxair flight tickets?

There are several ways to cancel flight tickets as per the cancellation policy of Luxair. One may cancel a ticket directly by visiting the official airline’s website. A traveler can also cancel a ticket by taking a visit to the office located at the airport.

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