Nordwind Airlines cancels far fewer flights than most other airlines. This is largely due to the strict adherence as a courtesy to the Nordwind Airlines cancellation policy and related regulations. Once you are aware of the cancellation policies, it is much easier to manage as well as book your flights.

Nordwind Airlines Cancellation Policy

In this post, we will cover the Nordwind Airlines cancellation rules, the refund policies, the cancellation fees, and everything that helps you make the most of the cancellation at the time of travel. 

Nordwind Airlines Ticket Cancellation Rules

As per Nordwind Airlines cancellation policy, once the reservation is ticketed, they are non-transferable as well non-refundable, unless otherwise specified. Similar to this, there are other refund guidelines that you should know before making the flight cancellation – 

  • The flight booking can be canceled within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund with no cancellation fees, for all the departure that was pre-selected at least 7 days or more at the time of cancellation. 
  • For all the wholly unused tickets, tickets are valid for transportation for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • For all the partially unused tickets, a refund would be applicable as the difference between the fare segment redeemed and the existing price of the ticket. The remaining portion of the fare remains valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 
  • Only the sequence in which travel credit vouchers are issued will be honored. The travel credit voucher remains valid for 1 year from the date of travel.
  • If there is a flight cancellation or significant flight delay for 3 hours or more, you will be re-accommodated on the alternate flight. Alternatively, the unused booking value would be converted into a future travel credit. 

Nordwind Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the Nordwind Airlines cancellation policy, as per the airline’s commitment, the passengers who booked the flight on Nordwind Airlines’ website, are entitled to a risk-free cancellation.

It means that after you purchased the flight ticket, you have 24 hours after booking to cancel it for any reason and receive a full refund. To cancel the flight within 24 hours, the process involves – 

  • Retrieve your booking via the Manage Booking section.
  • Select the flight booking or travel segment that you like to cancel.
  • Select the ‘Cancel flight’ button and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • You will receive a full refund which is to be applied to your original method of payment. 

The terms and conditions include – 

  • The 24-hour cancellation would not apply to the reservation made with a third-party travel agency. 
  • Partially-flown re-issued flights are not eligible under the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period.
  • If you are purchasing the flight ticket with cash, you can simply call the airlines, and the fare will be guaranteed for 24 hours. Your reservation will get automatically canceled if you fail to purchase the ticket at the Delta ticketing office at midnight the following day.
  • For tickets purchased with reward miles, upon cancellation, the redeemed miles would be redeposited in the account. 
  • The scheduled departure date must be at least 7 days in advance of the time cancellation. 

How to Cancel a Nordwind Airlines Flight?

You can cancel the flight online via the online travel portal as well as through the reservation phone number. 

Cancel Flight Online

You can cancel the flight by logging into your booking account. You can simply order the cancellation online and claim the refund in 7-10 business days. The steps include – 

  • Log in to and tap into the Manage Booking section. 
  • Retrieve your booking online and select the flight that you need to cancel.
  • Once you select the flight, the refund amount would be displayed on the screen. The refund amount would be calculated after adjusting the airline penalty. 
  • Select the flight and follow the on-screen instructions. 
  • After the request is completed, you will receive the refund in 14 working days. 

Cancel Flight over the Phone

You can cancel the flight over the phone by calling the airline’s phone number i.e Nordwind Airlines reservation phone number. 

Nordwind Airlines Refund Policy

As per the Nordwind Airlines cancellation policy, the refund can only be claimed on the unflown flight segments or itinerary. In the case where the airline canceled the flight, the following circumstances are considered for the eligible refund – 

  • The flight cancellation where the passenger is notified less than 2 weeks before the departure. 
  • A significant flight delay for 3 or more hours. 
  • Travel re-routing excludes adverse weather conditions. 
  • Any operations of your flight which are out of schedule.
  • If the passenger failed to board the aircraft because of technical or security reasons, provided during the search operations no illegitimate substance was found.
  • You miss the connecting flight and that connection is aligned with your Ural Airlines reservation. 
  • In case of death of an immediate family member or the illness of the member of the family traveling together. The airline acknowledges the illness upon the presentation of appropriate medical documents. 

Nordwind Airlines Cancellation Fee

As per the Nordwind Airlines cancellation policy, the cancellation fee varies with the fare type. Nordwind airlines offer three fares – Lite, Optimum, and Premium. Within 24 hours of purchase, no cancellation penalty will be assessed. Outside 24 hours, the Nordwind Airlines cancellation fee would be – 

Cancellation Fee (in USD)Economy LiteEconomy OptimumEconomy Premium
Outside 24 Hours before departureNot AllowedNot Allowed100
Within 24 Hours of departureNot Allowed10090
Cancellation after departureNot AllowedNot Allowed200

Despite the number of reasons listed, there are few ways to avoid paying a cancellation fee. As you can see, it is not that difficult to be familiar with the rules and regulations made by each airline. If you have purchased a ticket or are planning to purchase one, you should take your time and read the terms and conditions of the same. If you’re booking through an airline, we will also give some basic tips to help you find the cheapest flights that suit your budget.

In short, Nordwind Airlines is legally responsible for paying you compensation, which accounts for a significant amount of the cancellation/refund fee. However, this compensation is most likely to be greater the earlier you cancel your ticket. The refund is also greater if you cancel before the basic price of your ticket drops by half. In any case, contacting Nordwind Airlines is usually the best way to resolve any issues you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Nordwind Airlines business class tickets refundable?

Nordwind airlines do not offer business-class reservation. To enjoy quality travel with Nordwind Airlines, you can book Premium Economy with the airlines, and it is a refundable fare.

Does Nordwind Airlines have a free cancellation?

Yes, the airline offers free cancellation if you decide to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase. You need to keep in mind that the flight must be booked on Nordwind Airlines’ website.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight?

The Lite fare is non-refundable outside 24 hours of booking. The Optimum fare charges 100 USD if the scheduled departure date is less than 24 hours away from the travel. The Premium Economy charges 90 USD outside 24 hours of departure, 100 USD within 24 hours of departure and 200 USD if you miss the flight.

How to cancel a flight on Nordwind Airlines?

You can cancel the flight online via the online travel portal as well as through the reservation phone number. 

Are economy tickets refundable with Nordwind Airlines?

Nordwind airlines offer three fares – Lite, Optimum, and Premium. The Lite fare is non-refundable outside 24 hours of booking. The Optimum and Premium Economy fare are refundable and the cancellation fee varies as your travel moves closer to the departure.

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