Traveling can often be stressful for some passengers which may indulge them in initiating ticket cancelations. Hence, passengers are advised to know the details of the policy that deals with these booking cancelations. The Nouvelair cancellation policy includes all the aspects of how to cancel tickets, ways to apply for a refund, and methods to claim compensation under certain conditions. Therefore, the policy is indeed a one-stop source of information for passengers planning to cancel their tickets at any point in time. 

Nouvelair Cancellation Policy

Nouvelair Flight Cancelation Rules

The rules for flight cancelations are set in keeping with the guidelines of the Nouvelair cancellation policy. By following these simple rules, one can easily cancel their tickets without facing any issues. For example, for any type of ticket whether refundable or non-refundable, one can cancel and get back the booking money in case cancelation is done within 24 hours of buying it. The following are some more rules that are mostly put in use while canceling tickets with Nouvelair:

  • Once a ticket is canceled after 24 hours of making the purchase, customers are needed to pay a fee.
  • The cancellation fee will vary according to the class of tickets booked, for example,  Economy Class or Business Class. Also, the time left for departure during cancellation is another factor based on which the cancellation charge is determined. 
  • A refund amount can be given for tickets that come under the criteria of refundable type. Information on the type of ticket purchased can be seen on the ticket itself. 
  • Once the Nouvelair flight cancellation process is done, the airline will send a confirmation mail about the same. Customers must make sure that they have received the mail or are advised to make an inquiry about it with the support team if they haven’t received the mail. 
  • When flights are being canceled by the airline, travelers are eligible for claiming compensation. 

Nouvelair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Flyers often enquire whether tickets they have bought will incur any cost in case they are canceled later. The Nouvelair 24 hour cancellation policy opens one such way to the customers. According to it, the entire booking money can be returned to the passengers when the tickets are being canceled. However, some conditions are to be maintained to cancel tickets as per the policy. Some of the requirements are as listed below:

  • The ticket should be bought and canceled by the travelers within one day or 24 hours. 
  • The flight for which the ticket was initially bought should have at least one week or 7 days left for the departure.
  • One must request for a return of booking money once the entire process of cancelation is confirmed by the airline.

Nouvelair COVID-19 Cancelation Policy

COVID-19 has created a scenario of unpredictability in every aspect of life. This is also true for passengers who have made travel plans in advance but may suddenly have to cancel them due to the advancement of a sudden wave of viral infection. Sensing the need for flexible booking options among travelers, Nouvelair has come up with the new COVID special ticket cancelation facilities. A few of the COVID-19 related Nouvelair cancellation policy features are as stated below:

Nouvelair COVID-19 Cancelation Policy
  • Passengers can be allowed to cancel their tickets at least 72 hours before their departure. No cancelation charges are needed to be paid in this case. 
  • On cancelation, the travelers will be given a voucher that can be used for bookings in the future. This may include any service offered by the airline including booking flight tickets. 
  • The validity of the voucher is usually for a year from the date of its issue.
  • The voucher that is given to the travelers is of a non-refundable type. 
  • To avail of the facility of the voucher, one has to contact the airline support by sending an email at [email protected] or can get in touch in person with the officials at points of sale. 
  • Please contact the travel agent if a flight booking is done through them.

How to Cancel a Nouvelair Flight Ticket?

Flyers can follow a few simple steps to cancel their tickets easily. Irrespective of the physical location of the traveler, he or she can cancel their tickets online by visiting the official website of the airline. Also, there are numerous sales points of Nouvelair that can be contacted for canceling tickets on a call. To seek assistance, customers can also dial the customer support of the airline. The following are some common ways or methods to cancel Nouvelair tickets based on the convenience of the flyers:

Method 1: Cancel by Visiting the Website

No matter in which part of the world an individual is sitting, he or she can cancel Nouvelair tickets at any point in time. For that, the passenger is required to simply access the official website of the airline. There will be instructions that are to be followed to complete the process. For instance, one will be asked to enter the booking or the passenger details in the process. As per the Nouvelair cancellation policy, the information given below provides an outline of the step-by-step process to be followed for web-based ticket cancelation: 

online Nouvelair Flight Ticket cancellation
  • First, please open the official website of Nouvelair Airlines.
  • One would have to then locate the “Booking” tab
  • On clicking the booking tab, travelers would have to find the “Manage My Booking” option and click on it.
  • After pressing the “Manage My Booking” tab the flyer would be taken to a page where individuals would have to enter the passenger’s first name, the last name, and then the “Reservation Number”.
  • The passengers then can either change details according to the Nouvelair flight change policy or cancel their ticket. 
  • The process will end once the final “cancel” button gets clicked.
  • Customers are requested to make sure that a confirmation email is sent by the airline. 

Method 2: Phone-based Cancelation Process

Travelers facing any doubt during the time of cancelation can always call up customer care support and ask for help. Again, one can also visit the local office of the airline to discuss in detail a complex cancelation process. For instance, a passenger has already completed part of the trip but is up to postponing the rest of the trip. If one of the members of the group may be unwell or in some sudden emergency and is willing to go back to the original destination, an offline mode of ticket cancelation will be ideal in that case. However,  according to the Nouvelair cancellation policy, for all bookings that are made through travel agents, passengers are requested to consult with the agents regarding the same. 

Nouvelair Cancellation Fee

An individual, when cancels an existing booking with Nouvelair, has to pay a cancelation fee in return. These charges may vary with when and which type of ticket is being canceled. When any ticket is being booked and canceled within a day, no charge is required to be paid. However, the ones that are booked after the risk-free 24 hour period require a fee to be deposited. The following is some additional information on the fee charged to cancel Nouvelair flight tickets. 

  • The cancelation fee is determined based on the class and fare of the ticket bought.
  • The fee that is to be paid also includes the difference in fare in case of rebooking and other fixed management charges
  • For travelers who have canceled return flights, the penalty can be based on the fare of the cheapest flight ticket. 
  • On average, an individual pays about $100 to $500 as the Nouvelair cancellation fee when tickets are canceled after the expiry of the risk-free period. 
  • If a cancelation is done within the last 24 hours of flight departure, a sum of $100 to $400 can be needed to be paid by the passenger. 

Nouvelair Refund Policy

The Nouvelair policy for refund is based on customer expectations once a ticket gets canceled. On canceling a ticket, a traveler may hope to get at least part of the booking amount to be returned or be offered a facility. This facility can be used for purchasing other services from the airline in near future. The refund policy, therefore, includes all conditions under which the airline can have the privilege to offer a refund on cancelation. Given below are some of the features under the Nouvelair refund policy:

  • A full refund is provided for ticket cancelations done within 24 hours of making a purchase. 
  • All ticket types irrespective of fare apply to the 24-hour refund policy.
  • After 24 hours of booking only refundable tickets may return full or a part of booking money on cancelation.
  • The airline starts initiating the refund process once it receives a request for the same from the customers. The passengers, on the other hand, can be eligible for placing a request, only when they have a valid cancelation confirmation mail sent by the airline. 
  • A refund gets credited within 7 to 10 working hours. For any delay in the refund, one can contact the support staff and inquire. 
  • Travelers can get a full refund for tickets canceled due to flight cancelations done by the airline. 

Nouvelair Cancel Flight Policy

There can be unfortunate circumstances under which flights get canceled by the airline. In most cases, the airlines make every effort to inform about the cancelation at least 14 days before the departure. However, it may not always be possible since there can be some causes of cancelation that are within the scope of the airline. Again, there can be other reasons also that are way beyond the control of the carrier. The reasons for Nouvelair cancel flight are explained below:

Reasons Within the Scope of Nouvelair

There can be cancelations due to reasons that can be handled by the airline. The examples are given below:

  • Operational problems
  • Air staff strike
  • Technical failure 

Reasons Beyond the Scope of Nouvelair

The airline may be required to cancel flights due to reasons that are not within its limits. Some of the extraordinary conditions are as shown below:

  • Bad Weather
  • COVID -19 induced causes
  • Government restrictions 

Nouvelair Flight Cancelation Compensations 

For passengers, they may face unrequited troubles due to sudden cancelations. Nouvelair understands that and so in a case such incidents happen, the airline makes every effort to reduce hassles. The following are some of the compensation options given under the Nouvelair cancellation policy:

  • Issuing of fresh tickets to substitute flights.
  • Providing a full refund in case the customer requests it.  
  • Offering free food and accommodation in case of stayovers.


Nouvelair keeps no stone unturned to make sure of a safe and hassle-free journey. Even when a customer has to cancel a booking with an airline, the Nouvelair cancellation policy acts as a proper guide for the passengers and ensures a smooth cancelation process. The refunds and the compensation norms covered under the policy are well in sync with the rights and privileges of air passengers maintained globally. 

How does the Nouvelair cancellation policy work?

The Nouvelair cancellation policy works by providing guidelines to every aspect of ticket cancelation. It helps the passengers to cancel their tickets in a variety of ways. The policy covers different ways to cancel a ticket, the refund offered after cancelation, the fee charged, and the grounds under which the compensations are given to the travelers.

What is Nouvelair 24 hour cancellation policy?

The Nouvelair 24 hour cancellation policy deals with ticket cancelation without any need of paying a fee. This means that passengers are provided a full refund when they cancel their tickets within 24 hours of making a flight booking. However, this policy is applicable only when the time left for the departure of the flight is at least a week. 

Can I get Nouvelair flight cancellation compensation?


Yes, Nouvelair offers compensation for flight cancelations. Passengers have the right to ask for a full refund in case they cancel the flight within 24 hours of their booking. The airline also issues fresh tickets to other flights. In case of stayovers due to cancelations, the airline may offer accommodation and food for free. However, the airline reserves the right to avoid compensation liability when the flights are being canceled under any extraordinary conditions like bad weather or government-imposed restrictions. 

How to cancel Nouvelair flight?

To cancel Nouvelair flight ticket online, one can cancel a ticket directly from the website of the airline. For that, an individual is needed to press the “Manage my Booking” tab and carry on with the process as per the instructions given on the screen. Passengers also have the option of canceling their tickets by going offline. They may either make a phone call to customer support or pay a visit in person to the nearby sales point of the airline. 

How much is the Nouvelair cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee is paid on canceling a non-refundable ticket. The Nouvelair cancellation fee amount differs with the type, fare, and time at which a ticket is canceled. On average, a fee ranging from $100 to $500 can be charged on cancelation done after the lapse of a 24-hour risk-free period. 

How frequently does Nouvelair cancel flights?


Nouvelair flights can be canceled due to several reasons that may or may not be within the control of the airline. For instance, causes like inclement weather or travel restrictions are not within the scope of the airline. To know more about how frequently Nouvelair cancel flights, one may contact airline customer support. 

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