Passengers who perform Pegasus Airlines cancellations without knowing the rules often end up in a bind spot with a hole in their pockets. A quick glimpse of the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy is all you need to save money. 

Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

This is why we have got you this guide to help you with the cancellation whenever you need it. Let’s check it out: 

What are the Highlights of Pegasus Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy?

To offer you a pleasant travel experience, the airline has made some necessary changes in the Pegasus Airlines refund request procedure. For a hassle-free cancellation, read the highlights of Pegasus Airlines flight cancellation policy:

  • Pegasus Airlines will not charge any amount as cancellation fees if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking. 
  • As per the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy, the airline would not consider refund requests made at unauthorized portals.
  • Cancellations made on the day of departure will cost 20 to 45 percent more than cancellations made on other days.
  • Passengers who fill out the Pegasus Airlines refund request form after the departure time are not eligible for a refund.
  • The Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy states that passengers can use the free cancellation benefit on the day of departure if they cancel the scheduled tickets within 30 minutes of making the reservation.
  • The passengers who are canceling the flight due to the bereavement of an immediate family member will not be required to pay Pegasus Airlines cancellation fees. 
  • According to the Pegasus Airlines flight cancellation policy, the passengers who are canceling flights after the zero cancellation period will be required to pay a certain percentage of the total fare as cancellation fees.
  • Passengers who want to cancel their tickets after check-in must pay the entire flight fare as Pegasus Airlines cancellation fees.

What is Pegasus Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

All passengers who are uncertain about their upcoming trip should review Pegasus Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy. This policy allows them to get a refund without incurring cancellation charges.

Unlike other airlines, Pegasus Airlines has a 24-hour free cancellation policy for tickets booked on the day of departure. Look at the listed points for more detail on the policy:

  • According to the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy, all tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking will receive a full refund.
  • If the booking date and departure date are the same, the passenger must cancel the reservation within 30 minutes of confirmation.
  • The airline will not impose cancellation fees if the booking is canceled due act of god or government laws. 
  • To receive a full refund if the booking and departure date are three or fewer days apart, the customer must fill out the Pegasus Airlines refund request form within 60 minutes of the initial reservation.
  • The booking made on the official platforms is available for a full refund, according to the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy. If the passenger bought their tickets outside of the designated centers, they must contact the third-party agent directly.
  • Once the free cancellation period lapses, the airline will charge a certain percentage of the total fare as Pegasus Airlines cancellation fees.

What is Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy for no-show passengers?

The Pegasus Airlines refund policy states that passengers who cancel their flights after the departure date will not be refunded. The other important points include – 

  • Passengers who claim refunds within the 2 hours prior to or after the Scheduled Flight departure time are no-show passengers. 
  • In cancellation of Tickets, no-show passengers are not entitled to any refund for any component of airfare.   
  • Only Airport Taxes will be refunded to no-show passengers.

How much is the Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Fee?

Below is the overview of the fare rules and cancelation fees according to the travel routes and Fare Classes – 

For Domestic & North Cyprus Flights

Departure timeG/P/U/T/Z/V/X/S/N Fare ClassesK/H/M/L/B/Y Fare Classes
12 hours and moreNon-refundable20 USD transaction charge will apply
Less than 12 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundable

For International flights – 

2 hours and moreNon-refundableEUR 35 transaction charge will applyEUR 65 transaction charge will apply
Less than 2 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundable
Departure TimePROMOTION G Fare ClassPROMOTION P/U/T/Z/V Fare ClassesSTANDARD X/S/N/K/H/M/L/B/Q/Y Fare Classes
More than 72 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableEUR 70 transaction charge will apply
Between 72-12 hours (12 hours included, 72 hours excluded)Non-refundableNon-refundableEUR 90 transaction charge will apply
Less than 12 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundable

For international-domestic connecting flights – 

Departure TimeRULE (For all I/E/W/F/A/J/C Fare Classes)
More than 72 hours30% of the price will be deducted
Between 72-24 hours50% of the price will be deducted
Less than 24 hoursNon-refundable

For international-international connecting flights – 

Departure TimeRULE PROMOTION Q/I Fare ClassesPROMOTION E/W Fare ClassesSTANDARD F/A/J/C Fare Classes
More than 72 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableUSD 120 transaction charge will apply
Between 72-12 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableUSD 140 transaction charge will apply
Less than 12 hoursNon-refundableNon-refundableNon-refundable

How to cancel a flight with Pegasus Airlines?

The airline offers cancellation services through both online and offline modes. 

Consider the various approaches mentioned below and choose the suitable one for canceling your scheduled ticket.

Pegasus Airlines Cancel Booking Online

  • Browse the Pegasus Airlines official website or mobile app.
  • Use your login credentials to complete the account authentication process.
  • Tap on the manage booking tab.
  • Use your confirmation code with the passenger’s last or family name in the required field.
  • Check the input and tap on the Continue tab.
  • Select the ticket.
  • Choose the reason for cancellation.
  • Attach all the required documents.
  • Submit the form by tapping on the confirm tab.
  • The system will generate the refund.
  • Match the refund value with your calculation and submit the response tap on the Yes tab.

Pegasus Airlines Cancel Booking Via Customer Service Number

  • Get connected with the officials at (customer service number).
  • Choose the cancellation option.
  • Elaborate on the cancellation reason. 
  • Share all the required information and ask the agent to accomplish the Pegasus Airlines refund request process on your behalf.
  • The agent will fill out the form by mentioning all the travel details shared with you.
  • Once the agent fills out the Pegasus Airlines refund request form, the agent will guide you through the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy.
  • You may need to pay the service fee extra as you chose the offline procedure for cancellation.

Pegasus Airlines Cancel Booking At the Airport Counters

  • Reach the Pegasus Airlines counter.
  • Fill out the Pegasus Airlines refund request form.
  • Share all the required details.
  • Recheck the input and submit it to the available agent.
  • The agent will check the input and by following Pegasus Airlines refund policy calculate the cancellation fees.
  • Since you choose the offline cancellation method, you will be charged an additional service fee.
  • Pay the penalty and complete the cancellation process.
  • Depending on the payment method, Pegasus Airlines will transfer the refund balance to the passenger within six to thirty business days.

What is Pegasus Airlines Refund Policy?

Passengers who book flights with Pegasus never have to think about the refund value because the airline has one of the most generous refund plans. You can safely obtain a refund from Pegasus Airlines if you consider the steps outlined below:

  • The passenger must cancel the ticket within the risk-free time in order to receive a full refund.
  • The airline will charge 30 to 70 percent of the total fare as Pegasus Airlines ticket cancellation fees if the booking is canceled outside the allotted period.
  • According to the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy, the passenger needs to have a valid ticket with them for making cancellations at the authorized platforms.
  • Refund due to bereavement

When a cancellation is made due to the death of a co-passenger or family member, the passenger must submit a death certificate while filling out the Pegasus Airlines refund request form.

  • Refund in the original method of payment

Refunds will only be made to the credit card and the holder of the credit card used for payment.

  • How to request a refund?

Online – If you purchased your Ticket from the Pegasus Website, Pegasus Mobile Applications, Pegasus Call Center, or Airport Ticket Sales Offices, you can carry out your refund transactions online under the “Manage My Flight” tab.

At the airport office – When you apply for a refund at the Airport Ticket Sales Office to request for your flight booking, you would be asked to present the credit card used at the time of booking and a photo identification.

  • Refund in the original method of payment

In the event of cancellations for Tickets purchased through payments in installments, the refund will be paid back to the credit card used for the original transaction.

  • Refund within a specific time

Passengers who purchased the ticket through the airline’s website or through any other direct sales channel do not have to pay the Pegasus cancellation fee under the following circumstances.

Time Left for DepartureRefund Claim Deadline
0 – 24 hoursWithin 30 minutes of purchase
24 – 72 hoursWithin 60 minutes of purchase
More than 72 hoursWithin 24 hours of original purchase

What to do if Pegasus Airlines cancels, delays, or denies boarding?

If you confirmed Pegasus Airlines flight is canceled, denied boarding, or delayed, you are eligible for a refund as well as compensation under the following circumstances –  

  • You have a confirmed reservation on an airline-operated flight purchased at a fare available to the general public.
  • You have checked in before the specified Check-In Deadline.
  • You are traveling on a flight departing from or arriving at an airport in Israel.
  • You have been denied boarding involuntarily, or your flight is delayed by more than two hours beyond the scheduled departure time or canceled.

Right to compensation – The following table outlines the compensation amounts you are entitled to if you experience involuntarily denied boarding, flight cancellation, or a delay of eight hours or more:

Flight DistanceCompensation Amount (USD)
Up to 2,000 km$400
Between 2,000 km and 4,500 km$640
Over 4,500 km$960

Understanding the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy is crucial for travelers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. The policy provides important information about passengers’ rights, compensation, and assistance in the event of flight cancellations, delays, or denied boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How long does a flight refund take?

In the case of Pegasus Airlines, the refund is typically processed within 7 to 14 business days.

How much is Pegasus cancellation fee?

The Pegasus airline cancellation fee varies with the travel route, class of service and the Pegasus refund time at which the cancellation is requested. For domestic flights,  if you booked K/H/M/L/B/Y Fare Classes, the fee is 20 USD if you cancel more than 12 hours before scheduled departure.

How to cancel a Pegasus airline ticket?

To cancel a Pegasus airline ticket, you can typically do so through the airline’s official website or by contacting their customer service.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my flight to Pegasus?

Some fare types may be non-refundable, while others may allow for partial or full refunds.It is best to contact the airlines to understand the eligibility of a refund.

What is the cost of canceling a flight on the day of departure?

According to Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy, you must pay cancellation fees ranging from 40 to 80 percent of the ticket price.

Do I need to pay cancellation fees if the flight is canceled by the airline?

No. You do not need to pay any amount as Pegasus Airlines cancellation fees if the flight is canceled by the airline.

How to cancel a ticket over the phone?

To cancel your ticket over the phone, reach the customer service team by dialing the, with the appropriate assistance, complete the ticket cancellation process.

Can I cancel tickets via online platforms?

Yes. You can easily cancel your ticket through the online portals.

What are the benefits offered under the online cancellation process?

Passengers who cancel their reservations online will get the following benefits:

• There are no service costs.
• The cancellation charge is 10% cheaper than in the offline modes.
• The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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