Rossiya Airlines cancellation policy voids fewer flights than most other airlines. This is largely due to the strict adherence to the policy rules and regulations. Once you know the cancellation policies, it is much easier to manage your flights. 

Rossiya Airlines Cancellation Policy

In this post, we will cover the Rossiya Airline’s rules you should know before making a cancellation. Not just that, we have covered the cancellation fee for all fare types, the refund policy, and all other essential things you require to get a hassle-free cancellation. 

Rossiya Airlines Ticket Cancellation Rules

As per Rossiya Airlines cancellation policy, passengers who purchase flight tickets do not have the option to obtain a refund but rather can change or freeze their booking until one year from the booking date. The other cancellation rules that you should take care of before purchasing the reservation – 

  • If you purchase your flight directly from the Rossiya airline website, you can cancel the reservation directly via the airline’s website. 
  • If you purchased your flight ticket from a third-party travel agency, you need to cancel and claim a refund from the original point of purchase. 
  • After cancellation, the airline will issue the refund in the travel credit voucher which can be used via the Rossiya airline website and the airline’s customer service phone number.
  • A designated section on the airlines’ website to enter the voucher details, such as voucher number, validity, and the passenger’s name. The voucher is a 15-digit ticket number. If you have received the only 6-digit booking reference number at the time of booking, go to your email inbox to see the entire voucher number.
  • If the new flight ticket price is lower than the voucher’s value, the residual difference will be stored in the voucher. In this instance, no new coupons will be issued.
  • When the new flight ticket price exceeds the voucher value, you would be responsible for paying the higher fare difference. 
  • This is to make it clear that the online cancellation affects all guests on the reservation. Passengers who need to cancel a flight ticket for a certain number of people must call the Rossiya Airlines customer service phone number. 

Rossiya Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the Rossiya Airlines cancellation policy, if you decide to cancel the flight booking within 24 hours, you can claim a full refund, and no cancellation fee will be levied. However, to claim a refund within 24 hours of purchase, you need to comply with the following rules – 

  • The 24-hour flexible policy is applicable for domestic flights and flights that originated to and from the United States. 
  • The scheduled departure date must be at least 7 days ahead while canceling the flight ticket. 
  • The promotional fares offered by Rossiya Airlines are not covered under this policy.
  • The said policy does not cover any flight ticket booked with reward miles or travel credit vouchers. 

Please note: You can request a Rossiya Airlines flight change within 24 hours of booking. No fee will apply except the difference in fare, if there is any. 

How to Cancel a Rossiya Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can cancel the Rossiya Airlines booking online or through the airline’s contact center. 

Online Flight Cancellation

Log in to the airline’s website with your booking credentials. Once you have access to your booking, cancel the flight. It is subject to the airline’s penalty. Follow these steps to cancel your booking – 

  • Visit, and navigate to the My Trip section.
  • Enter the booking reference and the surname of the passenger.
  • Once you retrieve your booking, select the flight booking you decide to cancel. 
  • The amount generated for your reservation will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Once you decide to cancel, check the cancellation fee associated with the booking. 
  • After the request is completed, the refund for your booking will be credited to the original payment method in 14 business days. 

Please note: This is to clarify that the online cancellation affects all guests on the reservation. Passengers who need to cancel the flight ticket for a certain number of people must call the Rossiya Airlines customer service phone number.

Cancel Flight via Phone

If you have more than one passenger in the booking and decide to cancel the reservation for certain members or if you have a hard time navigating to the airline’s website, you can talk to the airline’s executive and seek all the assistance related to your booking. A cancellation fee alongside handling charges will apply. Dial the Rossiya Airlines cancel flight phone number. 

Rossiya Airlines Refund Policy

As per the Rossiya Airlines cancellation policy, if the passenger makes a booking with a credit card, the airline offers the refund in the same payment method in 14 business days. To know more about the refund guidelines, take note of the following points – 

  • The handling fee for the flight tickets that were issued through the Rossiya Airlines Customer Service phone number cannot be refunded. 
  • The airline will offer a prompt refund on time and refund the booking value minus the Rossiya Airlines cancellation fee. 
  • The airlines will also refund the costs associated with the optional services that you purchased with the flight booking. And that you were unable to receive due to an overbooking or a flight cancellation scenario.
  • Please make sure that you have cancelled the reservation before claiming the reservation. 
  • For all Rossiya Airlines flight bookings made with cash, cheque, or other forms of payment, the airlines will process the refund within 20 business days of applying. 

Rossiya Airlines Cancellation Fee

Rossiya Airlines Cancellation Fee

As per the Rossiya Airlines cancellation policy, the airline offers 3 flight fares in the Economy Class to all Rossiya Airlines’ destinations. Below is the overview of the cancellation penalty that best suits your needs, as you can pay only for the components that you choose. 

Economy LiteEco ClassicEconomy Flex
Cancellation Fee (In USD)200170100
No-showNot allowedNot allowed100

Are you planning to fly with Rossiya Airlines? You need to know about the best reasons for the cancellation of the booking for the flight. If you are not aware of these policies and rules, there will be a chance that you miss out on some important information which might lead to complications. So, before flying with any airline, it is always recommended that one should check the terms and conditions before making a booking.

We hope you will find this helpful guide for your future travel plans. If, in case, you still have questions about the airline’s cancellation policy, please call the Rossiya Airlines reservations phone number, and they will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you cancel Rossiya Airlines flights within 24 hours?

Yes, you have the advantage to cancel your flight and claim a full refund on your booking, provided that you request to void your flight booking within 1 day of purchase.

How to get a refund from Rossiya Airlines?

You can claim a refund by visiting the Rossiya Airlines website, and under the My trip section, you can cancel your flight and claim a refund. And subject to the airline’s cancellation penalty and other taxes.

Can you cancel Rossiya Airlines flights and get your money back?

The airlines offer a money-back guarantee under the following circumstances – 
24-hour flexible cancellation period. 
In the event of the death of the immediate family member
In case of a cancelled flight event.

How do I cancel my Rossiya Airlines flight?

You can simply cancel the airline’s reservation by calling the Rossiya Airlines ticket cancellation phone number, which is subject to the airline’s penalty.

What happens if I cancel my Rossiya Airlines flight?

Any cancellation outside the 24-hour of purchase would not entitle you to any refund; rather a travel credit is issued that you can use within 365 days from the date of booking to book a new flight.

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