Royal Flight cancellation Policy helps you to save money if you cancel a flight. The passengers also can get compensation if the flight gets delayed or disrupted for reasons that are not under the airline’s control. The policy also helps us to prevent booking mistakes and flight overbooking issues.

Royal Flight Cancellation Policy

In this post, we will cover all the rules and guidelines that you should be aware of while requesting the flight cancellation, the airline’s cancellation fee, and much more. 

Royal Flight Ticket Cancellation Regulations

As per the Royal Flight cancellation policy, if you are holding a non-refundable ticket, the cancellation request would be applicable to the unused airport taxes and surcharges. Similar to this, check out the other cancellation rules such as  – 

  • You can cancel the flight and request a full refund on the unused part of the ticket provided –
    • Your flight was canceled and you refuse to take an alternate flight
    • You decided not to take an outbound flight because it was delayed for 3 or more hours
    • If your outbound flight is delayed for 90 minutes or more and you have a return flight on the same day. 
    • You decided not to take an outbound flight because you will eventually miss the connecting flight. 
  • You can cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking for a full refund.
  • If your visa application is denied by the government, you can cancel the right and claim a refund on the portion of the ticket that was not used, A cancellation fee may apply.

Royal Flight 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the Royal Flight cancellation policy, passengers can cancel the flight and claim a refund within 24 hours of purchase, without paying any cancellation. The departure date that you booked must be at least 168 hours ahead. You need to make sure of the following conditions before requesting the cancellation of your booking within 24 hours – 

  • The flight must be operated and marketed by the Royal Flight airlines. 
  • The flight must be booked through, or through the airline’s customer service.
  • Passengers can also request a Royal flight change request within 24 hours of booking.
  • The re-scheduled flight bookings are not covered under this service. 
  • Reservation must not include more than 9 passengers in the single booking reference number.

How to Cancel a Royal Flight Ticket?

You can cancel the Royal Flight airlines booking online through the airline’s official website or by calling the airline’s executive.

Cancel Royal Flight Ticket Online

You can simply log on to the airline’s website, and via the My Booking section, you can cancel the flight booking, and claim a full refund. The steps include – 

  • Visit and go to the My Booking section.
  • Enter the six-digit PNR number and the main traveler’s surname.
  • After you access the booking, choose the flight segment to initiate flight cancellation. 
  • After confirming your selection, the claimed refund amount would be highlighted next to the flight segment. 
  • The generated figure on your screen is the refund after adjusting the Royal Flight cancellation fee. 
  • If you agree with the refund value, process to complete the request.
  • The refund would be credited back to the original method of payment in 7-10 business days. 

Cancel Royal Flight Ticket via Phone

You can also cancel your flight via Royal Flight ticket cancellation phone number and speak to the airline’s executive to complete your refund request. Please note the handling charges, as well as the airline’s cancellation fee, would apply.

Royal Flight Refund Policy

As per the Royal Flight cancellation policy, the refund requested by the passenger for the flight booking must be unused. In such an event, the passenger will be paid a full amount less the cancellation fee determined by the applicable Royal flight’s fare rules. The other refund guidelines include – 

  • The refund request of the unused ticket will only be accepted if applied within 1 year from the date of booking, otherwise, no refund request will be accepted. 
  • In the event that the ticket is partially used by the passenger, the claimed refund amount will be the difference between the fare paid and the applicable one-way fare of the flight segment which is used by the passenger. This refund amount will be further determined by the applicable cancellation fees, as per the Royal Flight cancellation policy. 
  • In the case of non-refundable tickets, the airline only refunds the unused government taxes and airport fees. 
  • If any non-refundable fare was re-issued to the higher value restricted fare, the airline will only refund the additional amount according to the applicable fare rules. 
  • For tickets purchased with credit or debit cards, the qualified refund amount will be provided within 7 business days.

Royal Flight Cancellation Fee

As per the Royal flight cancellation policy, the airlines restrict the cancellation outside 24 hours of the fares like – Royal Economy Essential and the Royal Business Essential. Fares like Economy Pro and Royal Business Pro are refundable and canceled outside 24 hours, and are subject to the following cancellation penalty – 

Royal Economy EssentialRoyal Economy ProRoyal Premium EconomyRoyal Business EssentialRoyal Business Pro
Refund PermittedNot AllowedAllowed with feesAllowed with feesNot AllowedAllowed with fees
Cancellation within 24 hoursYesYesYesYesYes
Cancellation Fee (in USD)Not Applicable100125Not Applicable150

The Royal Flight cancellation Policy helps you to save money. This policy is applicable only for domestic flights and not for international flights. However, International Flights get similar rules for flight cancellation, but the terms and conditions may differ.

As we said, the airline offers free cancellation of the flight ticket. This is the primary benefit when you use the Royal Flight cancellation policy in order to avoid checking or rebooking fee charges and to make your travel trip a memorable one. If you need further assistance regarding the same, you can talk to our customer support executive at Royal Flight Contact Number.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is a Royal Flight ticket refundable?

The airline offers certain fares in the economy, Premium Class, and the Business class fare that are eligible for a refund outside 24 hours of purchase. Passengers need to cancel their booking anytime before the scheduled departure to claim the refund and assess the Royal Flight cancellation fee.

How to cancel a ticket on a Royal flight?

To cancel a flight on the Royal Flight booking, you need to log on to the airline’s website, and via the My Booking section. At the time of cancellation, you need to pay the airline’s cancellation fee. 
Alternatively, you can also cancel the flight by calling the Royal Flight booking phone number.

How to get a refund from a Royal flight?

You can claim on the booking if you’re requesting the cancellation up to 24 hours of purchase. Or you need to book flights under the refundable fares. These fares include – Royal Economy Pro, Royal Premium Economy, and Royal Business Pro.

How much does Royal flight charge for cancellation?

The airlines restrict the cancellation outside 24 hours of the fares like – Royal Economy Essential and the Royal Business Essential. Fares like Economy Pro and Royal Business Pro are refundable and canceled outside 24 hours and levies a cancellation fee of 100 and 150 respectively. The Royal Premium Economy charges 125 USD as a cancellation fee.

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