Unlike other airlines, the Scoot Air does not charge an extensive portion of ticket fare as cancellation charges. The airline offers more flexibility in cancellation and refund policies than other airlines. However,  the lack of the right information about the Scoot ticket cancellation policy leads you to lose the refund value. So when you go with the right and adequate information about the policy, you are making the cancellation process easy and simple to perform. 

Scoot Air Ticket Cancellation Policy

When cancellation is done with the understanding of the policy, you will be able to complete the cancellation process with extra ease. According to the policy, every passenger has full freedom to cancel their ticket until 24 hours before departure. The airline will charge a cancellation depending on various factors related to the booking. When you cancel Scoot flight within the risk-free time zone, you are eligible for a full refund.  The policy is prepared by overlooking the type of ticket purchased by the passengers or routes of passengers.

How to extract refunds under the Scoot ticket cancellation policy?

  • As per the policy, the Scoot Air does not offer a refund if the passengers pass the risk-free time zone. 
  • No deduction if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • When the airline cancels the ticket for an avoidable reason, a full refund as per the Scoot ticket cancellation policy.
  • Under the policy, you are eligible for a refund if the ticket cancels within the booking day and the departure date is one week away.
  • The offline method of cancellation requires more effort with energy and you need to pay service charges.
  • When the passenger’s scheduled air tickets with the ChangeYourFlight will get some amount as a refund. Not guarantee but they will receive some amount as a refund.
  • If the flight is canceled after the departure time then all the ticket fare will be charged as the no show fees. Under the Scoot ticket cancellation policy, no refund is initiated from them.

Why does the Scoot cancellation and refund policy differ from other airlines?

Before going through the differences, you must know the Scoot air refund policy. 

  • According to the policy, the passenger is only eligible for a refund if they are able to cancel the flight within granted time (24 hours). After 24 hours all the tickets are treated as non-refundable tickets. No refund is granted to the passenger after the risk-free window.

Pivotal points related to the Scoot cancellation and refund policy

  1. If air tickets purchased with ChangeYourFlight, then some amount is returned to the passenger account as a refund.
  2. No refund to passengers if they canceled the standard ticket. 
  3. Full refund if the departure date is one week away from the booking date. 


  • The booking date and cancellation date must be the same.
  1. The Scoot cancellation and refund policy states that if the tickets purchased from unauthorized portals then no refund is allotted to them.
  2. The total ticket fare charged as No Show Fees if the ticket is canceled after the departure of the flight.
  3. Once the risk-free time frame lapsed, the Scoot air will charge the whole ticket fare cancellation fee. The Scoot Air takes 30 business days to transfer the refund.

Scoot 24-hour cancellation Policy

  • In the 24 hours policy, it is mentioned that if the passenger cancels the booking inside the day of booking, then he or she will gain a full refund. 
  • After exceeding the risk-free window, the passenger will not get any amount as a refund. As the Scoot Air does not allow cancellation after the 24 hours of booking. 
  • In some cases, the airline may withdraw cancellation charges if the ticket canceled for following reasons:- 

                  1- Bereavement of relatives or passenger

                  2- Judiciary orders

                  3- Military or Government involvement

                  4- Visa or Passport issues

  • The Scoot 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their booking without paying cancellation fees.

How much do you need to pay as a Scoot Cancellation Fee?

  1. If the airline cancels booking then no cancellation fee is imposed on you.
  2. Full ticket fare charged as the Scoot cancellation fee after the lapse of 24 hours booking.
  3. Full refund if the ticket is canceled within a granted period.
  4. Some amount as a refund if  the ticket purchased from the Change Your Flight (Scoot Air partner).
  5. The airline will not grant any refund if the ticket is booked from the unauthorized portals. The ticket value will be treated as the Scoot cancellation fee.

How to cancel a Scoot flight ticket for free of cost?

  • For canceling the Scoot flight ticket for free of cost, you need to perform the cancellation within 24 hours of booking. 
  • For free cancellation, the departure date must be seven or more days away from the air ticket booking date. 
  • The passenger will not gain any refund as after the risk-free period lapses, all the tickets are treated as non-refundable tickets.

Benefit with Change Your Flight 

1- The main advantage of Change Your Flight is that the passenger is able to secure some amount as a refund even if they cancel the ticket after 24 hours of booking. 

2- All the passengers who booked tickets from the airline partner (ChangeYourFlight) will be able to secure some portion of ticket fare as a refund and for grabbing the passenger needs to fill the online refund request form.

To enjoy these benefits, the ticket must be booked on flyscoot.com or by calling the customer service team on toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to cancel Scoot flight tickets?

The best way to cancel Scoot flight tickets is through online portals. For executing the cancellation process online, you need to follow some basic simple steps mentioned below:
1. Choose a web browser and Go to the official site of Scoot Air.
2. Finish the login procedure by using credentials (USER ID and Password).
3. On the homepage visit to manage the tab section and enter the reservation code with the passenger’s last name.
4. Select the passenger name for whom you wish to cancel the trip.
5. Select the cancellation reason and submit your selection after going through the consent page.
6. After submission the refund amount with reference ID displayed.
7. Go through the document and select Yes for submitting the refund request.
8. When you complete the cancellation method, the Scoot Air will send you confirmation mail on your registered mobile number and Email. 

How to avoid Scoot cancellation charges


1. Cancel the ticket on the same day of booking.
2. Book ticket from ChangeYourFlight.
3. Always cancel tickets seven or more days from the departure date and within 24 hours of booking.

What is the validity of a travel voucher?

The validity of a travel voucher is one year from the date of issue.

How to extend the validity of a travel voucher?

No. The validity of a travel voucher cannot be extended in the Scoot Air.

How to cancel Scoot Air tickets offline?

To cancel the Scoot Air ticket you need to call the customer service number and follow the below steps:

1. Provide reservation code with passenger the last name to travel agent.
2. Confirm the cancellation reason.
3. The agent will complete the cancellation on your behalf. 
4. Select the mode of cancellation fee payment (if required).
5. Compare the refund amount with the raw calculation.
6. The confirmation mail will be received on your registered mobile number within a few minutes.

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