In case you were to arrive at the airport just 1 hour prior to your departure, you would be considered a no-show unless you have canceled it before. Still, if you are a traveler who tends to wait till the last minute, then Skyup Airlines cancellation policy is something that you should keep an eye on.

Skyup Airlines Cancellation Policy

 In this post, we will cover the airline’s guidelines that you need to know before making a cancellation request, the cost associated with the cancellation, the refund policy, and much more. 

Skyup Airlines Flight Cancellation Rules

As per Skyup Airlines cancellation policy, the conditions apply for cancellations differ depending upon the fare class and the conditions associated with your booking. Additionally, the cancellation rules apply per route. The other cancellation rules include – 

  • All fares and class of service are subject to charges for making cancellations. 
  • For refundable fares, the refund would be applicable on all domestic and international flights. 
  • You need to complete the cancellation request up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure. 
  • The process of making a cancellation can be completed through the My Booking section. Any offline cancellation will be subject to the 50 USD additional handling charges. 
  • The Economy Basic and Economy Standard fares are non-refundable outside the 24 hours cancellation policy. A No-show fee would be applicable. 
  • The Economy Flex fare is refundable. Passengers can also cancel after the scheduled departure and are subject to a no-show fee. 

Skyup Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the Skyup Airlines cancellation policy, you have the option to cancel the flight and claim the full refund provided that the scheduled departure date must be booked at least 168 hours ahead in advance at the time of cancellation. How does it work?

You can change or cancel the flight online by visiting the My Booking section.

When your plans change within the first 24 hours following the booking purchase, here’s what you need to know – 

  • If you need to cancel your flight, Skyup Airlines will refund you the cost of the unused tickets. 
  • If you need to request the Skyup Airlines flight change, you can do so without paying the change fee. A fare difference may apply. 

A few important notes to keep in mind – 

  • Flight tickets that are booked for travel beginning more than 24 hours from the date of purchase are subject to the 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The Skyup Airlines cancellation policy applies immediately after the booking is purchased within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Any fare hikes and taxes that apply to your itinerary are under your liability. 

How to Cancel a Skyup Airlines Flight Ticket?

You have the option to cancel the flight online via the Skyup Airlines website or contact the airlines to cancel the flight over the phone. 

Cancel Skyup Airlines Flight Online – You need to keep your booking confirmation number handy and insert it in the required field on the airline’s website. Once you retrieve the booking, you will get the option to void your flight segments and process the refund. Follow these steps to cancel your Skyup Airlines booking – 

Skyup Airlines Cancel Flight Via App
  • Visit Skyup Airlines website and navigate to the Manage Booking section
  • Enter the booking credentials in the required field to retrieve your booking.
  • Select the flights that are unused and are due to be canceled. 
  • Once you confirm the selection, the refund amount would be displayed on the screen after adjusting the airline’s penalty. 
  • Once you cancel the flight, the refund would be credited back to the original method of payment in 7-10 business days. 

Cancel Skyup Airlines Flight over the Phone – You can simply seek the assistance of the airline’s executive by calling the Skyup Airlines ticket cancellation phone number. 

Skyup Airlines Refund Policy

As per Skyup Airlines cancellation policy, the airlines will offer a refund for the eligible fares and other travel essentials once the request aligned with the required documentation is received by the airlines, and would be according to the following conditions – 

  • The refund on your flight booking is subject to fare rules. 
  • Except for certain restrictions outlined in the flight booking’s terms and conditions, the travel essentials and other ancillary services are non-refundable.
  • If the ticket is non-refundable, the unused airport taxes would be converted into the future travel credit and can be reimbursed to book the new flight.
  • The travel credit is to be reimbursed by the same passenger as on the original ticket. 
  • Completely used flight segments are non-refundable under any circumstances. 
  • Partially used flight segments may or may not be refundable and depend on the fare rule associated with the flight ticket. 
  • If your flight’s schedule is canceled or delayed for 4 hours or more, your booking is eligible for a refund on the unused portion of the ticket.
  • The refund will be made in the same payment method and currency used at the time of booking the flight. 
  • In the event of the death of an immediate family member, the refund would be granted according to the current guidelines under the Skyup cancellation policy. It is mandatory to submit a copy of the death certificate for validation. 

Skyup Airlines Cancellation Fee

Skyup Airlines Cancellation Fee

As per the Skyup Airlines cancellation policy, the Basic and Standard fares are non-refundable, hence no cancellation is allowed. The cancellation fee would be applicable to the Economy Flex and the overview looks like this – 

Cancellation Fee (in USD)Not applicableNot applicableYes
Refund in Case of No-ShowNoNo100 USD + Surcharge
Refund Before DepartureNoNo125 USD

When you make a trip, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. And one of the most important things you will be worried about is whether or not the airline can stand by its cancellation policy.

There are many airlines in the world, but each of them has different rules. If you are also planning for a trip overseas and if you are planning to book flights on Skyup Airlines, then it is better if you have some idea about the cancellation policy. This way, you will know what to expect and whatnot. 

In the end, we found Skyup Airlines cancellation policy to be relatively fair compared to other airlines. However, if you’re not a flexible traveler and tend to procrastinate on booking your tickets, then this is something that you could possibly be interested in. Keep in mind that your situation might be different based on your travel plans though.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to cancel a flight with Skyup Airlines?

To cancel the flight with Skyup Airlines, you can visit the airline’s website or the mobile app. In addition, you can call the Skyup Airlines customer service phone number.

Is there a cancellation fee for Skyup Airlines?

Yes, as per the Skyup Airlines cancellation policy, the Basic and Standard fares are non-refundable, hence no cancellation is allowed. The cancellation fee would be applicable to the Economy Flex and is charged 125 USD anytime before the scheduled departure.

Does Skyup Airlines allow flight cancellation within 24 hours?

You have the option to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase and claim the full refund provided that the scheduled departure date must be booked at least 168 hours ahead in advance at the time of cancellation.

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