The SunExpress cancellation policy covers all norms related to ticket cancellations for the passengers of the airline. The policy is especially helpful when customers need to know about the different methods of canceling a ticket when one can apply for a refund, and under which conditions travelers are paid with compensation. It is based on this policy that the fee charged after canceling is determined. 

SunExpress Cancellation Policy

SunExpress 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Passengers often lookout for cancelation options that would enable them to get back their booking amount after canceling. The SunExpress 24 hour cancellation policy is perfect for such customers who seek concessions on cancellations. In case a ticket is canceled by maintaining all provisions of the 24-hour policy, then passengers will be provided with a full refund. However, it should be seen that the ticket should have at least 7 days left for its departure. All flight tickets are cancelable with a refund under this policy. 

SunExpress Cancellation Rules

The rules for SunExpress cancellation are set according to the norms of the SunExpress cancellation policy. In case of any confusion, like how to get a refund from SunExpress, these rules are a guide for the passengers. The following are some of the important rules for cancellation.

  • Passengers have the right to cancel tickets at any time. 
  • Travelers can take up different methods of cancellation like by visiting a website or calling customer support. 
  • A ticket is deemed to be canceled when a person intimates the airline about his inability to take the flight. In that case, a “no show” cancellation is registered. 
  • For “no show” canceling an individual has to inform the airline officials in writing. In the email, he or she must mention the booking number and the name of the passenger. 
  • In case a ticket has been booked through a travel agent, an individual should contact the agent for cancellation. This is because cancellation is only done through the point of original contact. 

Methods to Cancel SunExpress Flight Tickets

Tickets of SunExpress can be canceled by opting for different methods. One can cancel a ticket directly from the website or can get assistance from live customer support. Therefore, depending upon their convenience customers can take up different ways to cancel tickets. The two of them are mentioned below. 

Cancel SunExpress Flight through Website

Often, in many cases, passengers opt for website cancellation. This is because the method is straightforward. All the individual would have to do is to visit the website and follow the steps as instructed on the screen. The steps for website-based cancellation are mentioned below. 

  • Customers are first needed to open the website of SunExpress.
  • Then they can either log in or sign up
  • After logging in, the passengers are requested to press the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • On clicking the tab one would be taken to the list of bookings made with the airline by the passenger.
  • The traveler is then needed to select the booking that he or she will cancel.
  • After selecting the booking he/she would have to follow the instructions appearing on the screen.
  • The flyer would have to mention the booking reference number and the name of the passenger.
  • In the end, the customer would have to press the “Yes Cancel” and hence, the ticket would get canceled. 

Cancel SunExpress Ticket through Phone Call 

The phone call method is very effective when customers are looking out for help during cancellation. The SunExpress cancellation policy makes sure that the customer service of the airline is always ready to assist customers. The support team is quite efficient in handling issues related to ticket cancellations. Apart from calling customer support, a person can also establish a hotline communication with the officials. The support team is available on WhatsApp chats as well.

SunExpress Flight Cancellation Fee

Tickets that are not refundable and are canceled after 24 hours of their booking would incur a fee. The fee amount varies with the type of ticket bought and also the time at which it is canceled. For example, no fee is charged for tickets that are canceled within 24 hours of purchase. Again, customers can get back the booking money for tickets that are of refundable type. A SunExpress cancellation fee structure is provided below.

  • For international flyers, the fee is based on the type of ticket purchased namely, SunEco, SunClassic, and SunPremium.
  • For cancellations of SunClassic,  50 % of the booking amount will be charged while 25 % of the booking amount for SunPremium will be charged in case a minimum of 30 days are left from the date of departure.
  • 80 % of the SunClassic ticket amount and 50 % of the SunPremum amount are charged for cancellations done when 29 to 7 days are left for departure.
  • 90 % of the SunClassic and 80 % of SunPremium are charged as a fee for cancellations done between 6 days to 48 hours of departure. 

SunExpress Refund Policy

SunExpress offers customers a refund policy that has ample options for availing of refunds. For instance, the 24-hour cancellation policy enables customers to get a full refund of the booking amount. Also, refunds are offered in the form of credits that can be used by passengers within a definite time. The recently launched “Corona Care Guarantee” offers customers the option of a full refund under certain conditions. Some of the conditions are mentioned below. 

  • The guarantee is applicable for passengers who are infected with Covid 19 just before the departure
  • Passengers can also avail of the guarantee when a first-degree relative is diagnosed with covid 19. The term 1st-degree relative implies spouse, parents, and children.
  • Travelers can avail of the scheme even when the first-degree relative has no flight booking with the airline. 

SunExpress Compensation Policy

The compensation policy of SunExpress enables the airline to offer compensation to its customers when a flight is canceled due to reasons like technical fault, IT systems failure, bad weather, and such. The following are some important features of the policy. 

  • Compensations are offered both in case of flight delay and cancellation.
  • A fresh ticket for a substitute flight is offered in case of SunExpress cancel flight. 
  • One can claim a refund if not ready to take the new flight 
  • Free accommodation and food are provided for delays requiring stayovers. 


The SunExpress cancellation policy includes all features that are useful for customers to cancel their tickets. With the inclusion of the Corona Guarantee scheme, the airline is consistently trying to improve its policy and make it more customer-friendly. Passengers are provided with every possible support for ensuring a cancellation process of limited risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is the SunExpress flight cancellation policy?

The SunExpress cancellation policy is the guideline for ticket cancelation. By reading the policy passengers can know about the information on a ticket cancelation and the ways to claim a refund. The terms and conditions of compensation are also based on the cancellation policy. In case of any information regarding the policy, one can reach out to the customer support of the airline. 

What is SunExpress 24 Hour Cancellation policy?


The SunExpress 24 hour cancellation policy helps the passengers to get a refund on cancelation. The policy applies to all tickets. Travelers have to make sure that they cancel the ticket within 24 hours of making a booking. The ticket should also have a departure at least 7 days from its date of booking. 

How to cancel SunExpress flight ticket?

SunExpress flight tickets can be canceled by making a phone call to the customer support team or by visiting the official website of Sunexpress. The airline also has hotlines open for customers to contact them. The support team is also available through WhatsApp chats to guide in canceling tickets. 

How to get a refund from SunExpress?

To get a refund from SunExpress one must purchase a refundable ticket. According to SunExpress refund policy, tickets that are canceled after the 24-hour risk-free period will not offer any refund. However, tickets of all fare types canceled within 24 hours of making their purchase provide a full refund of the booking amount. A refund is also available for tickets under the Corona Guarantee scheme. 

How much is SunExpress ticket cancellation fee?


SunExpress charges a cancellation fee for tickets that are canceled after 24 hours of booking. The fee varies concerning time and type of ticket. For instance, 50 % of Sunclassic and 25 % of SunPremium is charged when these tickets are canceled with at least 30 days left for departure. No fee is charged when a flight is canceled by the airline. Instead, passengers are offered compensation. 

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