What’s one thing that we cannot compromise with? Has to be the cancellation rules, right? While planning a trip, we all want to fly with an airline that provides flexibility and pertains to the modifications as per our wish. Thomas Cook Airlines is one of a kind when it comes to making cancellations. Known to be one of the most renowned airlines in terms of passenger base, Thomas Cook tries to lay off the strict rules as much as possible. Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy is known to be the king of all the policies. 

Thomas Cook Airlines Cancellation Policy

We will walk you through the change rules of Air Berlin, so make sure to roll up your sleeves and read along. 

Thomas Cook Flight Cancellation Policy: Key Highlights 

Plans are quite uncertain and this airline is well aware of the fact, therefore the passengers are provided with the utmost leverage while travelling with this airline. If you are not sure about taking the flight, check out the cancellation policy mentioned below. 

  • According to the Thomas Cook cancellation rules, the passengers can make free cancellations to their tickets within 72 hours of the booking. The tickets must be booked at least 2 days before the standard date of departure. 
  • If the passengers have not cancelled their tickets within the given time, they would have to pay a certain amount to cancel. 
  • Thomas Cook cancellation can take place in a myriad of ways. The passengers must try to cancel their tickets via the source of booking. 
  • In the case of dual booking, the passengers can always contact the airline for cancellation. Tickets with cheaper airfare would be cancelled without any charges. 
  • If the passengers have booked a round ticket, they can cancel the individual booking. The charges would only be applied for the cancellations made and not for the round trip. 
  • Any involvement of third parties such as agents means the passengers would have to make the cancellations in the same way. The airline does not permit passengers to cancel the tickets online or offline. 

Thomas Cook Airlines Cancellation Charges 

Every leverage that the airline provides you is backed with a certain set of limitations. It is not possible for the airline to only give you liberties without setting any boundaries. If you are not able to abide by those boundaries, the airline would levy a certain cancellation charge on you. 

  • Passengers who have got their names on the tickets must reach out to the airline to make the cancellations either in writing or by contacting the agents. After cross verification, the airline would deduct the charges from the airfare. 
  • If the passengers cancel their tickets within 72 hours of booking, the airline would not deduct a single penny from their ticket fare. 
  • If the passengers are cancelling their tickets within 72 hours from the standard departure of the flight, the airline would incur a 100 per cent cancellation fee. 
  • If the passengers do not show up for their flights, it would be considered a no-show. Meaning, the airline would deduct the entire amount as cancellation charges. 
  • The passengers who have bought non-refundable tickets would have to pay the entire airfare as a cancellation charge. The airline does not allow the cancellation of non-refundable tickets. 
  • As per Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy, the cancellation charges usually depend on several factors. The factors that denote are- the time of cancellation, destination and type of tickets (domestic or international). 
  • If you wish to have accurate information about your cancellation fee, contact on this number

Various Ways For Thomas Cook Flight Cancellation 

If you are wondering about cancelling your tickets, there are one too many ways to do it. Thomas Cook is a renowned travel brand and never fails to surprise its passengers with options. You can make the cancellations in three ways, read along to find out how. 

Online Cancellation

If we had a wish, we would definitely ask to make the cancellations at the tap of a screen. Well, our wishes just came true. The airline provides the option to make the cancellations in the snap of a finger. If you have booked your tickets online, you can cancel your tickets via the web. 

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • At the extreme right of the homepage, you can see a login button, click on it and enter your details. 
  • The airline would retrieve your information. Click on the flight option on the refreshed homepage. 
  • Navigate to the “Care” section and go to the manage booking section. Enter your flight details and press the search button. 
  • Press on the cancellation button and confirm. 
  • The airline would go through the cancellation request and proceed with it. 
  • Make sure to fill out the refund form right after you have made the cancellation. 
  • Voila! The cancellations would be made as per Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy. You would receive a confirmation regarding the same in your email. 

Cancellation Via A Call 

If you do not run high on technology and the internet, don’t be disheartened. The airline has crafted this method exclusively for you. The executives are well-behaved and are known for their problem solving skills. Wanting to make the changes in this way? Here’s how you can go about it- 

  1. Call Thomas Cook Airline at
  2. An executive would be assigned to you who would help you out in the change related process. 
  3. Tell your flight details and name so that they can retrieve your details. 
  4. They would go through your eligibility and inform you about the same. 
  5. You can ask the executives to make the cancellations if you wish to proceed forward with it. 

If you are thinking about making the changes in this way, you would have to pay a small administrative fee for the same. The charges are exclusively used as service charges and cannot be categorized into cancellation charges. 

Thomas Cook Airlines Refund Policy 

Thomas Cook Airlines Refund Policy

The major fear after cancellation remains its refund. We cannot afford to watch our hard-earned money go to waste and the airline completely supports it. If you have cancelled your tickets or are willing to do it, go through the refund policy once. 

  • Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy says the passengers can demand a 100 percent refund if they cancel their tickets within 72 hours from booking. If the cancellations are done after that, the airline would deduct some part of the refund. 
  • Thomas Cook flight cancellation refund usually takes 7 to 14 business days to reflect in the account. In some cases, the passengers receive it early while in the other it gets a bit late. 
  • The airline would deduct the relevant cancellation charges from the refund itself. The passengers would receive the remaining amount as a refund. 
  • The passengers must note that even while the tickets are cancelled, the EMI would not get cancelled automatically. 
  • The passengers must not forget to fill out the refund form right after the cancellation. In case the refund takes longer than 14 days, the passengers must directly contact the airline regarding the same. 
  • The refunds are made in the same way the passengers paid for their ticket. Meaning, if the ticket was purchased via a credit card, the refund shall be made in the same way. 
  • If the tickets were purchased via cash or cheques, the airline would reach out to the passengers to know about their desired mode of refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Thomas Cook Flight Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my Thomas Cook flight?

Yes. As per Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy, you can surely cancel your flight without any hassle. The airline provides free cancellation liberty to its passengers up to 72 hours from the booking time.

What happens if my flight is delayed by Thomas Cook Airlines?

If Thomas Cook delays your flight or cancels it, you would have two possible options in your hand. You can either make the cancellations and seek a 100 percent refund or you can take the next alternative flight as sent by the airline. In certain cases, the airline also provides accommodations to its passengers.

Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy also reads that the passengers can claim up to 600 EUR in case their flights are delayed more than usual. (Please note that the cancellation compensation is different for every ticket).

What are Thomas Cook cancellation charges?

The airline is kind of laid back when it comes to making cancellations. The passengers can enjoy free cancellation up to 72 hours from the booking hour. Cancelling your tickets within 72 hours from the standard time of departure would result in a 100 per cent fee.

The cancellation charges start per hour after the free cancellation window. It also differs with every ticket and destination.

What is Thomas Cook refund policy?

As per Thomas Cook flight refund policy, the passengers can demand their refund right after cancellation. The refund usually takes up to 7 to 14 days to reflect in the bank accounts of the passengers.

However, refunds shall only be made if the passengers have purchased a refundable ticket. In case of a non-refundable ticket, the entire amount would be considered as the cancellation fee.

Can I cancel my Thomas Cook Airlines ticket online?

According to Thomas Cook Airlines cancellation policy, the passengers can cancel their tickets in the way they purchased them. Meaning, if you have bought your ticket online, you can cancel it online.

Passengers involving any third party, in this case, would need to contact them for any cancellations. The airline would not allow them to make the cancellations directly via the web.

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