Volotea Airlines knows that air passengers may wish to cancel their tickets under certain conditions. Especially during the pandemic, traveling has become quite unpredictable. Volotea Airlines cancellation policy, therefore, includes norms of ticket cancelation that are favorable to customers. The policy of this airline includes various ways to cancel tickets, followed by going through refund and compensation norms. 

Volotea Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is Volotea Airlines Cancellation Policy?

The cancelation policy of Volotea is based on the rules and regulations needed for ticket reversals. These are followed by a transparent refund policy. According to the policy, a ticket can be canceled by the traveler or by the airline itself. In case a ticket is canceled by the passenger, he or she has to pay a cancellation fee. On the other hand, when a ticket is canceled by the airline, compensation would be offered to the customers. 

Volotea Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancelation policy of Volotea provides its customers a full refund on the cancelation of tickets. The amount is given for cancellations within 24 hours of the booking. The full booking amount can be returned on the cancellation of any ticket irrespective of its fare and the booking class. 

The Volotea Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy makes the ticket booking process risk-free. For instance, if an individual has not entered the correct spelling of the passenger name or has chosen a wrong date or time, then this policy makes sure of a full return of the booking amount on cancellation. 

Rules Under Volotea Flight Cancellation Policy 

Volotea rules for canceling deal with many ways to process ticket reversals. Also, once the ticket is canceled, the rules set by the airline determine how the refund would be claimed and how much amount would be paid back. The airline is liable to pay compensation under certain conditions.  

The following are some important cancelation rules under the Volotea Airlines cancellation policy: 

  • The rules set by the operator make sure of full money back on cancellation of any ticket within a day (24 hours) of a confirmed booking. 
  • A 24-hour refund is given for tickets that have a departure schedule left for at least a week. 
  • The full ticket refund can also be available for passengers under COVID-19 norms. According to the policy, a passenger can get the entire amount back for a canceled flight ticket scheduled to depart with at least 14 days gap. Under such circumstances, the travelers are needed to submit the RTPCR report with a COVID-19 positive result. 
  • Under a Flex plan booking, one can claim the entire ticket amount.
  • The amount recovered under the Flex plan cancellation will be in the form of Volotea credit. The credit can, therefore, be used later for future travel bookings. 
  • A Volotea Airlines flight cancellation fee can be charged on non-refundable tickets. However, one can receive money back on non-refundable tickets in case the cancellation is done by Volotea itself. 

How to Cancel Volotea Airlines Flight?

There are different ways to cancel a ticket based on Volotea Airlines cancellation policy. The most commonly used method to cancel a Volotea ticket is by accessing the official website. On the other hand, a direct phone call to customer care will help to resolve problems that may arise during ticket cancelation. 

Method 1: Website Based Ticket Cancelation of Volotea

Most passengers can cancel Volotea Airlines flight tickets by visiting the website. The process is to be followed step-by-step as the prompts appear online. 

Some of the steps are as mentioned below:

  • At first, the passengers are requested to visit the website of Volotea.
  • Then travelers are advised to look for the “Manage Booking” tab on the front page.
  • Please enter the booking and passenger details as and when required during the process. 
  • Once the details have been entered, the next step is to select and click the “Continue” tab. 
  • After clicking on the tab, the passengers will be transferred to the page where they can choose the flight booking they intend to cancel. 
  • The travelers then can select the ticket booking of their choice and follow instructions on the website that would further direct towards the final cancellation. 

Method 2: Cancelation over a Phone Call

The passengers who have made multiple bookings or have completed a part of the travel and would need to cancel the rest of the booking may require live assistance. In that case, one can give a phone call to the airline customer support team and enquire about ways to cancel and recover canceled flight money. For international calls, one can reach out to Volotea. To know more about the Volotea Airlines cancellation policy, one can contact the airline through email, WhatsApp chats, and online chats on the web page. 

Volotea Airlines Cancellation Fee

Customers who cancel non-refundable tickets are likely to pay a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will vary as per the type of ticket and also the time at which it is canceled. Volotea also charges a fee for making changes in the schedule and names of passengers of the tickets. 

The airline may charge 50 Euros for making changes online, 55 Euros through the call center, and 65 Euros through the airport ticket center. 

Volotea Airlines Refund Policy

According to the refund policy, Volotea’s 24-hour cancellation scheme gives a full refund amount. However, there is no refund for tickets of non-refundable types. 

The following are some highlights of the Volotea Airlines refund policy of the airline:

  • Usually, there is no guaranteed provision for a refund for the ticket cancellation.
  • The refunds are available only for certain cases. 
  • Flexy plan users are entitled to a full refund. However, the refund will be given only in the form of Volotea credits. 
  • Refunds can only be claimed when Volotea Airlines confirms the cancellation of the ticket.  

Volotea Air Compensation Policy

The compensation policy is set by following the governing body norms. So, if Volotea Airlines cancel flights due to faults at its end, then it would pay passengers up to 600 Euros per person. The airline, however, will not make any monetary payments when it cancels a flight due to reasons beyond its control. 


Volotea’s cancellation policy enables its passengers to get the best travel experience with the airways. The refund and compensation rules are set to offer optimal benefits on ticket cancellation. Also, features like a 24-hour cancelation policy ensure its customers can book and cancel their tickets without worrying about any fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Volotea Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy?

The Volotea Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy gives a full refund to the customers. Irrespective of the type of ticket purchased, the policy is applicable for all tickets. It is also especially useful when the customers enter incorrect information, time schedule, or even choose the wrong destinations. 

How does Volotea Airlines refund policy work?

According to the Volotea Airlines refund policy, refunds in terms of credits can be offered to the customers who have bought tickets under Flexy booking. When a flight is canceled by the airline, a full refund amount is given to customers even for tickets that are non-refundable.

How much is Volotea Airlines cancellation fee?

A cancellation fee is charged for the tickets that are not bought under the Flexy scheme. For the air ticket changes, 55 Euros are charged if the changes are done through the call center, 65 Euros via the airport ticket center, and 50 Euros when done online.

When does Volotea Airlines cancel flights?

Volotea Airlines cancel flights for various reasons like the occurrence of a technical fault in the engine. The tickets can also be canceled if there is a significant change in the time of departure. Situations like unfavorable weather conditions, COVID-19 restrictions, or any travel restrictions imposed by the governing body may also lead to the cancellation of flights.

Can I cancel the Volotea Airlines flight ticket offline?

Yes, the flight tickets can be canceled offline. To opt for an offline mode of ticket cancellation, the passengers can directly call the customer care center of the airline. In case of a last-minute cancellation, one can reach out to the Volotea ticket office at the airport.

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