Sunwing check in starts 24 hours before up to 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Passengers must have valid documentation such as a passport or government-issued photo ID for check-in. After you arrive at the airport, head to the check in counter to drop off your baggage. While you complete the boarding process with Sunwing Airlines, you can obtain a boarding pass, add any special request, and select your seat. 

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What are the Sunwing check in methods?

Sunwing web check in is available 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure. If you prefer check-in at the airport, arrive at least 3 hours prior to takeoff. Here are the available methods for flight check-in Sunwing Airlines –

  • Online check-in – Visit the official Sunwing Airlines website or use the Sunwing mobile app to complete the check-in process online. Enter your booking details, choose seats (if available), and complete any necessary baggage information. Afterward, obtain your Sunwing boarding pass. 
  • Mobile check-in – Download and install the Sunwing mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Launch the app, enter the booking details, and complete the check-in. Generate your Sunwing mobile boarding pass for easy retrieval.
  • Airport check-in – Simply arrive at the airport well in advance of your scheduled departure time. Approach the Sunwing Airlines check-in counter, present your booking information and identification, and receive a printed boarding pass from a representative.

How to request Sunwing online check in?

To streamline your airport experience, take advantage of Sunwing check in online. You can complete the boarding process through the airline’s website and generate your boarding pass electronically. 

Steps for Sunwing online check in

Follow these steps to complete the Sunwing web check in

Sunwing online check in
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  • Select Sunwing Airlines
  • And, then select ‘Airport and web check-in’ from the drop down menu. 
Sunwing online check in steps
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  • After acknowledging the terms and conditions, click on the ‘Continue to web check-in’ tab.
  • It will take you to this page.
online check-in steps for sunwing
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  • Enter the Booking Reference and the passenger’s last name.
  • Click on the ‘Find reservation’ button to continue.
  • After verifying your booking, you’ll have the opportunity to select the upcoming flight scheduled and choose the seats.
  • Pick the seats that suit your preferences and passengers’ strengths.
  • If you need to check baggage, you can specify the number of bags and pay for any additional baggage allowance.
  • Verify the passenger information for all travelers on your booking.
  • Download and save the e-boarding pass. You can also print a physical copy.
  • Confirm your check-in, and you’ll receive a confirmation of your successful online check-in.

Sunwing online check in timeline

You can start this process 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure and complete it up to 60 minutes before takeoff.

What services you can add during online check-in

During online check-in, you have the option to select your preferred seats, handle any baggage requirements, purchase extra baggage allowances, and obtain your digital boarding pass. 

Check-in for companions

You can perform the check-in for yourself or on behalf of others listed on your reservation. However, please be aware that by doing so, the personal information of those travelers may be visible to others on the same booking during the Sunwing check in process.

Sunwing web check in eligibility criteria

Following passengers are not permitted to complete Sunwing check in online. Rather they need to complete the check-in on the day of departure at the airport counter – 

  • Sunwing Airlines unaccompanied minor service.
  • Passengers who booked Sunwing Airlines pet travel service. 
  • Passengers traveling in a group of 10 or more under the same reservation code.
  • Passengers who need to request wheelchair service or any other special request 
  • Passengers carrying sports or musical instruments. 

Please Note: Passengers who have already generated the boarding pass are not permitted to request the Sunwing flight cancellation

How to perform Sunwing online check in via mobile app?

If you haven’t already, download and install the official Sunwing mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. You can typically find the app in your device’s app store. Make sure to download the most up-to-date version of the app.

Here are the steps to complete Sunwing online check in using the mobile app –

  • Download the Sunwing mobile app and launch it.
  • Once you are logged in, look for the “Flight Check-In” section within the app’s menu.
  • Enter the booking details such as the last name and the Booking Reference. 
  • Select the flight segment and then select your preferred seat.
  • If you have checked baggage, you can indicate the number of bags you’ll be checking and pay for any additional baggage allowance, if needed.
  • Review and confirm the passenger information you provided.
  • After check in completion you’ll be able to access and save a Sunwing mobile boarding pass.

How does airport check-in with Sunwing work?

Passengers can request Sunwing check-in at the airport 3 hours prior to their scheduled departure time. Passengers can complete check-in at the airport up to 60 minutes before scheduled departure. 

It is recommended to check in early so passengers have plenty of time to drop off baggage, go through security screening, and be at the departure gate. 

Steps to request Sunwing check in at the airport counter

Requesting Sunwing flight check in at the airport requires you to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure.

Follow these steps – 

  • Locate the Sunwing Airlines check-in counter.
  • Join the queue for your designated class or service.
  • Provide your booking confirmation to the airline representative.
  • You may be asked to provide the travel documents for validation. 
  • If you have checked baggage, inform the representative and issue the Sunwing check in baggage tag.
  • After successful check-in, the airline agent will provide you with your boarding pass. 
  • Head to the baggage drop counter to hand over the luggage.
  • Proceed to the security checkpoint with your boarding pass and identification. 
  • Once you’ve cleared security, head to the departure gate to board your flight.

Please Note – If you do not meet the specified deadlines, the seats you previously chose might be given to someone else, you could be refused permission to board the flight, and you won’t qualify for compensation in case of denied boarding.

Entry requirements

Passengers traveling from Canada to destinations like Cuba, Aruba, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, or the Dominican Republic need to be aware of the specific entry requirements. Here are the relevant entry forms for each destination –

What documents are required for Sunwing airport check in?

After you complete the Sunwing online check in or at the airport, you need to carry the required documentation for your travel. However, the required paperwork varies for domestic and international travel.

For domestic travel

Here’s a list of some of the valid forms of ID you can use for domestic travel within Canada – 

  • Canadian permanent resident card
  • Canadian provincial or territorial health card
  • Old Age Security (OAS) identification card
  • Canadian provincial or territorial government identification cards
  • Federal police identification
  • Firearms license
  • Immigration documents issued to foreign nationals (e.g., Work Permit, Study Permit, Visitor Record, Temporary Resident Permit, Refugee Approved Status)
  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian military identification
  • Passport
  • NEXUS card
  • Certificate of Indian Status (Status Card) issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian provincial or territorial driver’s license
  • Federal or provincial government employee identification cards
  • Record of Landing Form/Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292)

For international travel

When planning international travel, it’s essential to have a valid passport for each traveler included in the booking, including children. The name on your passport must match the name on your boarding pass. Some countries may require a visa for entry, in addition to a valid passport.

How do I obtain the Sunwing Airlines Boarding Pass?

There are several ways for passengers to obtain Sunwing Airlines boarding pass –

Through online check-in

After successfully completing online check-in, you’ll be able to download the boarding pass. You can simply save it on your mobile device or print a physical copy.

Through mobile app

Download and install the official Sunwing mobile app. Navigate to the check-in section within the app. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the check-in process. You can access your electronic boarding pass within the app. Save it to your mobile device for easy access.

At Sunwing flight check in counter

If you prefer to check in at the airport, arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to takeoff. Approach the Sunwing Airlines check-in counter, where a representative will assist you. The airline representative will complete the check-in process for you and provide you with a printed boarding pass.

Whether you choose the ease of online and mobile app check-in or prefer the personal touch of the airport counter, Sunwing Airlines offers multiple options to suit your needs. By following the guidelines provided in this article, you can ensure that you’re well-prepared, have your boarding pass in hand, and are ready to embark on your destination with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you check in online with Sunwing?

Yes, online check-in is a convenient option available to passengers 24 hours before their scheduled departure time. 

How early can I check in with Sunwing?

You can check in with Sunwing as early as 24 hours before departure if you check in online. If you prefer the airport, you can check in as early as 3 hours before departure. 

What time does Sunwing check in open?

Sunwing Airlines online check in service opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Who is not eligible for a web check in Sunwing?

Passengers traveling with pets, unaccompanied minors, or those with special requests or specific needs may need to check in at the airport counter. 

Why can’t I check in online Sunwing?

It could be technical glitches, eligibility criteria, or specific travel requirements. If you’re experiencing issues with online check-in, we recommend contacting Sunwing Airlines’ customer service

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