If you need to make changes to your Jetstar reservation, refer to Jetstar flight change policy to save money and bag other benefits. This leading airline has its change policies tailor-made for its passengers who come from all walks of life. So stop worrying and go through the following guide aimed at helping you with changes to your flight booking.

Jetstar Flight Change Policy

Jetstar Change Flight Policy: New Updates

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the airline has introduced necessary changes to its flight change policy. This new update makes traveling easier for passengers with the help of the following  clauses:

  • Jetstar Flight Change Policy states that passengers can make changes to their itinerary only through approved channels.
  • The airline offers a risk-free window in which a passenger can make changes to their scheduled trip for free.
  • After the risk-free period, the passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay NZD 60 as the flight change fees. In some parts of the world, the passenger will be required to pay 7 to 20% of the overall fee as a Jetstar change flight fee.
  • If your departure date falls between March 2020 to December 2021, the airline will not charge you any change fee. 
  • According to the Jetstar flight change policy, the same-day flight change option is not available for long-haul flights.
  • Passengers who are uncertain about their travel plans should buy refundable tickets because Jetstar will not charge a change fee on refundable tickets. 
  • Passengers can change their tickets several times by paying a nominal fee as flight change fees. However, the request must be submitted prior to the flight’s departure time.

Jetstar Flight Change Policy According to the Fare Type

The airline change policy varies depending on ticket fare types.  Go through the following to understand it in detail:

Starter Fare

  • Passengers with Starter fare tickets are unable to change the airports of origin and destination. 
  • The airline allows you to make changes to your name, co-passengers’ name, flight time, and departure date by paying some portion of the ticket fee as Jetstar change flight fees.
  • If you change your travel date and upgrade your flight cabin, you must bear fare differences as well as flight change fees.
  • The airline allows passengers to make one change for free. However, they need to make changes within 24 hours of booking. 
  • Itinerary modifications are not allowed once the passengers have finished the check-in process.

Starter Flex

  • Passengers with Starter Flex tickets have the option to change their tickets on the day of departure.
  • Passengers can change their names, co-passengers’ names, flight time, and departure date by paying a portion of their ticket fee as Jetstar change flight fees.
  • Passengers need to pay a fare difference if they are upgrading the cabin class.
  • The airline will waive off change fees if the flight gest canceled due to the natural disasters and technical failures. 
  • Passengers cannot modify arrival and destination airports.

Starter Plus

  • Passengers with Starter Plus tickets will pay Jetstar flight change fees to change their name, flight date, and time. However, they are not eligible to alter the destination and departure location.
  • There is no reason to pay change fees if the airline reschedules the flight on its own.
  • You must contact the airline ahead of the schedule if you want to upgrade the flight cabin.
  • The modifications made outside the change deadline, the airline can charge you the full ticket price as airline change fees.

Starter Max

  • Jetstar flight change policy allows you to make changes to your name for free within the change deadline.
  • You can make changes to your flight date, time, destination, origin by paying a specific amount as Jetstar change flight fees.
  • Any tickets bought from unauthorized centers are not eligible for changes. 
  • All passengers who booked a Jetstar flight prior to October 12, 2017, can only change the flight date and time by paying a change fee. However, the updates must be completed before the initial check-in date expires.

Business Class

  • Free changes within 24 hours of booking.
  • Name change permitted for free if done within the change deadline.
  • According to the Jetstar flight change policy, flight change and date change facility is available by paying the fare difference.
  • No need to pay change fees, if the airline cancels the flight due to the COVID-19 border restrictions clause. 
  • According to the flight change rules, changing the origin and destination is not allowed for passengers holding a business class ticket unless they own FareCredit.
  • The flight reservations are amended according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Jetstar flight change policy. The airline does not follow a fixed price change system, so, to make changes you need to pay the different amounts at different fare levels.

Business Class Max

  • Free changes within the risk-free period.
  • You can change the names of passengers for free provided the changes are made before the change deadline. After the time limit has expired, you must pay a small portion of the ticket fare as flight change fees.
  • Passengers who have purchased a business max ticket can change their flight date, time, destination, and origin airport by paying a fee to Jetstar.
  • Full ticket fare will be forfeited by the airline if the changes are made after the check-in process has completed.
  • The facility for same-day flight changes is available, but not for long-haul flights.

Jetstar Same Day Flight Change Policy

After learning about Jetstar flight change policy based on fare category, it’s time to talk about Jetstar same-day flight change rules:

  • According to the Jetstar same day flight change policy, a passenger must inform the airline of the reason for the modifications in advance (at least 12 hours before the flight departure). For long-haul airlines, no changes are allowed, even though the passenger has a premium ticket.
  • The airline would not entertain your request if you use an unauthorized portal to make changes to your scheduled tickets. The same-day flight change facility is only available on official portals: Jetstar website, Jetstar mobile app, customer service toll-free number , or by visiting airline counters present at the international and some domestic airports.
  • To make changes on the same day of departure, the passenger must pay change fees. In some scenarios, the airline will charge the entire amount as the Jetstar flight change fee depending on the reason for modifications.
  • Jetstar waives the change fee on same-day changes only if the flight is canceled for reasons such as natural disasters and technical failures. 
  • Passengers with non-refundable tickets can also use the Jetstar same-day flight change service. However, they must pay Jetstar change flight date fees to change their flight date. 
  • When the flight’s initial departure time is less than one hour, Jetstar will not accept requests for updates or changes to the original flight reservations. If you continue to make modifications, you must pay the whole amount as change fees.
  • Under the Jetstar same-day flight change policy, the new flight chosen by the passenger would follow the same routes and connect to the same airports as the initial reservation. 
  • Passengers who have already checked in are not entitled to change their flight.

Jetstar 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

  • According to the Jetstar 24 hours flight change policy, the airline does not charge a change fee if the modifications are made within the risk-free duration. To do so, you must purchase tickets from authorized outlets.
  • You are entitled to a free change under the Jetstar 24 hour flight change policy even though you purchased a non-refundable or basic fare ticket.
  • If you bought your tickets from a third party, you are not eligible for flight changes, but following the airline will charge you the full travel fare as Jetstar flight change fees if you still make changes.

Jetstar Change Flight Fees Table 

AUD / NZD 60Domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand
JPY 3,300Domestic flights in Japan
AUD / NZD 75Short-haul international flights between Australia and New Zealand
AUD / NZD 75/ KRW 61,500Long haul international flights
SGD 60 / IDR 565,000 Rp / VND 1,000,000International flights with Jetstar Asia
JPY 4,150International flights with Jetstar Japan
NILModifications are done under the risk-free period

Jetstar Online Flight Change Method

The online method is the safest and convenient way to upgrade or change a scheduled flight booking through the official website or mobile apps. Follow the steps mentioned below and easily make modifications from the comfort of your home:

Steps for Online Flight Change

  • Head to the official website https://www.jetstar.com/us/en/home
  • Complete the login process by using account credentials(username with password). 
  • On the homepage, look for the “My Bookings” option.
  • Offer the booking reference number and the passenger family name in the required field. Always make sure the input must be the same as the booking information.
  • The system will process your command, within a few minutes, it will retrieve your itinerary details based on inputted information.
  • Select the journey
  • Tap on the modify or change tab.
  • Use the booking reference and make changes in the flight (time, date, class cabin, name, destination, or any specific error) as per your requirement.
  • Tab on the request tab or confirm tab after reviewing the input.
  • All the modifications are strictly based on the terms and conditions of the  Jetstar flight change policy or purchased fare.
  • See the flight change value on your system screen and tap on the continue tab to press ahead.
  • Pay the difference amount and Jetstar change fee via the available modes(wallet, net banking, cards, etc).
  • When you complete the process, save the request ID for future references.
  • Finally, search your email or phone for the most recent flight reservation confirmation letter.

Jetstar Offline Flight Change

Jetstar passengers can change flights and make necessary changes offline at their leisure using the following methods:

Steps to Make Changes Over the Call

  • Dial the Jetstar customer service number .
  • Set the language.
  • Select the flight change option from the available modes.
  • Follow the command and get connected with the available agent.
  • Ask the agent to initiate the Jetstar flight change process on your behalf.
  • To flight change, you need to share: confirmation code, passenger name, flight details, and all other required details.
  • The agent will check the requirement and if available you will get the desired output.
  • To make changes, you need to pay the Jetstar flight change fees.
  • Pay the change fee and get your new modified ticket on your registered IDs.

Steps to Make Changes at the Counter

  • Head to the Jetstar counter.
  • Ask for the flight change form.
  • Fill the form mentioning confirmation code, passenger name, flight details, and all other required details.
  • The agent will review the input and check the availability.
  • If the appeal is legitimate and the conditions are met, the airline may approve it(your request).
  • To make changes, pay the change fee.
  • Once the payment process is done, ask the agent to send the new modified ticket to your registered email/phone number.

Steps to Make Changes at the KIOSK Tower

  • Reach the KIOSK tower.
  • Initiate the flight change process by mentioning your confirmation code, name, flight details, and all other required details.
  • The system will check the request and if available you will gain the desired output by paying the Jetstar flight change fees.
  • Print the ticket by paying the printing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jetstar Change Flight Policy

How to change flight after check-in?

Jetstar does not allow passengers to change flights after check-in. If it is urgent, you can consult the officials. However, you may be required to pay the whole ticket fare as the flight change fees. In some cases, such as bereavement of family members, you may get a chance to change flight even after check-in, though it solely depends on Jetstar.

Can I change the passenger name on Jetstar?

Yes. You can change the passenger name on Jetstar. After the risk-free period, passengers with refundable fares must pay 7 to 40 percent of the ticket fare as Jetstar name change fees, and passengers with non-refundable tickets must pay change fees ranging from 25 to 60 percent of the flight fare.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Jetstar?

Flight change fees range from USD 50 to USD 350. The amount can vary based on different factors.

Can I change a Jetstar flight on the same day of departure?

Yes. You can change a Jetstar flight on the same day of departure. However, the new flight chosen by you would follow the same routes and connect to the same airports as the initial reservation. Pay the change fees, which range from 15 to 60% depending on fare types.

Can I change my Jetstar flight date?

Yes. You can easily change your flight date multiple times. However, for that, you need to pay change fees. The passenger with refundable tickets needs to pay 7 to 40% of the ticket fare as Jetstar changes flight date fees after the risk-free period. Passengers with non-refundable tickets need to pay 25 to 60% of the ticket fare as change fees after the risk-free period.

Can I change the destination of my flight with Jetstar?

Yes. You change the destination of your flight with Jetstar. To do this, you need to notify the airline in advance.

How to change currency on Jetstar?

You can conveniently change the currency at the time of checkout. Simply pick the currency, and the charges/total fare will be translated in the currency of your choice.

How to reach Jetstar flight agents?

You can reach experts via both online and offline platforms. However, we suggest that you use online services because it can save you a considerable amount of money.

What is the need for the Jetstar change flight date policy?

The Jetstar change flight date policy gives you a chance to change your flight date for a fee. For this, you simply need to make modifications according to the airline clauses.

Why do passengers choose the online change method instead of offline methods?

Passengers choose the online change method over offline ones because online methods are easy, convenient, and quick.

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