It’s possible that a traveller booked a flight ticket in haste and unintentionally provided information that they are not aware of. Because of this, they may have to request a modification on their flight reservation. You should always refer to the Alitalia name correction policy whenever you need to edit or modify the name on the ticket. 

Alitalia Name Correction Policy

According to the terms of the policy, the airline does not encourage passengers to change their names provided it is under legal compulsion due to marriage or divorce. These guidelines also apply to changes to the initial name, middle name, and last name.

In this post, we will understand how you can make the name correction with Alitalia, the condition that any passenger needs to comply with, the service you have to pay for, and more.

Rules to Correct Names on Alitalia Airlines Ticket

As per the Alitalia name correction policy, requests that demand swapping out one passenger for another are not permitted. This is regarded as Alitalia change name on ticket service and is subject to certain rules and guidelines. To request Alitalia name correction, the following criteria must be met – 

Alitalia Name Correction Policy
  • The Alitalia airways must be a validating carrier.
  • All flights must be operated and marketed by Alitalia.
  • Only one name correction is permitted on a flight reservation. Any additional name correction would be considered as a name change, and only permitted if the fare rules associated with the flight reservation allow it. 
  • If correcting a name, changing travel dates, time, origin & destination points are not permitted. 
  • The airline allows minor name change mid-travel to match with the government-issued photo ID. 
  • At the time of requesting name correction, the change in date of birth and gender is not permitted. Making changes to the date of birth and gender would be permitted under the Alitalia name change policy. 
  • Due to booking faults, date of birth modifications is permitted, provided the name doesn’t change. 

Type of Name Correction Allowed by Alitalia Airlines 

Let’s understand what name corrections are allowed when it comes to misspelling or any correction taking place mid-travel

Misspelt name on the ticket

Alitalia name correction policy allows modification on the following correction type to match the passenger’s government-issued ID/passport, provided that the gender and date of birth remain the same – 

  • Misspelling of first/middle last name 
  • Correcting nickname to legal name
  • Inverted first and last name or vice-versa
  • Adding a middle name
  • Adding an additional last name

New Legal name

Under the Alitalia correct name on the ticket, if there is a legal change due to the following circumstances – 

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Child Adoption

Mid-travel name correction with Alitalia

Alitalia name correction policy allows modification on the name to match the passenger’s government-issued ID/passport, provided that the gender and date of birth remain the same. The condition include – 

  • Mid-travel name correction is permitted as per the above misspelling and legal name change guidelines provided the name was not corrected prior to the first leg of travel. 
  • Also, mid-travel name correction may require rebooking the correct name in the same reservation. Because the flight ticket would be reissued to a similar or higher class of service, the fare difference and Alitalia name change fee may apply. 

Does Alitalia Allow Name Change on Air Tickets?

As per Alitalia name change policy, the airline allows name change when on the legal grounds where passengers have to add, omit or delete the first/middle/last name or combinational them due to the following circumstance – 

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Child Adoption

The following criteria must be met – 

  • The Alitalia airways must be a validating carrier.
  • All flights must be operated and marketed by Alitalia.
  • Passengers are required to submit a copy of a passport or government-issued photo ID for validation
  • Alitalia change name must be requested within 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers making any name change within 24 hours of booking. Provided that the departure is scheduled at least 7 days in advance, they can cancel Alitalia flight for a full refund and rebook with the correct passenger information. 
  • The name change is not permitted if the itinerary includes a codeshare or interline agreement flight. In that case, passengers have to make two or more requests with the respective airlines. 

How to Correct/Change Name on Alitalia Air Flight Ticket?

According to the Alitalia name correction policy, there are numerous options for passengers to make necessary changes to their names or other information. You can initially make these adjustments via Customer Service or through the airline’s website. 

Name correction is not allowed on the day of departure at the airport. Passengers need to request Alitalia name correction service up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure

You can change your name using the official website in accordance with the online process. You will also have the choice of continuing the process using an email service. Finally, you can use the media to find the answer to your problem.

Method 1 – Change/Correct Name via Alitalia Customer Service

The name on an Alitalia ticket can be changed offline. All you need to do is call the airline’s customer support line. It allows you to speak with the airline representative right away and voice your concerns in a direct manner.

To contact the carrier, call the Alitalia customer service hotline. You will then take the following actions after speaking with the airlines – 

  • If a name change or correction is what you’re after, let the agent know. 
  • He/she will then ask you for more information. Your entire name, the booking reference number, and other information are required.
  • You may be asked to submit a copy of your passport or any government-issued photo ID. The Alitalia representative will provide you with the email address to dispatch the said paperwork. 

Method 2 – Change/Correct Name Online via Alitalia Website

By using the online service, a passenger can save time and finish the name change or correction process independently. Passengers will be able to use the Alitalia change name service via the Manage Booking section. You will simply need to go to the airline’s website and enter your booking reference and the last name of the passenger. Follow these steps – 

  • After you retrieve the passenger’s itinerary, select the name that needs to be corrected.
  • Please note you can correct the name online i.e up to 3 characters to the first name, middle name or last name. 
  • Now enter the correct name in the required field.
  • Confirm your selection and pay the Alitalia name correction fee at the checkout page. 
  • You will receive the email confirmation and the e-ticket with the correct name within 4 hours of processing the request

Method 3 – Change/Correct Name through Social Media

Alitalia airways can be contacted via social media for name correction/changes.  By going to the official social media pages on the internet, you can change your name. Through the tools or information shown there, you can quickly contact the airline.

DM Alitalia on Twitter or Facebook. Address your name change/correction query. Provide your booking details such as booking reference or e-ticket. This way they will establish contact with you, and help you correct the name. Subject to Alitalia name change fee.

Method 4 – Change/Correct Name on Alitalia Ticket via Email

Passengers can utilise the airline’s email service for a variety of tasks. The name can be easily changed or corrected using this service. It is suitable for travellers who have enough time to jot their questions down and receive responses. All you need to do is drop your query at [email protected]

When sending the airline letter, be sure to use your registered ID. Add all the necessary documentation to that. You must include any court-approved paperwork when changing your name legally. Wait for the airline to respond after that.

Alitalia Name Change Fee

As per the Alitalia name correction policy, the airline name change, as well as correction fee, varies with the travel routes as listed below – 

Travel routesName change (in USD)Name Correction (in USD)
North and South America200300
The Middle East125200

Note – The Alitalia name change fee or correction fee would be applicable per passenger per booking. 


Hope this post was useful to you. In the case of Alitalia, you can correct the name or legally change the name. To change the spelling of a first or last name is possible, you must request up to 1 day before the scheduled departure. The airline offers a hassle-free change or correction of passengers name, provided that passengers must comply with the aforementioned conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions – Alitalia Correct Name on Ticket

Can I change the name on the Alitalia flight booking?

You can change the name on the Alitalia ticket. Under marriage or divorce or any other legal compulsions, you can change the name. If you get married or get divorced, you can alter your name legally. Sometimes, because the names are misspelt, travellers wish to correct them. The airline also gives them the option to change the passenger information. As a result, you can make all of these modifications on your ticket.

How much is the fee to change the name with Alitalia?

The Alitalia name correction fee is comparatively lower than requesting the name change for the same. For instance, when travelling to and from Europe, the airline charges 100 USD per passenger for name correction, and 125 USD per passenger for name changes. To know the name change/correction fee based on the route where Alitalia operates, check the ‘Alitalia Name Change Fee’ section

How to correct the name on the Alitalia reservation?

Passengers can correct the name by calling the Alitalia Customer Service number or via Alitalia Manage Booking booking. Remember, once you complete the check-in request name change/name correction is not permitted. 

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