When you are forced to cancel your flight reservation due to an unfortunate circumstance, the first question that comes to your mind is “how do I change my flight?” No need to worry; when you book flights with Thai Airways, you have the option of making modifications and adjustments to your flight reservation both online and offline. Passengers can choose any of the available methods for raising a flight change and amendment request according to their preference and convenience. Under the Thai Airways flight change policy, you get total flexibility to manage your bookings. Shelve your worries, read this article to grasp each aspect of airline change policy.

Thai Airways Flight Change Policy

For passengers who are looking to change ticket date, passenger name, service cabins for some reason require to pay change fees. The value of change fees is calculated after examining the Thai Airways ticket change policy. The Thai Airways flight change policy helps passengers to save their hard-earned bucks from paying the expensive amounts as Thai Airways change flight fee. For more information on Thai Airways ticket change policy, contact Thai Airlines Customer Service or go to My Booking.

  1. When a passenger makes changes on their scheduled tickets, they need to pay change fees as per the Thai Airways ticket change policy. 
  2. If the modifications are performed during the risk-free period, the passenger must pay USD 125 as Thai Airways change flight fee.
  3. The Thai Airways flight change policy states that tickets obtained from the official website are eligible for modification. However, if you purchased your tickets from a third-party agent, you must contact them directly.
  4. The airline will not charge any amount as Thai Airways change the flight fee if the modification is made within 24 hours of booking.
  5. According to the Thai Airways flight change policy, you can save money on change fees if you make changes via the online platform.

Thai Airways Date Change Policy

  1. As per the Thai airways date change policy, if the passenger made the change due to the death of a blood relative, no change fee would be charged against the passenger account.
  2. Due to COVID, Thai Airways had waived off change fees. However, the route, booking class, age of passengers, and name of passengers should be the same as per the scheduled ticket. 
  3. Your date change request will not be entertained by the airline if you change the destination.
  4. Passengers who make changes on the same day of departure must pay change fees in accordance with Thai Airways date change policy.  In most situations, if the above condition arises, the airline will charge the whole amount (ticket fare) as change fees.
  5. In Thai Airways flight change policy, it is mentioned that you do not have to pay change fees if the modifications are made due to a bereavement. However, the booking route must be identical to the planned one.

Thai Airways Name Change Policy

  1. As per the Thai Airways name change policy, a passenger cannot change his or her family name; whether he or she does, the passenger will pay the whole ticket price as change fees.
  2. Passengers who have purchased non-refundable tickets are unable to change their names in the scheduled tickets. The passenger must pay the Thai Airways change flight fee if he or she needs to change the name of passengers.
  3. You can only alter the format, not the passenger’s name. It means that you can change the format, but altering the identities of passengers would require you to pay change fees.

For example:

If the passenger’s name is Mr. Robert Jackson on the scheduled fare, you will change the style to Mr. Jackson Robert. If you wish to change the passenger’s whole name (first, middle, and family name), you must pay the name change fees as per Thai Airways flight change policy. For more information on the Thai Airways change flight fee, contact the customer service team via toll-free number .

Thai Airways 24 Hours Ticket Change Policy

The Thai Airways 24 hour ticket modification policy states that if the passenger makes changes within the 24-hour span (booking period), the airline will not charge any change fees. The Thai Airways ticket change policy states that tickets purchased via the official website are subject to change. However, if you purchased your tickets from an unauthorized portal, you must contact them individually.

Thai Airways Flight Change Methods

Passengers can make modifications/changes to their planned flight in the following ways:

Thai Airways Change Booking Online

You must apply the following to change Thai Airways flight online or via mobile app.

Step 1- Complete the account authentication process by mentioning your user ID and password.

Step 2- Mark a seat on the Manage My Trip page or My Booking section.

Step 3- Use the THAI booking reference number and passenger last name to visit the ticket modification page.

Step 4- Make the necessary changes in your scheduled itinerary and pay for it (if needed).

Step 5- Once the payment process ends, you will gain the modified e-ticket on the registered mobile number and email address.

Note: The measures are the same on all online platforms. If you run into any problems, you can contact experts via the customer service number or the live chat feature.

Thai Airways Change Booking at the Airport Counter

You must apply the following to change Thai Airways flight at the airport counter:

Step 1- Be in the changing queue, fill the Thai Airways change flight form mentioning your name or passengers last name and THAI booking reference number.

Step 2- Pay the Thai Airways flight change fee by following the Thai Airways ticket change policy.

Step 3- Ask the agent to complete the modification process on your behalf. 

Step 4- Gain a modified ticket instantly from the available agent. 

Note: To save money always make changes inside the Thai Airways change flight time. If you failed to make changes within the stipulated time then you will need to pay change fees.

Frequently Asked Questions – Thai Airways Flight Change Policy

Is it possible for me to change my Thai Airways flight?

Yes. It is possible to change Thai Airways flights. For this, you need to visit the official outlets and complete the flight change process by following guidance presented by the assigned team.

How to change my flight date via the Thai Airways mobile app?

To change the flight date, open the Thai Airways mobile app and implement the presented steps:-

Step 1- On the homepage, click on the login tab.
Step 2- Use Member ID and Pin Code to complete the account authentication process.
Step 3- On the homepage, tap on my booking tab.
Step 4- Enter the THAI booking reference number and passenger’s last name in the respective field.
Step 5- Review the inputted information and tap on the search tab.
Step 6- Edit the itinerary date and pay the Thai Airways Change flight fees.
Step 7- Once you are done with the payment process, you will get an e-ticket on registered IDs.

Is it possible to change a flight on the Thai Airways website?

Yes. It is possible to change a flight on the Thai Airways website. You easily make changes through the online portal. When you make improvements through the web portal, you will receive the following benefits:-
1- Online flight change process consumes less time.
2- You can make changes whenever you want, as there is no time limit for using the online changing process.
3- Changes should be made without incurring exorbitant costs. Since the online method is less expensive than other mediums.

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