Easyjet is one of the most famous British airlines. It offers commendable services to its passengers along with maximum flexibility. In case you are looking for cancellation of the reservations made with Easy jet then you are on the right page. 

EasyJet Cancellation Policy

There are several ways of canceling the reservations with Easy Jet but if you are not aware of the procedure then you can scroll down to know the information in detail. 

EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy

When the passenger cancels the tickets of EasyJet flights, they have to pay Easyjet cancellation fees but if the passengers cancel the ticket within a day after the purchase of the ticket (24 hours within the purchase time) then she or he will not have to face any Easyjet cancellation fees. Inz this case, passengers will also get a full refund on cancellation of the EasyJet flights.

However, it is important to note that the passengers who are receiving a refund from the airline will also have to pay a cancellation fee as stated by the EasyJet Cancellation Policy. It is a piece of good news that people have an entire day to undo their decision of flying with EasyJet by canceling and gaining the whole amount as a refund but the twist is that the administrator charges are applicable whatsoever. 

The unsaid fact is that there is no ticket that is fully refundable and there is always a hidden charge for any action. EasyJet Cancellation Policy also declared that the airline will not be able to provide a refund to the passengers on the completion of a risk-free time frame. 

It has been clearly stated by the EasyJet Cancellation Policy that the airline is not bound to return any refund if the passenger crosses the time limitation of 24 hours. However, the passenger is free to make changes in the flight selection by heading to the “Change Flight” tab on the official website of the airline. 

There are times when the passenger cancels the flight ticket due to an unavoidable situation such as illness or demise in a family and such cases it is advisable to contact the airline as soon as possible to get assistance by the airline about the same. The team of EasyJet will surely help you with the issue and provide whatever assistance possible. A gift voucher may be offered that may hold the same value as the price of the fare that can be used by the passenger within six months. 

The airline may ask the passengers to provide some official documents that will support the reason given for the cancellation that will in return be helpful for the passengers to gain a refund from the airline. Simply get in touch with the customer service team that will assist you in cancellation and gain a refund for the same. 

Easyjet cancellation fee

The passengers are definitely charged with the Easyjet cancellation fee for dropping off the cancellations. The Easyjet cancellation fee can vary from $33 to $38. 

The passengers that are canceling the tickets within the same day of the reservation will have to pay $33 as an EasyJet ticket cancellation fee. While the passengers canceling the tickets with the help of customer service might have to pay $38 as an Easyjet cancellation fee. 

EasyJet cancellation fee refund

Once the passengers undergo the cancellation process they are eligible for claiming a refund from the airline. To get a refund from the airline the passenger just has to fill up a form and then submit it to the airline. Once the airline receives the application the refund will be credited in the same bank account through which the reservation was made. It is important for the passengers to note that the refund will only be credited after the deduction of the EasyJet cancellation fee (if there is any). 

The case under which the EasyJet refund will not be provided

  • In case the passenger or the co-passenger face any health issues. 
  • In case of the death of the passenger. 
  • Influence of Military or Government. 
  • The airline canceled the scheduled flight without any notification.  

How to cancel an Easyjet booking online?

If you do not know how to cancel an EasyJet booking online, then you can follow the steps mentioned below in order to cancel Easyjet flight without any hassle. 

  • Type the official site in the web browser of your device 
  • Type the user ID along with the password
  • Hit on the enter button
  • Go to the top of the home page of the site
  • Make a selection on the “Manage My Trip” option
  • Type the booking ID in the space provided
  • Make a selection on the flight that you want to cancel
  • Hit the cancellation tab now
  • Give a read to the policies and method
  • Hit on the option of Yes to cancel the reservation officially. 

Easyjet flight canceled due to weather

Well, there can be many reasons if Easyjet cancels flights for the safety of the passengers. Natural disasters are sometimes the main cause of the EasyJet cancellation under which the flights can not take off. Sometimes the flights are also canceled due to some technical issues but are often provided by an alternate flight within some time. There are times when the airline does not provide a refund in the aforementioned conditions. But if the passenger is not using the alternative facility then the airline may offer a refund or value-added money offer.

The airlines also offer free accommodation, refunds, food, and drinks when the situation is critical. In most of the cases of EasyJet cancellation, the airline notifies regarding the same beforehand. 

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